Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Day Jason Kenney Disgraced Himself. Again.

Jason Kenney has disgraced himself, or made a fool of himself, many times during his long and sordid political career.

He has gone after the human rights of women, gay people, Muslims, and most recently helpless refugees, as only a religious fanatic and a full fleshed Con bigot could. 

He once accused Justin Trudeau of trying to flood our neighbourhoods with junkies and hookers.

And then of course there was the foreign workers fiasco, where after causing the problem, he claimed he was the solution.

But yesterday had to be one of his most disgraceful days ever.

When he heckled Harjit Sajjan, our new defence minister, in a most disgusting manner. 

Veteran Conservative MP Jason Kenney sparked controversy in question period Monday with a heckle directed at Canada's defence minister that a Liberal MP later deemed "racist." 

Though Kenney rejected Liberal calls to apologize in the House of Commons, he took to Twitter to explain why he allegedly said MPs needed an "English-to-English translation" as Harjit Sajjan spoke about the government's plans to deal with the so-called Islamic State.

And then didn't even have the decency, or the courage, to apologize.

But then nobody should be surprised that Kenney should have such an appalling meltdown. For he has been smouldering with rage ever since the Cons were defeated.

And his one and only chance of replacing Stephen Harper went  up in smoke...

He simply can't stand the idea that he is out of power. He can't bear to think that he can't bully people any longer, or attend all those ethnic banquets.

And eat himself silly, at our expense. 

And of course he did LOVE playing soldier...

With all that excitement, all those shiny toys, and all those men in uniform.

So he has kept up a steady barrage of tweets and chickenhawk statements as if he was still the defence minister...

Even though he is now the shadow minister of NOTHING.

And even though Harjit Sajjan is more of a real soldier, and a better defence minister, than Kenney could ever dream of being...

He has some thoughtful ideas on the Great War on Terror.

And has at least ten times more class than Kenney.

Although it must be said that isn't too difficult...

For Kenney is a low creature.

And the best news?

If he won't do the decent thing and apologize for his idiot comment, which hopefully will lose him even more of the ethnic vote than he lost in the last election. 

Then the Con Queen Rona Ambrose must apologize in his name, or end up looking just as bad as Kenney.

Or like his hapless stooge...

Because Ambrose had asked her Cons to stop heckling, and Kenney and a group of other mostly Alberta MPs are simply ignoring her.

So with a little bit of luck, the short and shabby story of the post Harper Party will have taken another step towards its happy ending.

We will attack them like they've never been attacked before. We will bring in electoral reform to blow them off the map.

But long before we finish them off.

They will destroy themselves...

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  1. In my opinion, "they" have already destroyed themselves! We do Not need American Style politics here in Canada!

    1. Hi Kathleen...well they haven't destroyed themselves yet, but they are well on their way to The Abyss, and when they're standing on the edge looking down, I'm sure we can give them a little push... ;)

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Yesterday the Defence Minister said, 'It's not going to happen' when the cons were nagging to get our soldiers over there into that mess. I think he thinks the whole thing has been a mess (well it has been illegal smashing those countries to smithereens) and he will not send Canadian soldiers into it to impress the other guys on the playground. And Canadians should respect and support him.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Totally agree. Our defence minister has the first hand experience of these battles and knows what works and what doesn't. Drives me nuts when boys in suits with zero military experience think they know best.

    2. hi anon 7:59 am...I have a lot of respect for Harjit Sajjan. He not only has a distinguished combat record in Afghanistan, he also seems to be a thoughtful man who is determined to avoid the mistakes we made there. And understands that The Great War on Terror has root causes, and that unless we're smart we can only make the situation worse...

    3. hi anon 9:29 am...yes I agree, watching that absurd chicken hawk Jason Kenney lecturing someone like Sajjan really is the limit. Who does he think he is? And if he is so gung ho when is he going to enlist? I'm sure that if we drop him from a plane he could take out at least a dozens terrorists...

