Friday, February 12, 2016

The Con Media and Justin Trudeau's First 100 Days

Well yesterday was the day the MSM decided to devote a lot of their coverage to Justin Trudeau's first 100 days in office.

And I must say I found it a rather depressing spectacle.

For there they were toting up his promises, made, kept, or in their opinion broken. Already.

Like a bunch of grubby bank clerks, writing up some small company's balance sheet.

And in my opinion completely missing the big picture.

For while I found this list useful. 

I found the obsession with numbers after only a hundred days in office somewhat absurd...

For while Trudeau does have many promises to keep, I don't consider needing a little more time to bring in 25,000 refugees a broken promise. 

The important thing was having the courage and the decency to bring them here...

Justin does already have an impressive list of other accomplishments to his credit after such a short time in office.

Just ask Stephen Harper...

And what all of those scribbling book keepers failed to point out is that Trudeau's greatest achievement was liberating us from that monstrous leader...

Starting us down the road to restoring our Canada and its values.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is welcoming Canada’s renewed commitment to the world body, which the Prime Minister said will include a plan to seek a non-permanent seat on the Security Council and a pledge to support more UN peacekeeping operations.

And slowly taking our country back, as Michael Harris writes, from the man who dare not show his face.

Stephen Harper is confounding the ring wisdom of the great Joe Louis: It turns out you can both run and hide.

And the Cons who will not face up to their past. 

I believe Stephen Harper had a lot of big accomplishments. It’s just that all of them involved taking a chainsaw to the country he inherited from Martin and Mulroney. The reason Harper was dumped like yesterday’s fish was not “fatigue” or “tactical” mistakes made during the 77-day campaign he inflicted on the country.

It was because alarmed Canadians realized that this soft-spoken political iconoclast was deconstructing their country. Harper was Canada’s Paul Wolfowitz, despite the blue sweater and Beatle songs.

For how can you rate the new Liberal government without comparing it to this one?

So great was this prime minister’s disrespect for Parliament that he shuttered the seat of government for an incredible 181 days for purely political reasons. He unleashed the Canada Revenue Agency on NGOs and environmental groups, using audits as a weapon against his perceived political enemies.

Or for that matter what can you say about the Con's new leader Rona Ambrose,who would with the help of the Con media try to put lipstick on that foul legacy?

The interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada thinks history will be kind to Steve; Rona Ambrose is nothing if not loyal. The Globe and Mail‘s Margaret Wente says that despite the ponderous length of Harper’s “rap sheet”, he’s still not the worst PM in history. The National Post says that most Canadians rate Harper as “average” or “better”, rather than the “worst”. As always, there are lies, damn lies, pundits and polls.

When she is after all just more of the same...

And all I can say is how grateful I remain to Justin Trudeau for delivering us from those ghastly Cons. And restoring my faith in this country.

He may have many promises to keep but, he is definitely heading in the right direction.

He is the Prime Minister I've always wanted, even though I didn't vote for him.

And if given the time he needs.

He will destroy the Cons...

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  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Is the article, attributed to Canadian Press, indeed a Reformacon MSM creation? It listed only four promise failures, many that have occurred, and showed future promises likely to be kept.

    I suppose one has to have a rant a day, but I'd rather it be concentrated on Ronna, a very determined but illogical nitwit of a Con, who is quite unable to assimilate easy-to-grasp concepts in her apparent pea-brain. When I see her spout off on TV I change channels, because she's cringe-worthy and I actually feel embarrassed for her that she's so apparently brain dead.

    1. hi anon...the CP story was written by Joan Bryden an excellent journalist, so I'm not criticizing her. I just felt that drawing up a list so early in a mandate is not a very useful exercise. The Liberals are already setting quite a pace so asking them to go faster sounds reckless to me. As for Rona Ambrose I have mixed feelings about her. On the one hand I can never forgive what she did as health minister when she ignored what should be the sacred principle of harm reduction. But on the other hand I give thanks that she is Con leader because she is so dumb and so useless...

  2. Average? That's the best they can say about the guy?

    1. hi Dan...yes, I know I wear my heart on my sleeve, but honestly some people in this country dispense praise with an eye dropper. And the glass is always half empty rather than half full. I'm not saying that everything the Liberals have done is perfect, but it's like night and day compared to the Con regime, and I think that should be mentioned, and celebrated....

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Is it really 100 days, or is it less?

    When exactly did the starter's gun go off? he may have won the election October 19, but constitutionally he didn't the authority until after visiting the Governor General. Moreover, one could argue the clock didn't start ticking until after the throne speech.

    I know it sound like nit-picking but we should pick an agreed upon start date and not just rely on the Con dominated MSM headlines to arbitrarily decide 100 days, because it makes a good byline.

    Bottom line though is that Trudeau has still accomplished more in his 100 days or less than harper did in 9 years.

    1. hi anon...The Liberals were sworn in on November 4th, so that's where the 100 days comes from. But since they didn't have their offices set up, and had still to receive their dossiers and briefings it only makes those hundred days seem even more artificial. And remember, only days after he was sworn in Justin Trudeau was involved in one major summit meeting after the other. So all considered the amount of promises they have already kept does seem to me remarkable...

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    What do you call the Cons and their media holding a meeting in a basement? A whine cellar. These nitpicking "journalists" have one goal and that is attack JT at every opportunity no matter how ridiculous it is. I guess they're trying to emulate their former Dear Leader who emitted toxins from his every pore, who poisoned every thing and everyone he touched.
    Thanks for the laugh though Simon, Rona's assessment that history will be kind to Harper is delusional at best but mostly points to her need of immediate mental help.

    1. hi JD...yes they are whiners and they don't seem to have accepted the fact that they lost. And yes part of it is nitpicking, or using an artful deadline to give them something to pontificate about. But the other cause may be our our well known Canadian tendency to try to cut the successful down to size. I understand that's part of the culture in places like Japan, but we should be a little more exuberant, and celebrate our own a little more forcefully. But as for Rona, I made a Village Idiot button of her at least seven years ago, and she has never disappointed me... ;)

  5. Anonymous12:10 AM

    The water boarding of our Country by the Cons is over.Steve in contempt of Parliament,prorogued Parliament and hiding behind the GG,harassing the Supreme Court,non profits and niquabis.Robo calls and access restrictions to vote.Ignoring First Nations and Veterans.As we suspected he had a hidden agenda.

    1. hi anon...yes thank goodness it is over. The Cons are still here to annoy us with their grating ways, but at least now they have no power. And we do have a real canadian government again....

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Personally, I'm willing to give this new government all the time they need to undo the horrific damage the previous dictator did to this country. I've learned much this past decade and the biggest lesson I've learned is to ignore the pundits and pontificators on TV or in the (almost obsolete) newspapers. Writing the narrative is their only stock in trade regardless of who is in government. Instead, focus on what the government is doing and how they do it. In that light, the new Liberal government is definitely going in the better direction.