Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Foul Con Assault On Our Values

It was Family Day in Ontario, and and a slow news day at CBC Ottawa, so they invited Rona Ambrose to appear on Power and Politics.

So she could talk about the subject that excites her the most: bombing Iraq and Syria, and Justin Trudeau. Not necessarily in that order.

And needless to say it was a bomb. A political porn show if ever there was one.

For obvious reasons.

She's said at all before. She just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again:

Trudeau is "dangerously naive." He's betraying our allies and the Canadian people. If our six planes don't bomb the ISIS crazies, they'll be bombing us HERE !!!!

She's out of control. She's in some kind of murderous frenzy. She just can't control herself.

The bombing of those schools and hospitals in Syria yesterday.

Seems to have driven her over the deep end...

Even though Justin Trudeau is expanding our role in that war, not shrinking it, she's all but calling him a TRAITOR.

And sadly she is stirring up the Con crazies. 

One message calls for violence against Syrians and mosques and reads: “Syrians go home and die.” Another targets the Prime Minister: “Kill the traitor Trudeau.”

She has become death itself, but she just doesn't care. 

She's too dumb to understand that the situation in Syria is heating up dangerously. And that if the Russians face off against the Saudis and the Turks, and NATO keeps playing its belligerent games, we could end up in the anteroom of the Third World War.

And nothing but NOTHING will stop her from bombing Justin Trudeau...

Or trying to bomb our Canadian values beyond recognition, like Stephen Harper did.

And to make matters worse she wasn't the only Con doing that yesterday.

For a day after Justin Trudeau's vowed to re-engage with the United Nations and our proud peacekeeping traditions...

There was the grubby, dilapidated Con Peter Kent, suggesting that the decent Ban Ki-Moon only praised Trudeau so he could hit him up for money. 

To hear Ban Ki-Moon tell it, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rapprochement with the United Nations was nothing short of the return of the prodigal son. 

But the Conservative opposition says the UN secretary general’s flattery of Canada’s new Liberal prime minister may have had a political motive — getting more support for some UN agencies and programs that the Harper government defunded.

As only that sleazy Con zombie could.

The one who returned from the Durban Conference five years ago where the Cons had just finished off the Kyoto Accord.

And like Neville Chamberlain did after his infamous "peace in our time" meeting with Hitler, declared it a great victory...

Even as people all over the world scorned us, or laughed at us...

And we began to be seen not as a big young and decent country anymore. But as a  small, tired, and morally corrupt one.

With a rogue regime, and a pervert Prime Minister who would give the whole world the finger.

And what's so ironic is that Ambrose and Kent's assault on our values came on this day.

From which I take this message:

We will never be the country we want to be until we have used electoral reform to destroy the Cons, and finish them off forever.

So never ever again can they shame us in the eyes of the world.

And damage or destroy our  Canadian values...

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  1. Two scarecrows in search of a brain. I can't decide who is more brainless Peter or Rona.

    1. hi Dan...I haven't any doubt that Ambrose is more brainless than Kent. But on the sleaze-o-meter Kent is twice as grubby...

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I think that the majority of Canadians are smarter than Rona. She's on her way to being last weeks fish, which stinks! The day she goes on Power and Politics (missed it), is the day the Russians bomb a hospital in Syria. Whatever she has to say in her black polymer shirt is not very interesting or important.


    1. Anonymous11:31 PM

      the èmurcans and saudis are the ones bombing hospitals...not the Russians

    2. hi TS...if most Canadians are not smarter than Rona Ambrose we're in real trouble. In fact I'd say we're doomed. But fortunately every time she appears on TV her stupidity does condemn her...

  3. Poor Mona. She said that she just didn't understand over and over. I bet she says that 50 or 60 times every day.

    1. hi rumleyfips...yes that was a pathetic performance wasn't it? She can't memorize more than one talking point at a time, and any interview longer than two minutes only makes her look like a parrot or an idiot...

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Droner is either dumb as dirt or playin' that roll for political purposes.She GD well knows who created and supported Isil and that their purpose as the proxy army of the US was the overthrow of Assad.
    Then came Russia and everything changed.Today Iran says they'll provide air power if asked.The deranged Sultan Erdogan is out of his mind bcos the Russian,SAA and YPG (Kurds)are slowly but surely sealing the Syria/Turkey border.The deranged Sultan would love nothing better than to get NATO involved big time in a massive conflict with Syria,Russia,Iran,Iraq and Hezbollah.France and Germany want nothing to do with a ground war.
    Simon,I gave up watching Power and Politics,the National,and reading anything from Post Media.Never watch CTV or Global.There's so much more reliable and credible information out there.
    The Deranged Droner and the remaining reform-a-cons along with the reforma-a-con media are the least credible.

