Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Justin Trudeau, the New Military Mission, and the Madness of Rona Ambrose

Now I understand why Justin Trudeau took his time before unveiling our new military mission in Iraq and Syria.

For it was worth the wait.

It's far more rational and sophisticated than the Con's one dimensional bombing mission.

Much bigger than Rona Ambrose had hoped.

And far more Canadian. 

Canada’s fighter jets will end combat operations within the next two weeks and be replaced by an enlarged and riskier military training mission and a new humanitarian focus on the refugee crisis engulfing the region.

For not only will we end our largely symbolic bombing campaign, and stop killing people including innocent civilians.

Not only will we increase our help to our allies on the ground, where the war against ISIS will be won.

We will also do more to help the millions of desperate refugees fleeing ISIS and our bombs.

The Canadian plan includes a substantial $1.1-billion in humanitarian and development aid to help countries such as Lebanon and Jordan cope with the flood of refugees. It includes $840-million for water, shelter, medicine and sanitation and $270-million for social services.

So although it still is a combat mission, for we will be sending our troops into danger, it makes much more sense than Stephen Harper's War for Votes plan....

But just don't tell his wretched stooge Rona Ambrose that, for she just doesn't get it. 

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose says it's "shameful" that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pulling back from the combat mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, even as the United States lauds the new Canadian contribution.

"Mr. Trudeau likes to say 'Canada is back,' when in fact we are stepping back," Ambrose told reporters in Moncton, N.B.

But does have the nerve to call Justin Trudeau"shameless." Which coming from a Con is both shameless and meaningless.

She does have the nerve to claim that he is ending the mission, when in fact it's being expanded.

And she clearly doesn't know what she's talking about, as is only too clear in the following video.

Where Rosemary Barton bats her around like a ping pong ball...

And Ambrose is reduced to clinging to her solitary talking point, or her ignorance,  like a drowning person clings to an anvil. 

And what she seems to be most ignorant about, is why Justin Trudeau is ending the bombing mission.

For as we all know, she'll bomb ANYTHING...

Even though Trudeau promised to end the bombing during the election campaign, and unlike Cons, other more decent people and parties actually keep their promises.

But since unfortunately Justin Trudeau can't explain the main reason we're ending our bombing mission in plain English, lest he offend our glorious allies.

I thought I might try to explain why we're doing that to the ridiculous Rona in plain Canadian:

The reason we're abandoning our bombing mission is because killing people in foreign lands, including innocent civilians, is inconsistent with our Canadian values.

For either we have values or we don't. 

Those who don't, and have the values of war mongers and would act as butchers of women and children, shouldn't call themselves Canadians.

And when she tweets garbage like this... 

Ambrose, as usual, has the situation ass backwards.

We're not taking a shameful step backward from our proud traditions. We're taking a step forward in the direction of our proud traditions as peacekeepers.

Whether Ambrose likes it or not we are taking back our Canada.

And if she is so obsessed with raining down bombs on others then she should just DO IT...

But we know our mission.

Deploy electoral reform.

Reduce the Cons to rubble in the next election.

And drive those foul war mongers from power FOREVER...

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  1. we are stopping the bombing because it does not work, death from above did not work during the London Blitz, it did not work for Mad Bomber Harris who fryed the innocent city of Dresden, it did not win the Vietnam war.

    1. hi Steve...yes it doesn't work, unless its accompanied by troop movements on the ground. And let's not forget that bombing innocent civilians can only encourage some wannabe jihadist in Canada to attack us, so the whole point of fighting this war would be lost...

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    There is nothing so un-Canadian than bombing. Anyone who supports dropping bombs and risking the lives of innocent children should be deported and given a republican party membership.

    I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Trudeau for ending this war crime instituted by the criminal Harper government. Thank you Liberals for understanding and putting into action our Canadian values.

    We are peacekeepers, and not baby killers.

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Your an idiot, flat and simple. What about the air crews of Bomber command? What about the use of the CF-18 by the Liberals in the 1999? You do understand that Trudeau has now committed the CF to enlarged ground combat operations.

      You know CF members will still target and support those allied aircraft right?

      You think this is peacekeeping?

    2. Anonymous7:05 PM

      anon 2:58. mistakes made in the past should serve as a lesson to us today, not as a continuing strategy. There are times when bombing missions do work, but using bombs as a deterrent to a force that is composed of civilian fighters will only result in death and the destruction of infrastructure leading to indirect death. Boots on the ground, training and bolstering the armies fighting ISIL seems like the surest way to defeat an idea based on Western aggression. Yes, it is western aggression to the peoples here, in despite of the attack of 9/11, despite problems in Iraq, despite Afghanistan, these people are victims of Western policy. A strategy supportive of the government armies, that the people can get behind, and is effective, may yet have people supporting the West who now support ISIL.