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    The US inspired game of regime change in the middle east has been a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions with blow back in European countries due to the huge influx of refugees as well as the strengthening of terrorism in the form of ISIS and its evil cousins.The Europeans ( US to some extent) are looking for a way out before it destroys what little is left of the European union. Kenny the Con dunce is still living in the past decade when Bush lead the charge to bring "white mans" values to that part of the world. In spite of the hard evidence to the contrary the Cons still think its their God given right to do so.It takes time but evolution has a place for dinosaurs.

    1. hi RT...yes the Great War on Terror has been an absolute disaster, the worst I have ever seen. It has made all our lives less free and more dangerous. And the latest example of that is Libya, which our bombing campaign helped turn into both a pile of rubble, and a haven for jihadi terrorists. And so bad is the situation that the U.S. and its friends are now planning to bomb it again. So the madness has no end, much to the joy of the global military industrial complex....

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    He is a disgrace indeed Simon. I have no problem understanding Mr. Sajjan so either Kenney is going deaf from all the heckling morons amongst them or he just couldn't help himself and his inner racist took over. I believe the latter. As for Kenney's poster glorifying our bombing runs, can you edit it Simon by adding this "??? # of innocent civilians killed by our bombs(shh, that's a secret)".
    When Mr. Sajjan, with his extensive military experience, lays out our contribution in detail, I am confidant it will be a well thought out plan to help eradicate ISIL on the ground which ultimately is the only way it can be done. When Jason Kenney, with his extensive experience at er, um, oh yeah, kissing Harper's ass, starts squawking like the chickenhawk that he is, I will chuckle at this pathetic excuse of a man.

    1. hi JD...yes Kenney is an absolute disgrace, and a weird Con if ever there was one. One who claims to be a Christian, but has absolutely no feelings for the innocent men, women, and children that bombing campaign is killing. I don't object to training people to take back their own country, but killing people ourselves is not in my opinion what a country like Canada should be doing. Or we have Canadian values or we don't. And I'm hoping that Sajjan can help come up with a more effective approach that respects those values...

  5. ah yes the kenney
    not a real stellar performance
    when you admit you can't keep up to a conversation
    that everyone else understood
    and then
    take a low potshot at the messenger
    to cover the ignorance
    when it comes to depravity dear mr. kenney will never disapoint

    1. hi lungta...yes it was a depraved performance wasn't it? Racist, contemptuous, and absolutely outrageous. But then I'm not kidding when I said Kenney is losing it. All you have to do is check out a photo taken before the campaign, and the one the other day. The loss has taken a terrible toll on him, and I couldn't be happier, because he so deserves it...

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Kenney doesn't need an "English to English" translation to understand Harjit Sanjjan, he needs greater intellectual ability, which over course is not going to happen. The racism that is in direct contradiction with Canadian values that lost CPC the last election is digging their ultimate grave.

    RA is so used to sitting on the fence she needs to see a rectal surgeon to remove it.


    1. hi TS...I watched the tape of Sajjan that sparked Kenney's mad outburst and he couldn't have been clearer and more rational. And the only reason Kenney couldn't understand it is because he is so out of it, and so obsessed with bombing Muslims, as his insane religious fanaticism demands. His behaviour during the election was an absolute abomination for which he should never be forgiven. And the sooner he resigns and locks himself in a monastery, or a convent, the better....

  7. Kennedy's actions are so completely asinine I don't even know what to say..

    1. hi Way Way Up...I don't blame you. Any sane, decent person should have the same reaction. What do you say to a person like that, except have you no shame? But we know he doesn't so what's the point?
      And at least now he can't do this country any more damage...

  8. Here is some English-English translation for him, Jason Kenney is a huge festering dick.

    1. Anonymous11:14 PM

      You pretty much summed Jason Kenney perfectly.

    2. hi Unknown...or just a tiny one swollen with his own ego, and doomed to be deflated...

  9. We actually have a Minister of Defense who understands how war works. Of course the Cons dislike this. Harper and puppets with their ability to ignore facts would never have bothered about practicalities. Their knowledge of war probably was drawn from John Wayne movies.

