Saturday, February 13, 2016

Has Rona Ambrose's Bombing Campaign Just Gone Up In Smoke?

One might think by the way Rona Ambrose goes on and on about bombing people, that she was born to kill.

And that she just can't help herself...

But although she is deeply disturbed, the real reason is that ever since she saw this poll. 

She's been going wild, and I mean WILD, trying to use the issue to bomb her favourite target: Justin Trudeau.

So there she was again yesterday, pounding Justin, and our intelligence, with more dreary drivel   

As I watched Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announce the end of Canada’s air combat mission against ISIL, I was struck by the incoherence of the Liberal government’s position.

More fundamentally, I question how Canada can continue to claim to be a major partner in the fight against ISIL when it is eliminating the very contribution that most directly protects innocent civilians suffering on the ground. 

While what's left of her Con propaganda service released this dark video...

Which was no doubt colour coded to match the colour of her sinister leathery outfits...

But sadly for her, Rona The Grim Droner Ambrose just doesn't get it.

Doesn't understand that bombing doesn't protect innocent civilians trapped in ISIS held towns. Not when the ISIS crazies use them as human shields. So bombing can kill or wound civilians, or terrorize them further.

Which is not only inconsistent with our Canadian values. It can also make all our lives more dangerous, by motivating wannabe jihadis to attack us right here in Canada.

And if this story is true, her bombing campaign just went up in smoke, or screams. 

Two Toronto-based human rights organizations have written a letter to the Iraqi and Canadian governments alleging pro-Iraqi government Shia militias were responsible for a massacre of at least 55 Yazidi slaves kidnapped by ISIS and possibly hundreds more Sunni civilians during the liberation of Ramadi in early January. 

Iraqi forces ousted ISIS soldiers from the city with the support of coalition airstrikes, including Canadian Armed Forces aircraft that participated in operations to strike ISIS positions in January.

Because that's another problem with only waging war from the air. You have no idea what's really happening on the ground.

So in that regard at least, Justin Trudeau's plan to send in more military advisers makes a lot more sense.

But don't expect Ambrose to understand or care about that. Because she has absolutely no respect for human life. 

Her ghastly record as a Health Minister proved that over and over again...

She wouldn't recognize a Canadian value if it jumped up and bit her. 

And as Carol Goar writes, she is only playing cheap politics, and is only capable of partisan clichés.

She had no choice, really. Rona Ambrose, interim leader of the Conservative party, had to denounce Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to trade warplanes in the skies over Iraq for boots on the ground as “a shameful step backward from our proud traditions.” 

Had she shown an ounce of sympathy for Trudeau’s position, she would have alienated fellow Tories, antagonized hawks across the country and muddied one of the few issues on which her party was in tune with the majority of Canadians.

So all we can expect is more of the same.

If her response to Trudeau’s first major foreign policy announcement is the template for what lies ahead, Canadians can expect 15 months of rote parliamentary debate. Ambrose and her colleagues will reflexively condemn anything the Liberals put forward. There will be no real discussion, no attention to crucial details.

And the good news?

That couldn't suit our purposes better. For if the Cons can't act like a proper opposition party, and behave instead like a bunch of crazed ideologues, they'll NEVER renew their party.

It will always be Stephen Harper's party...

The Grim Droner will always be his hapless monkey stooge.

And with a little luck her depraved obsession with bombing will make her look even crazier.

And drive them all into the ground...

Lordy. Take a moment to thank the Great Polar Bear God of the Great White North for delivering unto us Rona Ambrose.

Born to kill.

And born to finish off the Cons...

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    With all the war drum beating coming from Turkey Erdogan and Saudi Arabia today the last thing on anyone's mind should be this crap from Droner.
    We need saner minds cos I gotta tell ya Russia Syria and Iran are not gonna let these fools walk over them.
    We have Erdogan saying they'll attack Russian warships in the Bosphorus Strait,Saudia Arabia saying they'll bring nuclear weapons to the party,Russia with S400 missiles that will shoot down anything flying in Syria that shouldn't be there.It's all possible.
    A fine mess indeed but Droner will sweep down in the midst of it all and bafflegab them all with bullshit.Jeeeeez.What a joke she is.

