Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Demolishing of Stephen Harper's Legacy (Continued)

I can only imagine how Stephen Harper must be feeling as he watches his foul legacy slowly being demolished.

But it can't be pretty, and it must be painful. 

Everything he built is being knocked down, and so soon after he was defeated.

Barely two weeks ago he had to look on helplessly as plans for his massive memorial to himself in the heart of Ottawa were scrapped. 

And today it was the turn of the Mother Canada or Mother Harper monument to feel the sting of the wrecking ball...


A controversial war memorial incorporating a seven-storey-high statue called “Mother Canada” that was championed by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper will not be built on the rocky shores of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, says the head of Parks Canada.

The Never Forgotten National Memorial had been supported by some local communities for its potential economic benefits but was denounced as an offensive monstrosity and a blight on an important geological feature by its many opponents.

Because it too was a monstrosity, and it too would have ended up as the monstrous legacy of the Harper regime. 

A super sized monument to war, built in a national park, with absolutely no respect for the environment.

Or the natural beauty of the place...

Sean Howard, the spokesman for Friends of Green Cove, a citizens group created for the sole purpose of stopping the monument from being constructed, said there were many reasons it should never have been considered.

Parks Canada has a prime directive to “preserve the ecological integrity of what they call the special places in their care. And you don’t do that by pouring concrete over them, including this internationally renowned geological formation that is around 400 million to 500 million years of history exquisitely displayed,” he said. “It would have been an act of ecological vandalism, federally sanctioned.”

An act of ecological vandalism.

I mean what better memorial to Stephen Harper COULD you build?

And I think this one will be so much better...

So much more fitting, for a small grubby leader who never had any respect for the planet, this country, or its values.

And the even better news? The Liberal government is apparently hoping to have an electoral reform bill ready in about a year.

So we can make sure that the Cons never ever have a chance to impose their foul un-Canadian values upon us again. Or build their quasi-fascist monuments to themselves.

By demolishing their chances of ever forming a government.

So Stephen Harper and his successors can remained trapped forever.

In a dark decade.

In the rubble of their dreams...

With nothing to show for all their years in power.

What more can we ask for?

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Holy cow!! Well, at least I got the good news with the bad. I guess keeping my head in the sand (self protection) over last few years regarding anything Harper explains why I never heard about this piece of concrete. This is great news!!

    The fast pace in which Harper's legacy is being deconstructed just goes to show what a great country we live in.


    1. hi TS....yes I've had my eye on that statue ever since I first read about the plans to build it. For not only is it a monstrosity, and the idea of erecting it in a national park bond belief, it comes with a equally ugly path built like the approach to a religious site like Lourdes, and a monstrous parking lot. But yes, thank goodness it has finally bitten the dust...

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Why is it all dictators have a need to build huge monuments to themselves and their ideologies? There goes his vision of the great warrior nation but they still haven't given up on the rule by punishment/ justice is what I say it is and the great oily superpower themes.

    1. hi RT...I don;t know why dictators are attracted by monuments like that one, but it reminds me of something out of the valley of the dead where Francisco Franco is buried. And it couldn't be more fascist or less Canadian....

  3. Rust in peace
    OOH that hurt. :)

    1. hi jrkrideau...well I think it's fair to say that Stephen Harper is rusting wherever he is hiding. And if a monument to him is ever built you just know it will be in Alberta...

  4. e.a.f.9:18 PM

    another good move by the Liberals. We don't need buildings like that in our national parks. Not only don't they fit with the mandate of National parks, but it was an expensive thing to build. The money would have been better spent with something else. Nice to know its not going to happen. And who says Justin isn't busy?

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, in the National Post Andrew Coyne is heaping scorn on the decision to scrap both of those ugly monuments to Harper calling it merely symbolic. But if we are going to rebuild our country symbols are important...

  5. Justin has consulted with more groups in 100 days--from First Nations leaders to provincial premiers to city mayors etc. than Harper did in 9+ years of his Con regime.

    1. hi David...yes and what really annoys me is that the Cons and the Con media are criticizing Justin Trudeau for consulting so widely, when there is no better way to show your respect for democracy, and try to get Canadians involved in the political process...

  6. Anonymous5:21 AM