Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Politics of Hope and the Desperation of Rona Ambrose

I can only imagine how Rona Ambrose must be feeling this weekend, but it can't be a pretty picture.

For weeks, with the help of the Con media, she has been bombing Justin Trudeau like a bat out of hell.

Or a maniac... 

She has accused him of being a coward and a traitor. She has accused him of stealing the Con's phoney surplus. She has tried to end his political honeymoon by whatever smear necessary.

But it's just not working.

Despite the best efforts of Ambrose and her stooges in the Con media, a new poll suggests that Justin Trudeau's popularity just keeps growing. 

The Forum Research poll found that 49 per cent of Canadians would vote Liberal if an election were held today, producing a “super-majority” of more than 70 per cent of the seats in Parliament. 

The support is so impressive that Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said it might be time to stop referring to ongoing Liberal popularity as a mere honeymoon.

“It’s gone on far too long to be a brief post-electoral crush,” he said.

Even the one issue she thought she had going for her, seems to be blowing up in her face.

On the change in Canada’s mission in the Mideast from bombing to training foreign fighters and providing humanitarian aid, 48 per cent approved while 36 per cent disapproved.

Which doesn't surprise me in the least. Because as I've said many times before, it isn't just Justin's political honeymoon.

It's also our honeymoon, or our celebration, after the nightmare of the Harper years...

Most Canadians can't easily forget what that depraved monster did to this country and its values. 

They want the celebration of his downfall to go on as long as possible.

They  want to believe that anything is possible, rather than fall back into the despair of the past. 

And that's why so many are pulling for Justin's politics of hope to succeed.

Rona Ambrose can't understand that, understand that by attacking Justin like a rabid animal she is only reminding Canadians of her fallen leader, and only hurting herself.

And sadly, the NDP is making the same mistake.

While the poll found the Conservatives, under interim leader Rona Ambrose, to have the backing of a solid core of 32 per cent of Canadians, the NDP — about to cast judgment on the leadership of Tom Mulcair at an April convention in Edmonton — has plummeted to 10 per cent. 

The New Democrats, who topped 100 seats only five years ago under the late Jack Layton, would be reduced to a paltry six seats if an election were held today, the poll said.

For they too can't seem to understand that it's no ordinary honeymoon. Trudeau whether they like it or not, is still carrying the hopes of many Canadians on his shoulders...

And that by attacking him at this special time in Canadian history, they are only seen to be siding with the Cons, trying to smother that new found hope, and doing themselves no favours.

When what they should be doing is playing a more positive role, dazzling people with their ideas rather than just attacking Trudeau, and helping keep that hope alive.

But like others, who would bury us in despair again, they will eventually learn their lesson. 

For in the place where I live, the message couldn't be clearer...

Canada is back, or at least heading in the right direction.

Hope still lives.

And all who seek to crush it, will themselves be crushed...

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  1. .. there is nothing.. absolutely nothing, coming from Rona Ambrose, but contrary dogma.. As bizarre as it may seem.. her utterings are the studied, rehearsed scripts from some sort of backroom caucus rump brain trust. Who that 'brain trust' includes may prove highly amusing ..

    1. hi salamander....yes, you're absolutely right, Ambrose mouths her lines as if she was reading them off a teleprompter in her head, or a karaoke machine. And yes, like you I would be very interested to find out who is feeding her such rotten material...

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    49%, wow! That should have Rona's neck bulging and pulsating like an agitated larval stage moth(eww). The facts are that we are sick of her animosity, her negativity and her droning on and on about ending the bombing campaign. Earth to Rona? Come in please! Are you there?! The people have spoken and it's time you start to listen.

    1. hi JD...the numbers are impressive, and I'm sure they must have rattled Rona's haughty confidence, and make her wonder what else she can throw at Justin Trudeau. Her new wig or the kitchen sink. But yes, the main problem is that like the other Cons she simply can't accept that her side lost....

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Lovely last photo. In a few weeks when our truly gorgeous Canadian spring arrives, imagine our joy! Hope and fine weather. Maybe those poll numbers will further increase. Sunny ways!


    1. hi TS...I am glad you like the photo. The amazing thing is that the fire boat has only had to break up the ice and clear a passage to the island only twice this winter, for there has been no ice. I've never seen anything like it. Not even the canal is frozen, so
      no skating and no hockey. Hold those sunny way we're melting !!!!!! ;)

  4. Nice to see Noddy again.
    I did not know he had a pilot's licence.
    Bombing for peace is like f#@king for virginity.

    1. hi hinofan...well if Noddy can drive a train he can fly a plane. But don't worry all he can drop are tiny tomatoes on Rona's head... ;)

  5. Cry baby Drona Ambrose

    1. hi David....I've run that cartoon before, but it really is brilliant so I might have to run it again soon....

  6. Harper spotted at Calgary movie theatre!

  7. e.a.f.2:15 AM

    Poor Rona. It is sad. You have her shouting and going on about this and that and then you have the smiling Finance Minister explaining where we're going and how we're getting there. Now who looks more reasonable?

    Who ever is managing the Con P.R. end of things needs to be replaced. The angry doom and gloom isn't working and its not offering an alternative. On the other hand, whomever is running the Liberal's P.R. is doing a fine job. You have the P.M. and Finance Minister looking reasonable and happy. the Defense Minister looking good and clear. You have the Minister of Justice looking like she wants some Justice for First Nations Women. Even if I didn't believe a thing the Liberals were saying, they do say it nicely and much more cheerfully and that is why they are still in the "honey moon" phase. hey, the Liberals are saying and doing all the right things now. RCMP scandal with the bomb boys, you have Ralph Goodale, looking most unhappy and reassuring us this will be dealt with. who knows it might even be. Can hardly wait for Poulson and some of his crew to be shown the door, along with the C.E.O. of the Surrey, B.C. detachment. Some one should tell the boys at the RCMP its 2016. their "fun" isn't considered fun anymore. its consider a crime.