    1. hi anon... I agree the situation in the region is going from bad to really dangerous. Having a dummy like Ambrose beating her hollow war drum is the last thing we need. For if we're not careful we're all going to end up in the anteroom of the Third World War...

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    "the very contribution that most directly protects innocent civilians suffering on the ground." Really! And she calls JT incoherent?
    It must be driving Rona's "Bomber Command" nuts that our allies are embracing our new mission because they know they have more air power than they have targets and they see our new mission as a well thought out, significant contribution.
    So I say to Rona and her bombardier's, if bombing is the only way, why are you the only ones that seem to think so?

    1. hi JD...yes I couldn't believe that Ambrose could say something so stupid, but then she is only reading what others write for her, and she is as dumb as a spoon. With all the other jets in the air these days ours won't be missed, and with Saudi Arabia and Turkey threatening to get involved, the situation could go from bad to worse....

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Funny how Harper and his gang were/are so ready to bomb, but he's the first to hide in the closet in caucus meeting room during the Ottawa shootings.

    I think you are right Simon, they really should be using every resource they have, including time, to rejuvenate their party. I guess Harper thinks that he can continue running the show through Rona.

    Love the pram illustration of Rona. Like Harper, just clueless as to the violence she is embracing, by running after poll stats. Rona and Steve would be the first to climb into that pram if the $&@! hit the fan.


    1. hi TS....yes the Cons seem stuck in a strange time warp. harper made them in his image and they don't know what to do without him, except give us more of the same.
      It's really weird, but as I pointed out in my post, they are only hurting themselves...

  4. e.a.f.2:58 PM

    If Rona loves bombing so much I have a really good idea. Lets get her a plane ticket to a bomb site and she can sit there and "enjoy" the show while the bombs come whistling down around her. See how she likes it then. Afterwards, they can take her around to the hospitals and show her the injured people screaming in pain and after that they can take her to attend a few funerals of children. Then she can really appreciate bombing.

    There are times when bombing works, but not in this case. It kills too many civilians and the civilians who they are killing aren't part of the enemy. They are just people caught in a place they don't want to be.

    Rona needs to go to her room and think about things for awhile.

    We have seen the Kurds do an admirable job of fighting. It would be best to support them. when Iraq fell apart, they were the only group which was able to demonstrate they were capable of running a state. it is to be hoped that after this is all said and done, the guns aren't turned on the Kurds, because whomever is in charge of Iraq and Turkey will want to eliminate the Kurds next regardless of their assistance in the fight against ISIS.

    By supplying the support Trudeau is suggesting, it will keep Canada at the table, so that at some later time, we may have some imput to the situation when it comes to peace keeping. Helping refugees makes way more sense, as does training people.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes it would be nice if Ambrose could see the effects of bombs, that she so cheerfully demands be dropped. For never have I heard her express the slightest concern for the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.And I can't decide whether that's because she's so dumb or because she's so callous....

    2. e.a.f.8:57 PM

      I don't think its because she is so callous. I don't think she thinks about the repercussions of acts of war. its like a game which was being played in Vancouver for awhile, which left some people brain damaged for life: a guy would walk up to some one they didn't know and just sucker punch them in the face. No reason, didn't know them, just seemed like a fun thing to do. They just never thought. then they showed a couple of victims on T.V., in hospital, their lives forever changed. I think Rona is some what like those young guys who sucker punched without thinking about the ramifications.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Think Rona was exposed to the heavy metal neurotoxins present in tar sands waste as a child.They really mess with your mind.Her simplistic rantings such as ISIS BAD > KILL > BOMB has a certain symbolic appeal to a frightened population as it conjures up visions of great warriors raining down death and destruction from high above.Unfortunately for the Cons it is quickly becoming stale dated. Political survivalists stay ahead of the curve,dress up their past as roaring successes and move on to phase 2.( Some survivalists are even honest about their past.) Like a broken clock, brain dead Cons are stuck in the past with the knowledge that they will be right at least twice a day but serve no useful purpose.

  6. hi RT....I don't know what's wrong with Ambrose, or for that matter whose really running the Cons these days because you can be sure it isn't her. She doesn't even deliver her lines with any conviction, it all looks like a farce to me of the Unbearable Lightness of Rona. But as I said in my post, the worse the show the better for us....