Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Growing Darkness of the Cons

Pity poor Rona Ambrose. With every day that passes her claim that she's the leader of the new/nouveau Cons grows darker and more dubious.

She's still claiming she knows what she's doing, and that she is in charge.

But she just keeps repeating the same message over and over again.

And she can't even control her caucus.

For even though she asked them to be nice or nicer, still they embarrass her. 

Edmonton Griesbach MP Kerry Diotte apologized Tuesday for what he admits was a juvenile attempt at humour using a "Liberal Buzz Word Bingo" scorecard. The bingo card, posted on Twitter following Monday's question period on Parliament Hill, included squares labelled "Syrians," "openness" and "indigenous."

And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, then there's Oily Joe Oliver who even though he was defeated refuses to go away.

And is still claiming he knew what he was doing, and that nobody should blame him for the country's growing deficit. 

Joe Oliver may not be finance minister anymore, but he’s not going quietly into the post-politics budgetary void. Oliver is indignant over the suggestion by the Liberal government that he and his prime minister, Stephen Harper, left the country with a deficit.

Still claiming that him and his depraved leader Stephen Harper left Canada with a surplus. But forgetting to mention this little detail.

Last November, the Parliamentary Budget Officer did indeed forecast a $1.1 billion budget surplus for 2015-16, but that — in large part — was the result of the one-off $1.8 billion gain from the sale of GM shares. From 2016-17 through to 2019-20, the PBO forecast a string of deficits.

Or for that matter forgetting to mention that the Con's insane tax cutting spree has also left the country with a statutory deficit...

With not enough money to pay the bills, without going into debt.

Which only makes Rona Ambrose's latest message look even more absurd...

Or even more FRAUDULENT.

But of course Ambrose's biggest problem is that she's not the real leader of the Cons. 

The shadowy Harper is still pulling her strings...

And as even the Con friendly L. Ian MacDonald points out, she will never renew her party until he is gone. 

Stephen Harper missed an opportunity to move on before the election; he very much needs to do so now. He needs to resign his seat in the House, clear out his fourth floor office at the back of the Centre Block, and leave town. 

There shouldn’t be any more sightings of him at movie matinees in Ottawa, as there was at a showing of The Revenant a few weeks ago, where Harper was spotted slouched under a baseball cap and accompanied by his former chief of staff, Ray Novak.

The party can’t re-build with his ghost in the room.

And that won't easy, because Batty Harper will not easily give up his grip on power...

Or apparently give up his faithful Robin, Ray Novak.

Pity Stephen Harper, the loneliest man in the world.

Pity Rona Ambrose who can't escape her past...

And of course if you're a progressive, keep on partying.

For the longer they're the Harper Party.

The more easily we will destroy them...


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  1. Joe Oliver is behaving like a typical corporate executive rat: always blaming the new guy for the mess he helped create. Based on typical executive human nature and the volume and frequency of Joe's shrieking shows that this how this is hurting him and crapping on his precious reputation as a "money" man especially on Bay St.

    Joe's problem is that the Federal budget is front and centre on the public record not just hidden away in the byzantine corporate world or annual report.

    1. hi Dan... I think you're right. Joe Oliver is definitely trying to salvage his reputation. My guess is that the way the Cons silenced him during the campaign, and the way he was mercilessly mocked, has driven him crazy or crazier. If I was him, I would cease trying to defend the indefensible, fade to black, and hope that in time people will forget how he helped lead this country to the verge of economic disaster....

  2. Found u anyway Simon. U can't hide from your followers

    1. hi nice to hear from you. And if you were the only one reading me I would consider it well worth it. And needless to say I really miss your blog. I also hope that the great gods of goodness have comforted you, and given you the strength to bear the unbearable...

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Ya know, Simon, the first step to any kind of recovery is to admit you have a problem......
    And when pigs fly and rocks get soft is when you'll see any CON admit they have any problems......
    Hence, the continued state of their sociopathic blaming their fuckups on the new gubmint.
    De-nial is not just the name of a river...... ;-)

    1. hi anon...yes I agree, the problem with the Cons is that they are still in denial.They have not accepted their loss, and continue to make the same mistakes that led Canadians to reject them. But of course that's good for us. To paraphrase the great philosopher, those who don't learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them...

  4. The ridiculous things Rona is saying is for her base. They believe that the cons. had a surplus and Canadians should still be dropping bombs in the middle east. What the reform/alliance/cons find believable, the mainstream Canadians find ludicrous.

    1. hi Pamela... I think you're right, they must be trying to hold on to their base with both hands. For as poll after poll keep showing, most Canadians don't believe anything they say...

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Cons cannot seem to get their math straight. Ironic how Prentice was so condescending toward Notley during last campaign in Alberta, with the "math may be too tough for you to understand" comment. Which makes me laugh when you consider Oliver with his pants down in public with his bad math, and Trump who can't seem to figure out his own net worth. Trump has actually been quoted as saying that when he's feeling good, his net worth can go from 10 to 20 billion because of his "brand" (Forbes pegs him at 4 billion). So glad Martin and Morneau did/do not suffer from such predilections. There may be hope in sight for us Canadians who don't have our heads in the clouds and just seek good governance.


    1. hi TS...I remember Prentice's patronizing comment, and how Notley had the last laugh. And one can only hope the same thing happens to the Cons. For I simply can't believe that the are still claiming to be great economists, when it should be clear by the state of the economy that they didn't know what they were doing...

  6. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Let's never forget the 150 billion the conservatives added to the debt.

    1. hi anon....yes, for some reason the Cons never mention the national debt. They seem fixated on the deficit, even though it's such a tiny part of our trillion dollar economy.
      And their politics of austerity have failed so badly...

  7. Anonymous8:15 PM

    It's safe to say by now that the big cheese Rona and her merry band of whiners will disparage anything the Liberals do, whether they agree or not. The incessant need to throw the base their daily bone to gnaw on is truly pathetic. Justin's wish for a more open, constructive parliament will never happen with this sorry bunch of losers.

    1. hi JD....yes it is pretty clear that if the Liberals said the sun comes up in the morning, the Cons would find some way to claim it does not. I'm glad Justin Trudeau is doing his best to show them why we are better than them. But every now and then a swift kick in the ass might help shock the Cons back to reality...

  8. It cost billions to convert cash registers and computer programs when the GST was reduced to 5 from 7% with great fanfare.
    Did anyone even notice the effect of that tax cut on their pocket book?
    Where would we be now if it had not been tampered with?
    I think one exception should be made to the statement "A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian".
    Mr. Harper should be stripped of his citizenship for causing the economic terror that is gripping the country now as an example for present and future politicians.

    1. hi hinofan...yes the Great War on Taxes is the legacy of the Cons and it is leading us to disaster. There was a time when Canadians realized that taxes are the only way we can build a truly modern and civilized society. And sooner or later our leaders are going to hammer home that message. Or we will end up looking like a shabby banana republic, unable to deal with the many challenges that face us. The fact that so many Canadians supported Trudeau even though he said he wouldn't make balancing the budget his priority is encouraging. I note that countries like Denmark and Sweden have relatively high taxes, and the best standard of living in the world...

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Yes, the Nordics could teach us a lot. We should keep mentioning that.