Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Day Rona Ambrose Was Exposed as a Harper Puppet

Ever since Rona Ambrose became interim leader of the Cons she has been trying to pretend that it's no longer the Harper Party.

But she just can't do it. She just can't stop hugging her monstrous leader.

For when the Liberals announced yesterday that the deficit will be bigger than expected. 

The Liberal government is setting the stage for a budget deficit that will be nearly three times the maximum $10-billion the party promised during the election campaign.

This was her first question in the House of Commons...

A straight ripoff of the same phoney talking point that Stephen Harper used against Justin Trudeau over and over again...

As only that grubby porno pervert could.

And by so doing Ambrose did reveal herself beyond all doubt, to be nothing more than Stephen Harper's pathetic puppet...

The hapless stooge of the leader whose failed economic policies have led this country to the verge of economic disaster.

When in fact a $30 billion deficit amounts to less than 1% of our GDP. i.e. peanuts. 

Spending that money is the best way to revive the economy that the Cons almost killed. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to invest in growth and jobs during last year’s election campaign, and he seems determined to honour that pledge despite some rough economic weather in the run-up to the federal budget on March 22.

And Ambrose, as usual, doesn't know what she is talking about. 

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose may rail against “reckless, irresponsible” spending, but no less an authority than the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has urged policy-makers to adopt stimulative measures. The OECD warns that global trade, investment and wage growth remain too weak, and has called for more investment in infrastructure. The Bank of Canada and Bay St. economists have echoed that call.

But then of course that absurd puppet doesn't really care about the economy. I doubt she could count to a hundred without blowing a fuse. She's that dumb.

All she cares about is trying to destroy Justin Trudeau by whatever means necessary, or in her case dirty.

And what is really driving her crazy, is the way Justin and his Liberals are destroying her fallen leader's foul legacy. 

As the Stephen Harper years piled one onto another, debate grew in the capital over how much of his Conservative legacy would become a fundamentally ingrained part of Canada.

Turns out, a lot of the Conservative agenda can be overturned, and rather quickly.

It’s as if the new government stole into that old Conservative neighbourhood armed with a pressure washer and starting cleaning that unsightly graffiti off the walls.

Because Trudeau really is demolishing that legacy. Kaboom.

Despite all the poo Ambrose has been flinging at him, he's never been more popular.

According to a Forum poll published over the weekend, the Liberals would win 70 per cent of the seats if an election were held today.

And that must REALLY hurt...

And all I ask is that when we have used electoral reform to finish off the Cons forever.

May the Harper puppet Rona Ambrose accompany her humiliated leader in the garbage truck of history.

To the place they both belong...

For they are the stinking scum of the earth.

And we are going to destroy them...

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  1. I can't imagine Rona not being Harper's stooge.

    We've seen in Europe and in places like the state of Kansas (under that asshat Brownback) that austerity isn't working, but rather than admit failure the usual fanatical suspects among the Randians, Free Market Freaks and Supply Siders keep doubling down on tax cuts and anything else but actual public spending. Out of anything, public spending is best (okay, least worst) for stimulating the economy. Keynes was right.

    Of course, the Reformacons were more than happy to spend $30-60 billion on F-35s and more on useless prisons, but spend it on helping regular people? THE OUTRAGE.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Can't help wondering what harper would have done with this economy and the bottom falling out of the oil prices. He would have lied and hidden what he was doing but he would have been up a stump

    1. Pretty much. Stevie strikes me as someone who don't take kindly to bad news especially when it's his fault.

      But the question is where would he hide besides a closet? The only long term hiding spot would have been the Diefenbunker.

    2. Hi anon...I think Harper would have used the slumping economy to slash and burn what was left of government, the social safety net, the CBC, etc etc. There would have been money for Alberta but nobody else. We really dodged a bullet....

    3. Hi Dan...if you go through that list of cuts I linked to the other day you can see how the Cons slashed funds from every program they hated to come up with their phoney deficit.
      If they had won the election it would have been a massacre...

  3. Where is Steve anyway?

    If you go to the House of Commons seating plan, you'll notice that he's still in the front row but way, way off to the side where the House cameras are less likely to accidentally catch him haunting our lives.

    1. Hi political junkie...yes, he got a place near the door so he can slip in and out discreetly. It's really quite a bizarre situation. And if I was one of his constituents I would be outraged, and demand that he act like an MP or resign....

  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    It is frightening to imagine Harper as PM with the bottom falling out of oil. Maybe he would have started to sell off more federal prime real estate, or anything he could get his hands on? Or start a war with Putin to try to rumble up the economy? Our modern day Mussilini I guess.

    Anyhow, what would be fun, is to move Harper's seat from the back door to centre front, in a hockey arena sense (ie right behind Rona). Maybe it could be forced with some infrastructure spending at the back door side of the House. After all, it still is his party, he should have to show his face to Canadians.


    1. Hi TS....it's funny but I was thinking that myself. ;) Or if he can't be moved maybe the Liberals or the NDP could find some excuse to ask him questions. After what he did to this country he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it...

  5. Does Ambrose not think that Canadians are aware that the 9+yrs of Harpers reign produced continued deficits, even after inheriting a 13B surplus from Martin. This is just meat for her ignorant base. She would have to presume that mainstream Canadians are also ignorant. For Ambrose to say the reform/alliance/cons are against deficits after they had deficits and only deficits throughout there years of governance is profoundly dishonest and is in fact an outright lie. I notice the MSM does not hold her to account on this issue.

    1. Hi Pamela...sometimes I think that Canadians have a special talent for living in denial. Either that or really bad memories. Which is why it bothers me to see how the Cons are trying to brainwash Canadians into believing that they were good money managers. I'm glad the Liberals are starting to refer to the Con's record when they answer questions in the Commons. If the MSM does not hold them to account we must...

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Conservatives are liars when it comes to their 'financial prowess'. History proves this when you look at the record of Harper and Mulroney compared to the Liberals.

    What's being missed with these 'discussions' about the budget is that the lamestream media is still shaping the story. The Liberals still aren't able to get their message out because all the lamestream cares about is oil, oil, oil and attacking the Liberals any which way they can.

    Time to tune them all out and let the Liberals do their job.

    1. Hi anon...the Cons are hoping that they can rewrite history with the help of the Con media. We need to aggressively counter this new brainwashing attempt, and keep reminding Canadians what they did....