    1. hi anon...trust me the Droner is as dumb as a spoon. I've been following her career closely for years, and I first gave her the Village Idiot Award, back in 2006. But you're right, the Saudis and the Turks are playing a dangerous game, and the Droner should just shut up...

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    HiRonaShima Ambrose's squawking of bomb bomb bomb is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard or a skipping record. At least with a skipping record, you could give the turntable a gentle swat and it would go away. Not HiRonaShima though. She's as persistent as a cockroach after a meal. And what hole did Peter Kent crawl out of?
    You're right again Simon. We need to keep educating people who are oblivious to the Cons goings on and let as many as possible know that Stephen Harper isn't gone, he's just wearing a dress now, or a leather top.

    1. hi JD...HiRonaShima obsession with bombing is indeed grating. As if it was the most important problem this country is facing. But then she can't talk about the economy considering the state Harper and his Cons left it in. So why should we be surprised that she should try to divert our attention by beating her little war drum furiously.
      As for Kent, I don't know what hole he crawled out of, and I must confess I thought he had gone down with all the others. For if you remember his campaign performance couldn't have been more shameful. Who can forget when he claimed some refugee was a terrorist only to have to eat his words. But yes, we do need to keep pointing out that Ambrose is just Harper in a dress, for the more we do that the easier we will destroy them...

  6. grant johnston1:19 PM

    I watched P&P yesterday until Rona came on. I'm so tired of the Cons stating what Canadians want. You can't just make a statement followed by,"That's what Canadians want". Paul Wells had a war journalist on from the New York Times. He was a great insight into what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. His opinions complimented what Minister Harjit Sajjan was saying about seeing the whole picture before acting. For Rona to just keep spewing the bombing rhetoric is like my hockey coach telling the team to, "dump the puck in", and then no direction what to do after that.

    1. hi Grant...I understand how you feel, for I too find it disgusting to see the Cons telling Canadians what they should do as if they won the election instead of losing it. The arrogance of power accumulated over so many years seems to stick to them like glue or excrement. I don't know what country Ambrose and her Cons think they're living in, but it certainly isn't our Canada....

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Perhaps we should let the Americans know that Rubio is following Ronna's game plan of repeating the same old thing over and over again. The only difference I see is in deportment. Ambrose dully repeats the mantra no matter what question she's asked, while Rubio goes into full panic mode as he realizes he's spouting BS but cannot control himself, being a bit short in the grey cell department he hasn't thought of an alternative to say beforehand, so he's a stuck record. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Bet he pushes a doorbell 20 times when campaigning. Ronna would have trouble finding it. .

    1. hi anon...yes that's an idea. Let's tell the Americans that Ted Cruz is a Canadian, and that if Rubio needs a running mate RTona should be the one. Because she too sounds like an American, and between the two of them they would be able to memorize twice the number of talking pojnts than Rubio can now... ;)

  8. The world is watching and hoping...That Canada is not going to continue to be a petro-state. It will take some getting used to if we are to depart from a resource economy to evolve into a fair trade and value added society. Signing corporate trade agreements is no way to start off.

    1. hi John...I don't think the world dares hope that we will not continue to be a petro state. But what I think they must be hoping is that we don't continue to torch the planet so cheerfully, and stop being such a rogue nation....

  9. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Simon I am puzzled by the number of people who have lately been disparaging the Liberals as having broken their promises or not doing enough. A government cannot overrule national policy or change course to fast or it will have repercussions in economic and social sectors. I do not expect much from the Liberals, but if they create an acceptable stimulus program and a fair tax,that is more than adequate right now.

    I would much prefer a withdraw from the ME, but it sounds like the Liberals have an effective strategy in training ground forces and providing humanitarian aid to citizens. I understand having boots on the ground could be dangerous for our soldiers, which is worrisome, but it is likely less dangerous than volunteering for the Kandahar mission, I would think. The US and other countries seem to have responded positively to our change in direction, and the Liberal government is pushing ahead trying to secure a non permanent seat on the Security Council. All actions that were beyond the grasp of the Harper Conservatives.

    1. hi anon... The rush to judgement by some people and some media in this country is indeed puzzling and extremely annoying. It's absurd to expect a government to fulfil all its promises in just three months. Especially since even those in the Con media admit that the Liberals are setting a furious pace. Like most people I loathe the ISIS crazies and pray for their destruction. But I think that our new mission can contribute to that in a more effective and Canadian manner than simply bombing. And as in so many other things, I do believe that at last we are heading in the right direction...