Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Oily Madness of the Con Queen Rona Ambrose

If Rona Ambrose doesn't stop viewing her job as both interim Con Queen AND the new chief spokeswoman for Big Oil, sooner or later somebody is going to tell her she should go pump gas for them.

Because every Question Period, no matter what's happening in the country and the world, she leads off with some kind of oily question. 

One day she's flogging the Energy East pipeline, the next day she's raving about a carbon tax. 

And the problem for Rona and her Cons is that she isn't very good at it. Or good at anything.

For there she was yesterday in the Sun, scribbling hysterically that Justin Trudeau doesn't know what drives our economy. 

Through the first 100 days of the Trudeau administration I’ve come to two conclusions: First, the Prime Minister doesn’t understand what drives our economy and the people who work day and night to keep food on our tables, our cars running, and roofs over our heads. Second, Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand his role when our country faces challenges.

Criticizing Trudeau for a problem the Cons created, and for daring to suggest that Canadians can do other things beside work in the Tar Ponds.

In Canada, resources and resourcefulness go hand in hand. This is well understood by ordinary Canadians. Yet astonishingly, the Prime Minister made a point of informing a posh audience at an Economic Forum in Switzerland that Canada will now be known for our “resourcefulness” instead of our “resources.”

When in fact Trudeau actually said we will be known for BOTH. So she lied.

Which only made her sound more even more like a crazed oil pimp...

Or the leader of the Bloc Alberta. Or another Harper.

A problem she only compounded yesterday by loudly demanding that Trudeau make it easier to get E.I. benefits in Alberta.

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose is calling on the Liberal government to loosen its purse strings and remove restrictions on employment insurance for people facing a "crisis" in Alberta.

When it was the Harper Cons who made it so difficult to get E.I.

And what was completely missing from Ambrose's ode to Big Oil was any mention of the environment, or any mention of the province of Quebec through which the Energy East pipeline is supposed to flow.

Which is a big problem, because Quebec has a powerful environmental movement. Quebecers aren't amused by the torrent of abuse coming at them from Alberta, for failing to lie down and roll over.

And Ambrose's aggressive tone is enough to trigger their worst nightmare.

The sickening thought that Harper is still with them...

WOMAN -- I'm so happy because we're never going to see Stephen Harper again.
HARPER-- Coo Coo Canadian Canadian.
MAN--You don't have a body anymore.
HARPER--It's not serious, I just lost my erection.
WOMAN -- But what are you doing in the recycling bin when Canadians threw you in the garbage??
HARPER--I'm recoverable.
MAN -- No don't say that !!!
HARPER--I'm coming back.
EVERYONE -- No Yes No Yes No Yes
MAN-- Get the garburator ready.
HARPER--I will NEVER disappear. Holy shit. AAAAAH...

"Eco Enterprises Canada reminds you that at times it's better for the environment to throw out rather than recycle."

Which will make it even harder to sell the pipeline in Quebec, and almost impossible for Ambrose to win any more support in that province.

Or for that matter if she keeps pumping gas or hot air, out of every orifice, make it almost impossible to renew her shattered Cons.

For sooner or later people will realize that she doesn't know what's she's doing.

And that whatever she says about having renewed it or recycled it.

it's still the Harper Party...

And this country won't be sane or safe.

Until we've thrown them all in the garbage can of history...

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    More Con/Big Oil doublespeak. Energy East is actually Energy Asia as they don't want to spend the money to upgrade eastern refineries to process tar sands oil. Its nothing to do with a value added Canadian energy policy and everything to do with stripping out as much profit as quickly as possible and then leave Canadians holding the bag for capital and legacy costs in the end.

    1. hi RT...yes the Energy East pipeline is being treated as if it if was the Holy Grail or the answer to all or problems, which it certainly is not. I can understand how some people in Alberta might believe that considering the calamitous situation in that province. But it doesn't stand up to rational analysis, and anything that keeps our economy hooked on the Tar Ponds is not a good thing....

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    As time goes, RA will be thrown out with the trash by the CPC at Leadership time. MR will not make it, nor will KL. My guess is that he will be white.

    Also, our economy will have gone through some rebalancing with the price of oil, which seems to be staying low.

    So these cons who want to stay on oil band wagon, that's their choice. But I think they will be left in the dust. There's only so much the GoC can do internally with world oil glut. Need to move on. Not easy, Harper put us here with his oily egg basket. Some Canadians lapped it up. Others watched in horror and wondered of the credentials of the University of oil Calgary to grant degrees in economics.

