Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Day Ezra Levant Claimed That He Was Being Bullied

It could only happen in a country still recovering from the depraved rule of Stephen Harper.

Where members of Ezra Levant's hate mongering site The Rebel were thrown out  of two Alberta government news conferences for posing as journalists.

Only to threaten to sue the government for not recognizing their phoney credentials. 

The Alberta Government has asked former Canadian Press journalist Heather Boyd to review its media policy after two Rebel Media reporters were denied access to government news conferences.

The review comes after Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media hired a lawyer to help them regain access to Alberta government news conferences.

And even more outrageously, accuse Rachel Notley of bullying THEM. 

“She bullied Alberta’s oil and gas workers, hitting them when they’re down. She bullied farmers and ranchers with her farm unionization law, Bill 6,” says Sheila Gunn Reid in the video.

“Well, now she’s trying to bully the Rebel because we dare to criticize her.”

When in fact Sheila Gunn Reid is no journalist.

She's a right-wing extremist who likes to wear sweaters like this one...

And it was her and other members of The Rebel who bullied Rachel Notley by whipping up hatred against her at a time when she was being bombarded by ugly threats.

Including many printed in The Rebel itself...

And Ezra Levant is no journalist either. 

Having sworn under oath at one of his defamation trials that he's just a "commentator" whose words shouldn't be taken seriously.

In his blogging about Canada’s hate speech laws, right-wing personality Ezra Levant defamed a young law student as a serial liar, a bigot and a Jew-hating “illiberal Islamic fascist,” bent on destroying Canada’s tradition of free expression, a judge has found.

The judge rejected the argument of Iain MacKinnon, Mr. Levant’s lawyer, readers of his blog would not take his comments “at face value” because they would be “well aware of Mr. Levant’s penchant to stir controversy and make outlandish comments.”

As if that wasn't only too obvious...

And Levant wasn't one of the most disgusting hate mongers this country has ever known, who attacks everyone from Muslims and the Roma to bullied gay children

But is still good enough apparently to be defended by the Globe's Con editorial board.

The NDP government of Alberta violated the basic principles of a free press and open government this month when it announced it was banning a right-wing media outlet from attending its news conferences and events.

This is beyond deplorable. It is not the place of a government to decide what constitutes a journalist or a media outlet. This is not Russia, not Egypt, not Iran – countries where government controls the media through bogus licensing regimes or outright censorship.

Which couldn't be more disgusting.

But is of course music to the ears of the grotesque Ezra Levant, who is using this controversy as yet another fundraising opportunity. 

Where the Rebel Commander or the bully in chief gets to beg for money, and accuse others of bullying HIM.

And really what can any decent person say? Except that when the Con media join forces with The Rebel media this country is in real trouble.

And has lost its moral  compass.

And the good news? 

Last Friday was the one-year anniversary of the wonderful death of Sun News...

Which also set out to be controversially Canadian.

Only to go down with all hands onboard...

And leave a humiliated Levant swimming for his life in the only place he belongs...

And if what I hear is true, The Rebel is also having trouble keeping it's head above water.

It's being weighed down by its lack of money, and/or the weight of its accumulated excrement.

So it should soon be following Sun News to the same place...

And only be mourned by the same people.

But yes, we do need to strengthen the hate laws in this country.

Bigotry should be buried.

So should the Con media.

And hate mongers should be jailed...

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Whilst I agree with your column, once again, you were dead on with celebrating the end of the Hitler Harper Regime, I may agree but as time goes by I am beginning to think that our desire for change has not changed so much after all!!!!!!! I have been trying to reach my local MP in an Ontario areas for months now. He never returns my telephone messages or emails... Absolutely no contact but he can tweet joy and celebration to all in PEI for family day and many other useless tweets that we pay him for. My simple question to him was why are the banks charging small businesses for filing and paying their HST, payroll etc.... Their platform was to make life easier for small business to work with CRA.... But the banks now charge an initial sign up fee of 25 bucks and then a further 2 bucks for each bill you file and pay online. This MP has never, ever returned or responded to this very question!!!!!!! I think I actually voted for change and is getting much of the same!!!!!!! Funny how this MP was wanting to make love to the people in my neighbourhood to get our that he got our vote he just wants to screw us like the prior MP. There must be a self serving, ignorant virus hanging around Ottawa that attacks politicians and turns them into ignorant, self serving, morally depleted humans!!!!!!!!! Time to design my own lawn sign for the spring season!!!!!!!!!!! FS

    1. hi anon...I'm sorry to hear that, but the Liberals are still settling in to office, still getting briefed, and it's not as if they don't already have a lot on their plates. But by all means keep up the pressure, democracy after all is what you and I make of it...

  2. Didn't a Roma family just bully Ezra. Funny that he hasn't sais anything about it.

    1. hi rumleyfips...unforunately they didn't. For some reason police did not lay charges, and all the Roma got was Levant's pathetic apology...

  3. Ezra's howling is indicating he wants some of that sweet sweet RW welfare... I mean... RW billionaire money aka Koch Kash... no, I actually mean welfare and using this help.

    As for Shelia Gun, it looks like she's trying to give PET a handjob.

    1. hi Dan....yes, as always Ezra is just after cash for bigotry. He used to work for that Koch front Ethical Oil, but I guess even they got tired of him. His shabby little hate mongering site probably got a few grubby dollars after this sordid episode, but it won't last, and neither will that site...

  4. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Ezra Levant is nothing more than a legend in his own mind.The people that follow him and send money are to dumb to see they are being used.Looks more like a hate cult to me.

    1. hi anon...when I read some of the flattering comments he gets I really have to wonder where those zombies are coming from, what pathetic lives they must lead, and of course whether they are just morons, or dangerous psychopaths...

  5. So it was okay for Harper to control his press events, but not Notley?

    Besides, The Rebel is just commentary. There is no real journalism happening there.

    1. hi UU4077...none of them are real journalists, but what I object to the most is the fact that none of our Con media is calling a spade a spade, or calling Levant a bigot...

  6. e.a.f.5:14 PM

    ah, well if Ezra is swirling the toilet bowel, that is good news. I won't be upset if he goes down the toilet. I just don't think Notely should have banned him from the press conferances. Even though he has said under oath he is a commentator, we know that many comentators consider themselves journalists.

    Now Ezra has another soap box. Its best to let him come and play with the big boys and girls and then he can see how out of place he is. of course being a legend in his own mind...........

    the Gunn reid thing needs to find something else to do. much have gone to the school of journalism for idiots or Howard Stern's school, back in the day when he was actually a "shock jock". Neither Erza or Gunn have the talent for that.

    1. hi e.a.f....I think Notley probably made a mistake by banning him on the grounds he is not a journalist, which he isn't. Because just about anyone can be a journalist. But what they should have banned him for is whipping up hatred and death threats against Notley. And above all being a lousy bigot....


    1. hi David...thanks for that I've saved it in my archives...

  8. Three quotes from Levant:

    Ezra Levant Derangement Syndrome #73