Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rona Ambrose's Horrible Day of Triple Embarrassment

Well let's put it this way, it wasn't one of Rona Ambrose's better days.

It's not that she's had many good ones. She hasn't.

But this was a day of triple embarrassment.

First Kevin O'Leary took aim at Rona's bombing fixation.

Then the American military made her look foolish.

By making it clear that they have no problems with Canada's new military mission. 

Canada’s new strategy for countering the so-called Islamic State received a key endorsement from the United States on Wednesday, ahead of a summit of the 49 countries taking part in the effort to destroy the self-declared caliphate. 

While the Liberal government has come under intense criticism at home for its decision to withdraw six CF-18 fighter jets from combat missions over Iraq and Syria, U.S. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter used a one-on-one meeting with Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan to praise Canada’s revamped contribution.

Contrary to Ambrose's wild statements.

And now the Liberal's new Health Minister has dealt her another body blow, this time on the bloody front of the Great War on Drugs. 

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott has given a heartfelt stamp of approval to the work of Vancouver’s Insite supervised-injection site, a dramatic shift in tone from the previous Conservative government on harm reduction strategies that could have consequences across the country.

“I have to say my visit to Insite was extremely moving for me,” Dr. Philpott said on Thursday. “It meant so much to me because I’ve been involved in responding to things like the HIV pandemic for many years in my career and I’ve followed the work of Insite. I’ve always known that what they do absolutely saves countless lives. It has a huge impact on people.”

By praising the wonderful Insite clinic that Ambrose tried so hard to close down...

Even if that could have caused the deaths of hundreds of drug addicted Canadians.

Which means that provinces can now set up their own clinics if they wish, without fear of being harassed by the federal government.

It destroys yet another foul legacy of the Harper regime.

And it leaves the hapless Rona looking even more out of it. 

If that's possible...

You know, after hearing what she said in Quebec today, and how it's likely to be received, I think I should call it her day of QUADRUPLE embarrassment.

Poor Rona Ambrose.

Still leading the Cons to disaster.

Still absolutely clueless.

And still running from her past...

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e.a.f. said...

Perhaps on B.C.'s Premier Christy Clark is worse than Rona. Only Christy Clark would use a provincial throne speech to slam the NDP in Alberta, and then missed the target.

Anonymous said...

Side bar, but Rona is wearing baby seal skin boots in photo Quebec Carnival. I think Rona just builds her own grave, one shovel load at a time. I'm no PETA, but those boots are discusting. Well, I guess its true that when people have little regard for animals, they show same disrespect to people.

Wow Simon, those boots are a kick in the teeth for me. I know some feel heritage issues on this topic from the East, but she's from ALBERTA!! One of your readers recently called her a whore. I didnt like the label at the time, but these boots scream for the label. Sorry Simon, but disingenuous behaviour gets to my core. She's really s nasty. So glad for our new Heslth Minister. She's an experienced professional and a decent human being. IV drug addicts in Canada may have a second chance now.


Anonymous said...

Hunting baby seals has actually been ILLEGAL since the late '80's. Seal skin products remain a very important part of the local economies of Nunavut in particular. What's disgusting is that her government did so little to assist Nunavummiut while her party was in power.

Anonymous said...

They look like baby seal skin boots I have seen, maybe they are adult skins. Regardless, politicians from Alberta parading around in them Quebec is in bad taste.