Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Cons and the Postmedia Conspiracy

Ever since Paul Godfrey ordered his major Postmedia papers to run an ad on their front pages attacking the Liberals, there has been no doubt whatsoever which side that media conglomerate is on.

And although the move was widely denounced, it seems that Godfrey no intention of backing down, and is even more determined to destroy Justin Trudeau.

For the anti-Trudeau chorus from his hapless minions is becoming almost deafening.

As Michelle Rempel reminded me yesterday.

When she referred her followers to two Postmedia articles to try to bolster her dubious case that Justin Trudeau isn't doing enough to fight ISIS.

One by the Con fluffer John Ivison claiming that Trudeau is fooling Canadians. And one by Andrew Coyne dripping with sarcasm.

I would first like to thank the brave and talented members of the Royal Canadian Air Force whose mission I am abruptly cancelling. In suggesting that what they have been doing the past 15 months is not “what Canada is all about,” I do not mean to imply there is anything unworthy or unCanadian about whipping out our CF-18s. Rather, I am suggesting, without quite saying, that it was a futile waste of time.

And claiming that Trudeau is letting down our allies.

Still, in any mission, you need to make choices, even false ones. We can’t do everything. Rather, in the fight against ISIL we have chosen to do everything except the one thing our allies have asked us to do: fight ISIL.

As only that snooty Bilderberger could..

Even though we are actually expanding our mission, and providing military assistance on the ground where the war will be won. 

Even though our allies have been heaping praise on our new mission. Calling it an example for others to follow.

And as Gerald Butts, Trudeau's principal secretary pointed out in reply to Rempel's tweets. The only ugly sounds are coming from Postmedia...

And Butts couldn't be more right, for when I checked some of the Postmedia papers yesterday, I found one columnist after the other singing from the same songbook.

By removing our fighter jets from the anti-ISIS coalition, Canada has sent the wrong message not just to the people who want to kill us, but to our allies.

The symbolism of withdrawing our jets alone proves that contrary to the Sunny Ways doctrine, Canada isn't back when it comes to fighting this rising menace. If anything, Canada's backing away.

In one paper after the other and all across the country.

And when you consider that even the Cons at the Globe editorial board found something good to say about our new military mission.

Canada’s decision to refocus its efforts by sending personnel to “various Global Coalition headquarters” to help train soldiers, plan missions and do intelligence work makes sense. The skies over Syria and Northern Iraq are lousy with the jets of countries pursuing their own agendas. Canada will be on the ground, trying to help the people fighting what is now a proxy war. And we will be arming and training the Iraqi security forces who will take on IS in the ground battle that follows the air campaign.

Canada will ultimately be more involved in the Syrian crisis than before, but no longer according to the dictates of the defeated Conservative government or of a coalition of countries whose alliances become more complicated and suspect all the time.

It's only too obvious that Postmedia is now more of a Con conspiracy than a real news service...

And just a blatant propaganda organ of the Harper Party.

Where due to its precarious financial situation its terrified employees will do ANYTHING to please their boss...

And although the sight of those hapless stooges singing or scribbling for their supper might seem merely pathetic.

We do need to do something about Postmedia, because it's a growing cancer on our journalism.

There is a cancer on Canadian journalism. The malignancy is Postmedia Network Canada Corp., a foreign-controlled, debt-burdened contrivance flirting with insolvency that nonetheless is relied upon by about 21 million Canadian readers.

The good news is that the Postmedia abomination, which has never turned a profit, is in such wretched condition that it’s not long for this world. The bad news is that as long as the biggest newspaper publisher in the country clings to life, it is a blight on all the communities it underserves.

And a growing threat to our democracy.

We need to push for some kind of inquiry into its business operations. And expose what media concentration is doing to our country.

We need to go after them on social media...

We need to denounce them, we need to boycott them.

We need to do whatever we can to hasten the day when Postmedia goes down in flames like the Harper Party...

Because a media party harnessed to a massive media chain, and vice versa, is a real abomination.

And if they can't change,  nobody will miss them when they're gone...

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  1. How many millions did Harpo pump through ads into this failing empire. I bet the new gove is more prudent.

    1. hi Steve...I have no idea but it was at least a billion when you add it all up. And yes the new government has pledged not to mix government business and politics...

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Like the other apocalyptic blights civilization is facing Post Media is a soulless zombie kept alive by routine infusions of zero interest fiat currency.

    1. hi know what bugs me is that the National Post sometimes runs some of the most interesting news stories, so they do have good people. But their columnists are all of one bent, and they disgrace the others...

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Sounds like it's getting crowded under Godfrey's desk Simon. Coyne, Ivison and the rest of these so called "journalists" jockeying for position. I guess they see the writing on the wall and are now hoping for a post Postmedia job with the CPC.

    1. hi JD....yes, unfortunately when Postmedia goes down, their ordinary employees will be left to swim or sink, while Godfrey and his purring columnists ride off in a golden lifeboat...

