Sunday, February 28, 2016

Has Progressive Bloggers Been Hacked?

As I'm sure many of you know, the Progressive Blogger's site has been down for more than five days.

Or frozen in time.

And if what Scott Tribe, one of the site's administrators reports,  turns out to be true.

It couldn't be a more ominous development.

Because it can only confirm what should be obvious. The Cons have declared war on the internet.

Ever since they were defeated they have been crawling all over it like cockroaches in numbers never seen before. 

Many of them are paid trolls, others are some of the thousands of young Con operatives who lost their jobs when the Harper regime went down. And some are the usual pyjama brigade crazies that lurk in the basements of the nation.

They are angry, they are bitter. They blame our social media for getting out the vote, and defeating their attempts to split the vote or suppress it.

So it wouldn't surprise me in the least if some of those Cons are now turning to criminality...

And the only thing that does surprise me is that some progressives spend more time attacking other progressives, and our new government, than they do attacking the Cons. 

Even though there is a massive Con conspiracy out there, which is funded by big money, it's at war with us. And those dummies don't even know it.

And the good news? At this blog we only attack the real enemies of the Canadian people and their values.

The Con internet warriors are being tracked. Those who break the law will be busted.

And in the next election we will do to them again what we did to them in the last one...

And finally finish them off.

In the meantime, wish Scott Tribe and his friends good luck as they rebuild the  server.

And thank them for their selfless service to our progressive cause....


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    What ever happened to your 'story' about Harper and the draft? Or did that go down the memory hole? Trudeau hasn't talked about it, but he has talked about buying drones.

    Looking forward to your take on that one.

  2. hi must be so dumb one wonders whether you are fed or watered. The plan to set up a draft was Harper's plan, you know your fallen leader. But he never got a chance to implement it because we kicked him out of office. And as for the drones what do you have against machines that will be used to patrol the arctic? Honestly, either don't drink or think before you write....

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I wondered about cyber attacks. Lots and lots of money out against progressives. Will miss the site so much. Learned so much news from it because of the con obsessive control of the MSM. I don't like progressives attacking progressives either.

    1. Hi anon...yes there is a lot of new Con money floating around out there, and a lot of bitter operatives. So although I can't know for sure whether some are turning to criminality, I wouldn't be surprised. But don't worry if they are they will be busted....

  4. Simon, the notion that Harper would institute a draft is, frankly, delusional. A draft is an incredibly expensive process undertaken only in time of major war when there are inadequate numbers of volunteers. Conscripts bring all manner of problems as Canada learned in WWII.

    BTW, we're still in a democracy. There is nothing wrong with progressives criticizing the Liberal government. Just because it's not the Conservatives doesn't mean it's progressive. That sale of war wagons to the Saudis? You don't think the government deserves criticism for that?

    What does "finally finish them off" mean? Do you think we would have a better government if only the people you approve of sit in Parliament? That's the sort of thing I'm used to hearing from the rightwing fringe. We're supposed to be better than that.

    Harper was actively defunding the Canadian military in the second half of his premiership. As a function of GDP, Harper's defence spending was half that of Pierre Trudeau's. Canada's navy was left to rot into scale at the piers in Halifax. The air force had to raid museum exhibits for parts to keep old Hercules available for search and rescue. The Harper government allowed massive cost overruns on every major programme which is why so few of them ever reached production.

    1. Hi Mound....the conscript story was either a casual remark by Harper to impress his buddy Netanyahu, or as I pointed out in my original post a failed attempt by a CBC employee to make a April Fool's joke. But since it was spread all over the country to an extraordinary degree by young people on Facebook, and I couldn't prove it one way or the other despite my best efforts, some chose to use it as yet another reason young Canadians should vote, And after seeing the huge increase in young voters, who can say it didn't work?
      As for progressives criticizing the new government more than the Harper regime, that's your choice not mine. Nobody is stopping you from doing that. The Saudi deal can be criticized, but should be put into the context of being a Harper deal, with secret conditions, and one that has left the new government dealing with the possibility of huge fines, and the political consequences of closing down a major factory in a region ravaged by unemployment. It's alright to sit on your throne and pontificate but governments have to deal with real consequences. As for the phrase "finish them off," as anyone who reads this blog would know, it refers to the introduction of electoral reform which would make it almost impossible for the Cons to form a majority government again. Which I'm sure you agree, at least I think you agree, is a desirable goal...

  5. e.a.f.6:26 PM

    Progressive bloggers being hacked, not surprizing. There are enough Con hackers around. Many Cons who lost their jobs in Alberta and Ottawa have now been hired by the B.C. Lieberal government of Christy Clark, a Con in everything but name. Even the ads from the B.C. Lieberals are similar to the Cons ads of last year or prior.

  6. Jolly Roger9:34 PM

    If the TPP goes through... this kind of censorship will be legal!!...keep plugging away my friend... keeping a democracy is a lot of work..

    1. hi Jolly Roger....I doubt the TPP will ever be ratified because all of the Presidential candidates in the U.S. are against it. And I can't see Canada ratifying it alone. But if they do threaten to go ahead with it I will criticize the Liberals, no matter what the Mound of Sound says or toots. And yes, keeping a democracy going is hard work. But even though I sometimes feel discouraged, the wind of hope comes along to fill my sails, and off I go again...

  7. Even if the presidential candidates are against the TPP, that doesn't mean when one of them becomes President they won't change their mind and be for it. The TPP is the biggest corporate power grab ever. I can't see the industrial/military complex allowing the president to say no to this. It is what American/Neoliberal/Imperialism has been implementing since WW11. The TPP is one of their final Global Neoliberal conquests. In the process of achieving this Neoliberal conquests, Sovereign Nations are destroyed, including Canada. We the people are going to have to fight with everything we have to prevent our government from ratifying the TPP. The pressure from the US on our government is going to be severe. The reform/alliance cons are out in droves thinking they can destroy the progressives. I also think Simon that they realized that Canadians ignored the MSM con support and made their own judgement, by giving the liberals a majority. The cons seem to think that their manipulation will always work. When it doesn't, then they proceed to destroy ,such as hacking Progressive Bloggers. As we've always said, they are thugs.