    Wonder about the use of "tax payers money" (as cons drone about) to put her up in Stornaway. Interim leader? Mmm,


    1. hi TS...there was some talk a while back of changing the rules so that an interim leader like Ambrose could run for permanent leader, but I believe it went nowhere. So she is basically just a bench warmer for somebody else. And as for our oily obsession, I realize it's an important part of our economy, but the future will be green or greener, so the sooner we retool to deal with that reality the better...

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Rona Ambrose, is she an oil pimp or an oil whore? If she is subservient to the oil and gas industry, then she is more of a whore who is being used, willingly or not, by the oil and gas industry no?

    If you are reluctant to call her an whore because she is female, then how about a shill?

    1. hi anon...well I would rather call Rona a shill or an oil pimp, because I'm naturally polite. ;) But the way she's selling herself to Big Oil by sounding like their personal representative makes the line between pimp, shill, and whore a very fine one...

  4. Today I hear someone on the radio saying that oil is 6% of the Canadian economy. I have heard others say ' less than 10%'. Whatever: oil is a small part of Canada's revenue. Considering the Koch holdings in Alberta and the foreign share of the oily industry, how much money is left in the Canadian company after everybody else takes their cut ?

    It's actually bitumen, know to Ezra as filthy oil. That's why the value is less than $8 ; the barrel is worth more. Nobody is going to build a pipeline or an upgrader to lose money. Where would they borrow with Rona's business plan in hand ?

    1. hi rumleyfips...yes I believe that figure is correct, although secondary industries may bump it up a bit. But it's role has been so exaggerated it has done us no favours. For the dollar now rises and falls in synch with oil prices, and seems to me that the tail is wagging the dog...

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Honestly, I am sick to the gills about hearing about oil ANYTHING.
    Alberta's obsession with oil has to end. I mean, why keep producing something that will basically be illegal within a few years?
    And building a pipeline? Quite possibly the worst mistake we could make in terms of Canadian economic strategy.
    Focus instead on what it would take to make us independent from global gyrations and the rising US dollar (see that ... it's not the Canadian dollar that's sinking, it's the $US that's rising).
    A good place to start would be to end the billions wasted every year on the oil patch and put it into renewables.

    1. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Oil is going to be illegal? Oh do tell when this happening.

    2. hi anoN 1:50... I feel the same way, I am sick of people treating oil as if it's the only thing we have going for us. And I find this pipeline debate bordering on the hysterical. Oil and gas is still a big part of our economy, but to think that we can build a future on bitumen is a dangerous fantasy. We need to prepare for a greener future, or we will find ourselves one day desperately trying to catch up to others who are preparing for that future much better than we are...

  6. I'm no fan of Rona or the Cons, but she DID ask a great question today in the House. She asked the same question a day or two ago. The question is:


    "If the Liberals' new pipeline process concludes that a new pipeline be built, will the Liberal gov't approve it?"

    The Finance minister did not directly answer the question, so to give them wiggle room.

    1. hi David...the Cons had high hopes for that question, but I think both the finance minister and Trudeau have managed to defuse it. They really don't have to say anything until the NEB brings down its decision, and that will give them all the time they need to make the right decision...

  7. I Miss The Stephen Harper Years

  8. Comedy gold!

    Let Me Make One Thing Clear

  9. Unless I am mistaken, one of the readers said (on a different thread) that Harper showed up in the House of Commons earlier in the week. He did???

    1. hi David...I have been looking for him, but have yet to see him. But then he apparently is only in the House when a vote is taken, so I am going to have to spend more time watching CPAC....

    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      There's a website where you can see MPs activity. Can't recall link. Interesting site because it breaks down who voted for what. So last week Harper voted twice, and missed a couple of motions.


    3. If Harper actually showed up to vote twice, I need to find evidence, and will start here:

  10. There is a worldwide glut of oil on the market, economies slowing, excess oil everywhere...Alberta's answer, create more of an oil glut by building Enbridge northern gateway, Kinder Morgan..Energy East and Keystone XL....Swamping the world with even more oil thus driving down the price..

    Same thing going on with LNG..

    Cheers Eyes Wide Open

    1. hi Grant...yes that does seem like a brilliant strategy, flood the market with even more oil, and drive prices down even further. It seems that oil brings out the crazy in some people, and rationality goes out the window...

  11. Anonymous9:01 AM

    France is installing 100 km of photovoltaic road - a huge solar collection panel which will produce mega energy. Good idea for sunny Alberta? Someone should clue her in.

    1. hi anon...yes solar energy is making huge strides, and we have all we need in this country to develop our green energy industry in new and imaginative ways. I believe the number of people employed in the alternative energy field in Canada is already greater than the number of people employed in the oil industry, so its potential seems obvious....