    3. hi anon 9:41...I agree, and it depresses me to see that so many Canadians support the bombing without thinking of what it really means, or understanding its implications. And as I said in my post, either we defend our values, or face losing them...

    4. hi anon...one of my grandfathers was in Bomber Command during the Second World war, so please don't compare what we are doing against ISIS to the fight against the Nazis. The fact is that our six planes won't be missed, and by providing more advisers for troops on the ground, we may be forced to defend ourselves, but peacekeepers do that. And anything is better than unloading death from above and terrorizing and killing innocent civilians. Because according to Pentagon reports we have already killed quite a few....

  3. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Rona Ambrose = Canada's Sarah Palin

    1. hi anon...yes Rona is giving Palin a run for her money. And her obsession with bombing as the solution to everything is absolutely disgusting....

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I started watching the video but had to stop. Don't know if she is that stupid or just doesn't care who pays the price as long as it isn't the Con elite and she can score a political point with the uninformed.For the rest of us it is logical that after 2 years of bombing; ISIS is entrenched throughout the population with well hidden bunkers and many decoy positions set up close to the remaining population. Well trained ground troops are required to ferret out the real positions unless you just don't care as long as someone dies.Bombing will eventually get all of the bad guys through attrition but they certainly won't even be able to pretend they are still on the moral high ground which was the reason for starting this ill begotten war in the first place.Just another bunch of Assad butchers.

    1. hi RT...I know, it was a horrible waste of eleven minutes, and if I cut have cut it down I would have done that. But you only had to watch a few minutes to get the idea that Rona didn't know what she was saying, and by the look on her face when the interview was over I think she knew it. And yes I agree with you, there have been many stories pointing out that the ISIS crazies seek shelter in the population of the cities they occupy, so the bombing is very overrated, and the coalition planes often have trouble finding any targets to bomb. So it is just a bloody farce, and until troops can clear the cities, nothing will change....

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Was that a 2 minute clip repeated over and over or was Rona doing a parrot imitation, "squawk! Rona wants to bomb, Rona wants to bomb,
    I was thinking of sending her a box of fireworks to sate her need for "the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air".
    Maybe Rosie will give her a break next time and talk about Rona's other favorite topic, pipelines(sigh).
    That aside, you are bang on Simon. Our new mission has so much more substance to it than anything the Cons could ever think of and will
    achieve results.

    1. hi JD...that's exactly how it struck me. Ambrose kept returning over and over again to the same talking point. As you may know I long ago started calling her the village idiot, and she more than lived up to that reputation. But then part of the reason is that the new mission not only makes more military sense, it also disarms the Cons by being far more ambitious than their puny effort, which was more PR than anything else....

  6. Ya. What happened to Rosie ? She went from patting Michelle on the head and giving her milkbones to biting Rona on the ass.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I don't know what got in to Barton, but for once she didn't let a Con get away with parroting their talking points, and I think it was her best performance since she made Chris Alexander look like an absolute idiot...

  7. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Why do they keep saying the combat mission is over? We are simply refocusing our strategy on a long term goal with a foreseeable end.

    1. hi anon....it is still a combat mission, but it is one that is much closer to our traditional peacekeeping role. Helping others to defend themselves and take back their own country is at least morally defensible, and the aid for refugees is in line with our traditional values. I still wonder about the wisdom of getting involved in what is in effect a religious war. But as long as we're not killing innocent civilians I can live with it...

  8. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I watched the whole 10 minutes. Ugh. I only did it since you took the trouble to post it Simon. She's just talking to the base of her party, hence the con signs behind her. I think she repeated four sentences through the whole ten minutes, bla bla bla. So nice that we have a more comprehensive strategy. Of course painting targets on the ground makes air strikes carried out by others more effective. Like our Defense Minister has said, all countries need to bring different capabilities and expertise to the table. Since many Canadians do not support air strikes, the new position is quite brilliant.

    Rona is no Enstein. That was very painful to sit through (10 minutes!).


    1. hi TS....I know I should have said you don't have to watch it all, and just suggested a good minute for people to watch. And I do apologize to everyone. But then I watched it live AND the whole tape, so I suffered twice as much as the rest of you... ;)