Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kevin O'Leary and the Con Clowns

I've been trying to ignore the so-called Con Woodstock at the Manning Centre this weekend.

Because life is too short.

And there are no signs of (intelligent) life there...

But maybe the deathly gloom is contagious, for I have to admit I've been feeling a little down myself.

So I'm glad to see that I can always count on the Con clown Kevin O'Leary to cheer me up.

For there he was on Friday vowing to tear the Liberal budget to pieces. 

Businessman Kevin O'Leary says he's prepared to attack the Liberal government's economic plan in their upcoming budget, whether or not he decides to run for the Conservative Party leadership. 

"My job, really, is going to be to push forward what's wrong with these policies," O'Leary told CTV News Channel on Friday. "I plan to tear that budget to pieces when it comes on (March) 22, and make sure that every Canadian knows where the risk is inherent."

Sounding a lot like he's running for the leadership of the Harper Party, or the Trump Party.

Only to suggest yesterday that he might also run for the leadership of the Liberal party

In a television interview with Reshmi Nair on CBC News, O'Leary, who earlier talked about running for the federal Conservative Party leadership, said he does not rule out running for the Liberals.

"I don't think the old political brands will matter in the next election," O'Leary said, adding he is a member of the "Canadian tax payer party" and will speak on behalf of all Canadians.

After Justin Trudeau is forced to resign long before the end of his mandate.

Which of course couldn't be more hilarious, since Trudeau's popularity has never been greater.

Like Stephen Harper, O'Leary is no Great Economist Leader. 

And although Rona Ambrose has welcomed him with open arms.

And although his appearance at the Manning conclave was greeted with wild applause.

I can only imagine what his reception will be like the next time he turns up at a Con event...

But then of course they are zombies, they are desperate. 

And with a leadership line-up like this one.

And would be candidates like Peter MacKay claiming the Cons can beat Trudeau if they're smart.

And by so doing ruling himself out.

Who can blame the Cons for feeling that way?

And who can blame me for suddenly feeling a lot more cheerful.

Because by the time one of those losers grabs the wheel...

They'll be over the cliff.

For they really are Con clowns.

And as I keep saying.

Long before we destroy them, they will destroy themselves...


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Yes, I think you are right! Cons are their own worst enemy. Liars are liars, and a majority of voters feel the repulsion in their gut.

    Love the Pete pic! Could not stop laughing. I forgot about that....another one of my mental con blocks, for it was a truly horrifying ten years. Present Cabinet is such a refreshing contrast.


    1. hi TS....yes luckily for us they are their own worst enemies. And the surviving Con just can't change their stripes. After ten years in power they're still the same rotten old gang of liars and Con artists. And when you look at their leadership lineup it really couldn't be more mediocre. As for the MacKay picture I'm glad you liked it. I've got quite a collection of Dumbo photoshops, so if or when he does run I'll be ready ;)

  2. I translate Kev O'Really as " Won't anyone take me ?"

    1. hi rumleyfips....I think you're forgetting O'Really's giant ego. One so massive that in his mind it's more like "I'm so great ANYONE should be glad to have me." I can't wait for the painful collision with reality. It's going to be really ugly....

    2. The press corpse and everyone else must address O'Reilly ONLY in French. Well, Gaelic (either kind) would be fine too, and of course so would Mohawk. But not "the language of money" as he puts it.

      "Ken O'Reilly, parlez-vous"? to the tune of an old soldiers' song from the Great War...

  3. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Old'eerie is received with wild applause says it all Simon, they're all lunatics.
    And although the term Cons is befitting of them, why are we referring to them as conservatives when Prestone is the epitome of the Reform/teabag party? They're suckling at his teat like deranged little monsters while Prestone's nails on the chalkboard voice renders them incapable of realizing the horrible optics of it all.
    And Dumbo using the word "smart" and "we" in the same sentence? At least that was good for a laugh.
    They are and always will be the Reform-a-Con-Teabaggers to me, the parallels between them and Trump are so similar that the only difference between them is Trump spews his hate openly while Harper and Prestone's brethren are, for the most part, biting their tongues, for now.

    1. hi JD...yes it is insanity or a form of terminal mediocrity. The fact that O'Leary can fantasize about being leader of the Cons tells you how low they have fallen. And you're right they are the Reform-a-Con-Teabaggers. And the good news? Attendance at the conference was noticeably down. It isn't the attraction it once was, and Preston Manning is more and more irrelevant. He was told to butt out of the attempts to unite the right in Alberta, and is sounding more and more desperate...

  4. Tories blast Liberal budget for not having imaginary surplus

  5. hi David...thanks for the link. Rona Ambrose: "Where did all our fake money go?" That's so hilarious and so true....

  6. I've often thought of him as O'Leery!
    Still, a money-crazed like O'Leary is far better than a God-crazed or (God forbid) race-crazed conservative.