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Well put Simon! The situation at PostMedia stinks, am hoping that it implodes soon. I kind of liked Andrew Coyne for a couple of months at the end of 2015. As Bowie wrote "under pressure...".

    Mcleans had a good piece on this subject yesterday. Basically that our "contribution" to air strikes under Harper was not much. Three planes? Made me think that even this is just trumped up nothingness. Same old.


    1. hi TS....Coyne has had his good moments, when he resigned his editorial position over that endorsement. And I do give him credit for that. But what makes me sick is to see him and the others now singing from the same songbook. For he at least should know better....

  5. For years now, the National Post has been given away at hotels and other conference vendors, and I've seen people hired to give it and the Montreal Gazette away at English-language universities - to a generation that was born reading stuff online. I do wonder where their funding comes from. Now there is very little local content, and they have the same articles in their "quality" and "tabloid" publications.

    We will have to see how new media can emerge that can PAY staff. Those of us who are independently poor can't report or write for nothing.

    1. hi lagatta...the situation of the MSM in this country is a serious one. And I really don't want to see any more papers close, or more journalists thrown out into the street. But when a powerful media organization becomes a propaganda service for a discredited regime, we are better off without them. And don't put down citizen journalists, for they have broken some good stories, and if necessary can rise to the occasion....

  6. The continued allegation Simon by Trudeau's critics that we need to support our allies is false. They seem to forget that when Harper said The US has asked for Canada's assistance in the bombing mission someone from the Pentagon spoke publicly and said the US did NOT ask for Canada's help, but instead Harper offered. Harper was caught in a blatant lie, so no we are not letting down our allies.

    1. hi Pamela...I totally reject any Con arguments that we are letting down our allies by not bombing. We have a right to stand up for our values, and we will be expanding our role on the ground, which is a lot more dangerous than dropping bombs from ten thousand feet. In fact our allies have acknowledged and praised our new role, so I don't know what the Cons are talking about....

  7. I'm not telling anyone to follow my lead, but lately, I've taken great pleasure in buying a copy of the Sun through their machines, grabbing one and leaving the rest outside the box, for anyone to grab for free. It's my version of 'trickle down economics'

    1. IncensedStrawberry4:58 PM

      I do the same here as well! Just a matter of time before Postmedia crumbles, and with it the last vestiges of Harper's defense team. Loving new media sources like Tyee, National Observer and so on.

      Also @ Simon, LOVE the circling on the enemy graphic, gave me some great chuckles!

    2. hiGreazedLitenen....well I wouldn't do that myself, but I can understand the sense of frustration that can drive some people to do that. My feeling is that we should denounce what they are doing, and they keep it up they will collapse all by themselves...

    3. hi IncensedStrawberry... I'm glad I can make people laugh, nothing gives me more pleasure than cheering up progressives. And yes, we all need to support those new media sources so we can get some honest journalism, and not have to put up with all that Con propaganda....

  8. Anonymous4:27 PM

    i no longer buy postmedia 'product' and cancelled my subscription, the money I saved goes to fund a couple of favourite bloggers re; norm farrell, liala yuille, the tyee,.... it only takes a few bucks and if only a couple of thousand people also lend support, we can get a different, more diverse, probably more accurate view on the political scenes..... like Bernie sanders you seem to get better insights from the independents.... organizations like postmedia are bought and sold and are not there to serve any sort of truth

    1. hi anon...good for you. As I was saying above, at a time when the MSM is collapsing we do need to support the independent media in this country, for they are the future.
      The MSM got disconnected from its readers, and that's part of the reason they are in such big trouble....

  9. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Their writers are shills agreed. Furthermore, Take a glance at the people posting on each and every NP hate-on post: Bitter, frightened, vindictive.....older. It's hard not to feel some sorrow. What kind of ethical consideration should these shills have for leading so many haters by the nose?

    Postmedia, and by extension NP, is indeed a malignancy.

    1. hi anon....yes, I hardly dare look at the comment pages these days. The Cons that used to post their filth in the pages of the Sun have migrated to other papers, and just reading some of them can leave me feeling depressed for hours....

  10. e.a.f.10:28 PM

    PostMedia is simply out of touch with Canadians and will most likely be out of business in the not to distant a future.

    Bombing is not a Canadian value. peacekeeping is. Trudeau has re-focused Canada's commitment and its much better. Why keep killing people when you can help people in refugee camps stay alive?

    Of course Post Media is owned by an American Hedgefund, well 48% of it is, so really its not Canadian and doesn't know enough about Canada to make any sort of statements about what will work for Canada. the staff at Post Media papers just want to keep their jobs. Can't blame them, so they write what their employer wants.

    1. hi e.a.f... yes I think that's right. At a time when the desire for change was so palpable they simply ignored it. And you can't do that and hope not to pay the price. And I don't want any ordinary employees to lose their jobs. I just wish somebody could clear away the shameless propagandists that give them all a bad name....

  11. Anonymous8:04 PM

    PostMedia papers: not good enough for my dog to shit on.