Saturday, February 27, 2016

Preston Manning and the School for Cons

Well it's that time of the year again. When Preston Manning, the parson of The Church of the Reformers, summons his Con flock to gather in his presence at the Manning Centre Conference.

But this year the stench of defeat hangs over the event. It's more like a wake than a party. 

And the only clear messages that can be heard over the sound of the wailing and gnashing of teeth, is the one the police are sending out.

As a warning to delegates not to go hog wild.

And the crazed call of the parson to destroy Justin Trudeau.

As only that Con vampire could.

Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning is accusing Justin Trudeau’s government of breeding western Canadian alienation at a time when low-energy prices are wreaking havoc in places such as Alberta, saying the Liberals care more about Montreal-based Bombardier than unemployed oil workers.

Mr. Manning opened a conference for Canada’s conservative political movement in Ottawa on Friday by warning the Trudeau government is risking national unity by neglecting the need for the country’s petroleum sector to find new pipeline routes to market.

Shamelessly accusing Justin Trudeau of threatening national unity, when it's the parson who is pouring fuel on the separatist fires in Alberta, to serve his crass political interests and those of Big Oil.

No leader was more divisive than Stephen Harper, the monster he suckled to fruition.

And then unleashed upon us, to terrorize Canadians in the name of his Greater Alberta.

Only to lead that province, and the rest of the country, to the verge of economic disaster with his oily obsession.

A situation which needless to say, had nothing to do with Justin Trudeau.

And while some in the MSM profess to be surprised by Manning's crazed attack on Trudeau.

It was an unusually sharp attack on the new Liberal government from a western Canadian politician who retired from politics more than 15 years ago and normally speaks in more statesmanlike tones these days. 

I'm not, because like the others Manning too is desperate. Behind his grandfatherly facade lurks a dangerous fanatic. 

And if you check out the list of speakers at this weekend's Con conclave you'll find another fanatic who has profoundly inspired the parson.

The Republican operative Morton Blackwell, the darling of America's religious bigots.

“Abortion and monogamous marriage between one man and one woman were among the many settled legal and moral issues of American culture,” he said. “But then the political Left began to bring into politics its hostility to traditional moral principles.”

And who like Manning also founded a School for Cons. 

One recent Sunday, at Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, a dozen students meet for the second and final day of training in grass-roots youth politics. All are earnest, idealistic and as right wing as you can get. They take careful notes as instructor Paul Gourley teaches them how to rig a campus mock election.

Where they teach Cons the fundamentals, like how to subvert democracy.

“Can anyone tell me,” asks Gourley, a veteran mock electioneer, “why you don’t want the polling place in the cafeteria?” 

 Stephen, a shy antiabortion activist sitting toward the rear of the class, raises his hand: “Because you want to suppress the vote?”

“Stephen has the right answer!” Gourley exclaims, tossing Stephen his prize, a copy of Robert Bork’s “Slouching Toward Gomorrah.”

Which helps explain why Stephen Harper's ghastly PMO was filled with so many little monsters...

Doing their best to suppress the vote, and subvert our democracy.

So yes, let nobody be fooled by Manning's grandfatherly facade, for he remains a dangerous fanatic...

One who has done our Canada terrible damage.

One who is now so desperate he's trying to divide it against itself by fuelling the fires of separatism.

And our Canada will not be safe, or decent, or truly Canadian.

Until we send him and his Con movement to the same place we sent the Harperites...


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    One little point that everybody is ignoring here....the Saudis are actively pursuing the obliteration of tarsands and fracked oil sources worldwide so they can monopolize the world market again and will make damn sure to accomplish just that fact. They have categorically stated they can and will live on $20. a barrel oil for as long as it takes thereby destroy the idiotic western oil producing schemes. Fuck the pipelines and manning and dumbrose....
    there's not going to be any reason at all to ship that filthy garbage that we pretend is oil anywhere. We lose a ton of money on every barrel we produce as a nation so why are we even having this debate with the idiot CONS? Pretend that the dirty, shitty bitumen we are trying so desperately to portray as a national treasure is just what it is....a deadly obsession like heroin or crack and do like Betty Ford said..."just say no!"
    Oh, yeah. One parting shot...
    Trudeau will never be anything other than another slick-willy politician like bush or o-bomb-a or harper to me until he gets rid of bill C51. THAT is what a PROGRESSIVE P.M. would do!
    Don't whine about his short term in office either It's just another excuse for him holding onto the almost-unlimited power that bill was created to establish in our almost-banana republic by the last pseudo-dictator we had.

    1. hi anon... you can't blame the pipeline situation on Justin Trudeau when all the Cons are screaming at him for insisting on a proper scientific review and delaying the building of pipelines further. As for getting rid of Bill C-51 he has promised to scrap it or reform it beyond recognition. But you can't just wave a magic wand over anything and make it disappear, so you'll just have to be more patient. Or join the Cons...

