Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Conapocalypse: The Confessions of Jenni Byrne

She was called Stephen Harper's "enforcer", or just "The Beast." The one who took no prisoners.

She ran the last Con campaign, and drove it off a cliff.

Before she was tossed off the bus, and out of her master's inner circle. 

But now Jenni Byrne is back, and blaming everyone but herself.

For this analysis or autopsy of the Conapocalypse couldn't be more self serving.

The party didn’t lose the last election because it was ill-prepared or lacked a strong organization. The Liberals won because Canadians had an overwhelming desire for change, the extent to which wasn’t fully appreciated until after the campaign had started.

Organizationally, the party continued to outperform the other parties. But having the strongest organization isn’t enough when the desire for change becomes insurmountable.

Or more absurd. 

Because in fact there were many polls before the election that showed that the desire for change was growing exponentially. Mostly thanks to the way Harper, Byrne, and the monsters in the PMO had poisoned our politics.

Byrne fails to mention that the timing of the election call couldn't have been worse, coming just a few days before the start of the Duffy trial...

Which got the campaign off to a real porky start.

She also fails to mention that her failure to properly vet some Con candidates only made matters worse. 

Embarrassed Stephen Harper further, and drove him crazy.

Or crazier...

Then there was the campaign itself, which was all over the place...

And was based almost entirely on fear, before spiralling into the depths of depravity...

Until most Canadians couldn't wait to get rid of the monster.

Thus proving without a shadow of a doubt, that Byrne didn't know what she was doing.

But in her absurd and self serving confession, The Beast did at least do us one giant favour.

By also proving that under the present electoral system the Cons can't win without splitting the vote.

Another key factor that led to the Conservatives’ defeat was that the party needed the NDP to do well. With the NDP rising in the polls for the first half of the campaign, Stephen Harper was well-positioned to be re-elected.

The decision during the campaign to turn our guns on the NDP was a mistake. They were never the party’s enemy. The final straw was when the party went after the NDP on the niqab issue. It crushed the NDP in Quebec, but it also removed them as a viable alternative in the rest of the country, something Conservatives needed them to be.

Which can only make even clearer the urgent need to change our electoral system, to make sure that can never happen again.

So we do owe Byrne a vote of thanks, and let's hope she's back for the next election.

For if we do what must be done, ruthlessly and without taking any prisoners.

I'm sure she will find it even more painful than the last one...

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  1. Far from a shining moment for anyone involved in the Harper campaign. It was obvious by how the Cons ran the country that it was about keeping power and not running the nation, but this confirms it thanks to Jenni trying to avoid taking her share of the blame.

    There is a saying "Victory has many fathers/mothers, but defeat is an orphan."

    It's also insulting if I were an NDPer that the Cons never even thought of them as an actual threat to their position of power. However, the Con strategerists (sic) might have a point. Tripping to the mushy middle while letting your team get outflanked on the left by the Trudeau Libruls (sic) didn't help at all.

    1. hi Dan...what I find bizarre is that Byrne seems to be claiming that she wasn't calling the shots even though she was the campaign manager. But won't tell us who was. I know that she had a major run in with Guy Giorno, but I can't believe that he could make such bad decisions, so I can only assume it was Harper and Ray Kovac. But yes, the bit about the NDP is embarrassing, and they sure have a lot of explaining to do....

  2. .. ah, the frumious bandersnatch.. the galloonish & poxic undertoads .. Who knew they'd end up as smug shrill guest Op-Eders at the Gloat & Smell down by the Go Train tracks in Toronto ?

    What mainstream media and Elections Canada, if not the mighty RCMP & the current Federal Government of Canada should be demanding of Ms Jenni Byrne, is full disclosure, under oath of names, dates, tasks, asks, access, meetings, emails, private messages relating to Live & Robo call fraud in any of the elections she was involved in. If anyone can paint the picture of partisan, party and elected public servant election fraud planning, execution, funding etc.. its this woman.. and others who operated in the shadows of Ex PM Stephen Harper.. like Ray Novak, Arthur Hamilton, Guy Giorno, Senator Gerstein, Duffy, Stephen Lecce, Nigel Wright.. its a dirty dozen that to some extent, like Ms Byrne, Novak & Lecce, could flit back and forth from taxpayer paid employee to Conservative Party employee.. That Jennie Byrne never testified at the Michael Sona trial, or the Duffy trial speaks loudly of some sort of bizarre immunity or meddling from the highest offices in Canada. Her other peers, the likes of Pieere Poilievre, Tom Flanagan, Andrew MacDougall, Ken Boessenkool etc have already proved their shallow credentials.. Its a sick radioactive crowd she fits right into.. but aint it amazing how they all keep getting highly paid positions to keep them available..

    1. hi Salamander...yes you're right, Byrne was surely at the epicentre of the dirty tricks department of that foul regime, and despite her victims cries, she does seem to lead a charmed life. The only thing I will regret forever is that nobody in a position of power is pushing for a full public inquiry into the activities of that criminal regime. Because if an inquiry was held I haven't the slightest doubt that a number of them would end up in jail...

  3. What is it about "power hungry women" that makes me want to puke?

    1. hi Kathleen...I loathe all of the power hungry men and women. But what I especially despise about Jenni Byrne is that from what I have heard she was a real bully, like her depraved leader. And they are the lowest of all creatures....

  4. My favorite part of the election Simon, was Harpers invitation only campaign stops. I wonder what Con buffoon thought of that? Your 4th and 5th pictures were hilarious!

    1. hi Pamela...yes the invitation only campaign stops were hilarious, and another thing Bryne conveniently forgot to mention. No doubt because she was responsible. Although because she is very good friends with Kory Teneycke it might have been a join decision. I'm glad you like the pictures, although my favourite was number six... ;)

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Money that was diverted from Federal Department budgets to the PMO to pay salaries of people like JB robbed Canadians.


    1. hi TS...The way the Cons diverted our tax dollars into that massive Porky Action campaign just before the called the election was in itself reason enough to charge them with electoral fraud. We did destroy them in the end, but I still feel they got off lightly...

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Good day Simon. I love to think it was Harper's decision to double down on the niqab in Quebec, helping spur momentum. The more mistakes that keep him up at night the better. If he's not under too much sedation that is. I swear he was on something for his nerves by the end of the campaign.

    Regarding the robocalls, at the Duffy trial, a day or two after his BC black ops comments, Duffy is quoted as saying "Finley came racing out, saying Michael Sona couldn't have done it. He didn't take our courses." I kept waiting for the media to pounce on that but nobody said a word. That was on the Kady/Citizen live blog and confirmed on the Trasker/CBC one. I was hoping at least Sona and his lawyer were aware.
    Well, I've now completed your blog archive from Aug to the present and am trying to decide which month and year to go to next. Ca't thank you enough!