Friday, February 12, 2016

Why is Rex Murphy Trying to Inflame Alberta Separatists?

As I pointed out recently, Big Oil's sinking fortunes are driving its faithful hooker Rex Murphy over the deep end.

He has been using his bully pulpits on The National and in the National Post to blame everybody but Stephen Harper for the dire situation in Alberta.

But even by his low standards this deranged rant is absolutely outrageous. 

For not only does he take aim at his usual enemies.

The attitude of the greens and their allied provocateurs, Dalton McGuinty to name but one premier from that time, all the dim-minded celebrities that took their jaunts to the oilsands to mewl over its planet-destroying potential – the Suzukis and Neil Youngs – has always been fervidly anti-Alberta, reckless with the province's reputation, and deeply disrespectful of its workforce. Neil Young compared working in the oilpatch with "Hiroshima."

I'd be asking why the production of oil, as opposed to the use of it – and it is used in everything by everybody, every other industry, every other product, all of our current civilization – why production is demonized by its (mainly) fanatic opponents?

Not only does he fail to take climate change seriously, or mention that he gets paid by Big Oil...

He also seems to suggest that other Canadians are enjoying seeing Alberta suffering.

You helped us during our bad spell, and citizens of other provinces too, is their thought. Why there is not now, that the dynamic is reversed, a harvest of equal return? 

 For I sense, in some quarters at least, that there is not. That maybe Calgary, or the West , having – such is the line – had it so good for so long, having been on top of the game, could take a little knockdown, that because it's "out there" in the petrostate, that maybe, you know, a little "cooling off" is not so bad.

When there is no evidence of that. Even though that province's boom helped kill good manufacturing jobs all over the country.

Most Canadians sympathize with Albertans who are losing their jobs. As they do with those who are losing their jobs in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador.

And Murphy's suggestion that Albertans should be angry at the rest of Canada, at a time when separatist sentiment is festering in that province, couldn't be more  irresponsible.

Or as this other commenter points out, more disgusting.

And all I can say is that if the CBC won't fire him for inflaming separatist sentiment, or for his obvious conflicts of interest.

Could they please give him another show where he can better display his dubious talents?

For I would definitely watch that one. Especially if it ended the same way every week.

Rex Murphy, a gaseous balloon, an oil pimp, and a nasty little man.

Who should have been fired yesterday...

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  1. Thanks Simon. Brilliant.
    Watching Rex is like watching a freeway crash of clown cars that goes on and on and on and on and . . .

    1. hi Earnest...Thank you, I'm glad you liked the post. I really should give up because I've been trying for years to get Murphy fired. But nothing it seems will budge him from his bully pulpits. Which doesn't change the fact that he is guilt of one conflict of interest after the other, and does not belong on the CBC's flagship news show. So I will keep on trying...

    2. John B.12:36 PM

      In the past the CBC has responded to complaints regarding Murphy's biased editorializing by stating that he is a contract worker rather than an employee. The implication is that he isn't subject to the code of conduct to which employees must adhere. Of course, that still doesn't explain why the corporation continues to employ him. Maybe we should ask Kevin O'Leary or Mexico Mandy if they have any reflections on the subject.


  2. I see parallels between Rex Murphy and Ted Cruz. Neither should be the man they've become. Both are highly educated. Both are or have been intellectual. In both men, however, all that has been displaced by and subordinated to the embrace of ideological dogma. They both reject science and, for that matter, knowledge. Both suppress logic and reason, discounting such things to irrelevance. And, because of this, they're both dangerous.

    1. .. follow the money ..

    2. hi Mound...that's interesting and I can see why you say that. If you examine Murphy's work closely, it is drawn more from the Republican circuit than it from any Canadian stream. Hi message, his memes, his vocabulary make him an educated teabagger, and it frustrates me to no end that the useless managers at the CBC can't seem to see that. And yes, he is a dangerous demagogue...

    3. hi salamander....yes one might follow the money and ask why Rexy is still working for Postmedia at a time when they are laying off so many writers and editors? And I can't help feeling that Big Oil, which also has close ties to Postmedia, has something to do with his survival...

  3. e.a.f.2:38 AM

    I loved the first pic. of Rex. lovely. now if he weren't on CBC you wouldn't have this material to work with and where would I get a good laugh on a Friday night?

    those who went to Alberta for the work will eventually leave if there is work else. Separate, not happening. Quebec, who might have a reason, never did and neither will Alberta. Now some of us on Vancouver Island might want to separate from B.C. but that's another story.

    Speaking of unemployment, some one might want to ask why that Site C dam in the Peace River country in B.C. is going to be looking for temporary foreign workers, as in you remember Temporary Foreign Workers. The Alaska Highway News had a picture up of a job ad and part of the duties of the position was writing Temporary Foreign worker Reports and other such duties related to TFWers. yes, B.C. is building, so Christy clark and her B.C. Lieberals say, an $8 BILLION dam, on First Nations land, with more than a few environmental issues happening. some have suggested 80% of the contracts maybe going to Korean and Spanish corporations. You know what that means? they can bring in TFW with all those trade agreements Christy's good buddy Steve signed.
    So just because Kelowna, B.C. has the highest rate of unemployment in Canada and Alberta and Sask. have several tens of thousand of unemployed, doesn't mean they will be getting any work in B.C. No it looks like the B.C. Lieberals will be back to their old routine of mega projects and bringing in TFWers just like during el gorod's time and they were building rapid transit.

  4. hi e.a.f....I must disabuse you of the notion that writing about Murphy gives me any pleasure. It does not. The only reason I do it is because it offends me greatly that he should appear on what is the best news show in the country, paid for by you and me. As I've mentioned before he lives in my neighbourhood practically across the street from where I live, and I have to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid him, or since he comes up to my waist, avoid stepping on him. I was once wandering around my supermarket when I didn't notice him at the meat counter sniffing some sausages, and almost sent him flying into the pork chops. Now every time I visit that supermarket I fear that he might be lurking in the next aisle, and it has completely ruined my shopping experience... ;)

    1. e.a.f.2:46 PM

      had a look at the picture again this morning. needed a good laugh. thank you again for the picture. I am so sorry you have to avoid stepping on him at the market. He is that short is he. Well, you're a better person than I. Might have run the grocery cart over him, if he's that short.

      I just can't take Reg seriously. Its like a cartoon character and then I come to this blog and viola, there he is in all his glory.

      Just know you are making an old person on the wet coast happy with some of those pictures you create, oil pimp in the 1970s get ups. You know a book of some of your "favorite" characters might be in order. Len Norris of the Vancouver sun, back in the day used to publish their years worth of cartoons. I still have some of them. They still are relevant and they are still funny. They used to sell for $1.50 a book. so there you are, publish and fund raise with the "characters of your blog". I'd buy!

    2. hi e.a.f...thanks for your kind comments about my little pictures.I only made them to cheer up progressives during the Harper years, and I'm afraid most of them are not worth saving. However, I do have about 1,000 or more pictures of Harper so
      i'll be saving a few to bring back now and then, so we can remember what we had to endure for so long. Right now I'm starting to build up a new library of Rona pictures so we can have fun with her as well.... ;)

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Even hearing parody of Rex is grating, but at least there's a happy ending.

    I'm really wondering if it's not biochemical with him. Listening to him is worse than Rona.


    1. hi TS....I agree, listening to Rexy is far worse than listening to Rona. Normally I love a Newfoundland accent, but listening to Murphy is like listening to a chainsaw...