    Come to think of it, Harper would have been salivating at the prospect of sending in a few divisions of Canadian troops---we will ignore the fact that we don't have a few divisions. His impeccable record of total incompetence in international affairs would demand it.

    @ Anonymous
    My feeling was and is that ISIS is an American creation due to outstanding incompetence in Iraq and we really should not have troops there at all. To the USA: You broke it, you fix it.

    Humanitarian assistance fine.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes, what a refreshing change, a defence minister who knows what war is all about, unlike chicken hawk Kenney, for whom it is just a game. And yes I share your views. I understand why it might be politically expedient to replace the planes with a larger ground force, but we need to take a real hard look at that conflict and decide whether we should be there at all. I also feel that we could be more useful delivering humanitarian assistance or helping protect refugees. And I only hope that we can refashion our army to become a peacekeeping force again...

    2. what a refreshing change, a defence minister who knows what war is all about,

      I must admit I was a bit worried when I first heard about the appointment. A career soldier as Minister of Defence? But a quick google or two made it clear that Sajjin was much more than that. Err, have you seen his decorations?

      If anything, the time in the Vancouver Police means that he has a broader knowledge of how things work and probably gives him a better understanding of civilian politics than a regular officer from RMC would have.

      I do think he should consider dyeing the mustache :). It makes him look almost as old as I am and I can give him a good 20 years.

  10. e.a.f.10:24 PM

    Jason said what????> Oh, really, he said that????? Perhaps Jason doesn't understand the Minister of Defense because Jason speaks some strange dialect from Alberta's back water because we in B.C. have never had any difficulty understanding or hearing Harjiit Sajjan. Prior to being a Cabinet Minister, Harjiit Sajjan was a member of the Canadian Military and before that he was a member of the Vancouver Police Dept. and trust me, everyone understands the members of the Vancouver Police Department.

    Rona ought to give Jason a time out for being rude and trying to make racist comments, because in my opinion, that is the direction Jason was heading.

    Our Minister of Defence actually knows what war is all about. he didn't just "visit" or photo op a battlefield, its where he worked. Canada has a Minister of Defense who actually has a clue about what it is like in the middle east. He will make the right decisions.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, Sajjan speaks very good English, has a distinguished record of service to his country, and as I said in my post is infinitely classier than Kenney...

  11. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I think Daddy's Appearance in the House yesterday could explain why the kids were acting up and Jason had to prove that he was still the Great Racist Warrior. Today was fun too. They had the gall to bring up ethics. Yup, they went there and it was beautiful. Simon, they are simply outgunned intellectually, factually, and truthfully. All they have is their lies that they repeat over and over, which just reminds us why no one will ever vote Conservative again. It sure is nice to have a real government again and not a bunch of Bible Thumping War Mongers. Question Period is one of my favourite shows now, although at times I find myself wishing the Liberals would give the same non answers, lies and meandering stories we got from them. I'm pretty sure the Lying Bastards told us in Question Period that the bombing mission was temporary then refused to say how long and now they're demanding details. Tell them nothing. About anything. Ever.
    Haven't heard much if anything from Skippy, maybe we'll see him on a milk carton soon :)
    We'll keep crushing Cons till the remaining 99 are gone. I thought I was going to miss hating Harper but we have a whole new flock of vultures that are every bit as twisted as him because as we all know it's still his show. Sunny Ways Simon!!

    1. hi Pam...yes, aren't the Cons putting on a pathetic performance in the House of Commons? Their questions seem to be written by the some old gang in the PMO, and so predictable they really don't deserve to be answered. And their hypocrisy knows no limits. But the good news is that all of that is just a sign of what bad shape they are in. The Liberals are now hauling in more money than the Cons, and we do have a real Canadian government standing up to them. As for Skippy, he has been remarkably silent and well behaved. Like Harper he has practically disappeared. Dare I hope that he might have seen the light on the road to The Abyss? Or is he still so stunned he has been rendered mute? If only Kenney would lose his tongue too...

  12. Anonymous4:29 AM

    It seems the more questions the Cons ask of the government during Question Period, the more hypocritcal they look!

    I am posting the entire column (in 2 parts) as you may not be able to read it if you don't have a subscription:


    Time for Rona Ambrose to focus on Tory policy
    by David Bond

    I have to hand it to Rona Ambrose, the interim Leader of the Opposition. During the almost 10 years of the Conservative government she, along with virtually every other member of cabinet, toed the line, sitting mute when required or actively participating in denigrating anyone who disagreed with the gospel according to Stephen Harper.

    Now, she has turned over a new leaf and frequently deviates from tried and true Reform ideas.

    Take, for example, urging rapid action by the new government to implement significant investment in infrastructure.

    She was silent in 2008 when Harper said all was OK as Canada headed into a major recession. Then she said nothing, at least publicly, as the Tories ran up the biggest annual deficit in history.

    Now in opposition, she is complaining about a slow response by the new government and at the same time she worries the deficit might exceed $10 billion.

    These positions are both inconsistent and foolhardy.

    First off, any program of investment in infrastructure, while urgently needed, takes time to gain momentum. Few worthy projects are sitting on a shelf waiting for the Liberal fairy godmother to come along and fund them.

    What we need now is careful thought as to what projects deserve priority based on which will have the largest economic impact and provide the greatest user benefit. This will take time. Those intent on pushing for a rapid implementation really don’t care if hasty political decisions lead to a substantial amount of waste or suboptimal expenditures.

    If we want to build infrastructure that will facilitate and improve the prospects for economic growth in the future, then the federal government must undertake such a program with care. And a critical complication is reaching agreement on financing and priorities with provincial and municipal governments. That, too, will take time since budgetary adjustments by all the different jurisdictions may be needed.

    History is full of disastrous investments by governments at all levels. Think of the large investment by Newfoundland in the project to develop a major producer of cucumbers, or New Brunswick’s big investment in the DeLorean automobile or a sheaf of disastrous investments by Alberta in the heyday of oil royalties

    That the Trudeau government will take its time shows good judgment and Ambrose would do both her party and the government a service if she were to promote good projects or suggest criteria that should be used in deciding which investments to undertake.


  13. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Part 2 of 2

    Ambrose’s problems are significant.

    Her bench is noticeably weak in policy formulation. Then there is a major rift in the Tory party between the Reformers and the former Progressive Conservative wings.

    Trying to find a public posture that will not alienate either faction is a challenging task.

    Rather than using public forums to espouse off-base economic policies, Ambrose might better spend her time working to rebuild the party and soliciting a number of strong candidates to run for the leadership in 2017.

    She might also try to develop a thoughtful strategy for dealing with electoral reform.

    The previous government approached this file with the idea of increasing the probability that they would get re-elected rather than improving the representative composition of the House of Commons.

    She could do better.

    Second, she could target reform of the Senate along the lines suggested by Hugh Segal, the former Senator and currently Master of Massey College of the University of Toronto. In an essay in the current issue of the Literary Review of Canada, he shows the historical importance of the Red Chamber.

    He says appointing party hacks is no longer acceptable and that the Chamber itself should renounce its capacity to negate legislation passed by the elected House and employ instead a six-month delay in legislation for reflection. If she doesn’t like Segal’s suggestion, let her come up with an alternative.

    Time to focus, Ms. Ambrose.

    David Bond is an author and economist retired in Kelowna. Email: curmudgeon@harumpf.com

    1. hi David...good comment, and full of good idea for the Cons to follow, if they want to redeem their party. But as you also point out they do have a weak bench, their party is still very much the Harper Party, so people like Hugh Segal who is a decent old-style Conservative are regarded as the enemy to be fought as hard as the Liberals.
      And it's going to take a much stronger and less rigidly ideological leader that Rona Ambrose to achieve any real change....

  14. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Idiots like the traitor creating this laughable grade school level nonsense are who voted in trudeau and his idiot kid. You have no understanding of economics or politics and operate on BS and lies.
    Jason Kenney is the next PM. Trudeau will be lucky to make it through 2017.