    2. The number of pipelines leading to tidewater is irrelevant if there is mo market at the end of the line.

    3. e.a.f.6:10 PM

      pipelines, pipelines, pipelines, Now the Government of China is willing to re negotiate the "free trade" agreement if we give them a pipeline to the west coast and allow them to purchase more natural resource companies in Canada. If we don't get involved in this, we may find China didn't have to invade Canada, they bought it. We need to ensure Trudeau does not agree to any pipe lines or ownership of Canadian resources when he goes to China in the not so distant a future.

      Many of the oil companies in Alberta are already owned by the Red Army of China and the Government of China. People need to understand many of the Chinese corporations are not owned by private citizens or stock holders but by the government and army. Do we really want that in Canada.

      We have already seen what "investment" in Vancouver's real estate by absentee owners is doing.

      When a strata council in Richmond will only conduct business in Mandarin, you have a problem. Yes, a Human Rights complaint has been filed.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    It was Preston's father who gave the Alberta oil to the petroleum corporations. Ask yourself how Alberta could possibly be broke now when other oily countries like Norway and Dubai are so rich even though the price is low.

    Trudeau's father gave Alberta a choice. Share you wealth with Canada or give it away. The petroleum guys did their propaganda and Albertans chose them. Would love it if some writer researcher would do an expose of the NEP and its demise. The real story of how it was defeated.

    1. hi anon...I have always shared your position. I think scrapping the NEP was a huge mistake, for while the timing might have been off it was a good idea. And you're right, the way Norway has handled its oil wealth has made the oil pimps in this country look like absolute idiots...

  3. As lousy and evil as Harper was, I always believed Manning could have been the greater threat had he held on just a few more years. Harper at least had the look of a thug. Manning didn't although his instincts were very much in line with Harper's.

    1. hi Mound...yes I believe you're right. Harper couldn't hide this thuggery, while Manning has always concealed his deadly agenda better, and despite the all the evidence, the Con media has always given him a pass...

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    It's a shame those right wing yokels cant get it through their numb skulls that it was their own leaders of the past 40 years that allowed this to happen to Oilberta. They could have easily socked away billions to get through the tough times but they didn't so let's chalk that up to greed and utter incompetence.
    Blaming Notley or Trudeau may work for the base but the majority who know the facts wont fall for the ramblings of Prestone Manning and will further guarantee that they will never rule this country ever again.

    1. hi JD...I'm not surprised the Cons are living in denial. For if you remember Stephen Harper never accepted the blame for anything, and it was always somebody else's fault. And judging from the latest polls most Canadians aren't blaming the Liberal government, and despite their frantic bleatings the Cons aren't going anywhere...

  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The CPC base (aka reform) has one common enemy, Eastern Canada. I grew up with this from my Alberta roots. Don't be fooled, this is what they are all about. Preston Manning was an unsuccessful Reform leader, whose extreme right winged views framed in his parrot-voice were just too grating for Canadians.

    Preston as a vampire is fitting. Sinking more tax dollars into dirty oil is just crazy. Saudi foreign minister spelled it out pretty clearly, Alberta get out of oil. But we are expected to pay mortgages on overpriced real estate in Northern Alberta because of Harper's inept economic policies. We need greener technologies, but if we are using oil, Middle East resources may be less offensive for the environment because massive solvent extraction processes are not required just to pump/transport the stuff (eg. Alberta tar sands). Thirty years ago, the prospect of using this stuff was considered extremely remote, at best, not even taking into account environmental impact.

    Interesting to see Nigel Wright at this conference. He has aged. Part of me has some sympathy for this guy.


    1. hi TS...yes it's very unfortunate. For as long as I can remember many Albertans have been heaping abuse on Eastern Canada. I can understand why they seek to assert themselves and there's nothing wrong with that. But putting down others to build yourself up, can only lead to disaster and undermine the national unity of this country.
      As for Wright, he has aged a bit. But I can't feel sorry for him, because he is a fanatic Con ideologue, he's still very rich. And if you and I had given someone $90,000 bucks and got nothing in return, we'd look a whole lot worse... ;)

  6. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hi Simon. My blood was boiling by the end of Manning's interview with Rosie yesterday, and then I thought at least Simon will nail the buffoon and make me feel better. Thanks.

    As a relative newcomer to your blog, I was wondering if you ever did one on The Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa - a "finishing school" for Trinity Western graduates before they got released into the corridors of power - mostly Harper's PMO I'm sure. Last I checked it was still up and accepting applications.

    Happy Saturday Simon

    1. hi Laurie...I had the same reaction you had when I watched that interview on Power and Politics. I thought Barton let him get away with murder. But the Con media has always treated that sinister ideologue with more respect than he deserves. I can't remember of hand whether I have ever written anything about the Laurentian Leadership Centre, but what I can say is that since the election a number of Con groups have spring up and are looking very much like the political action committees that have polluted politics south of the border. So we are going to have to investigate them all...

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Poor Cons, just not mentally equipped to handle complex issues in an interconnected world without being overcome by anxiety,fear,and anger.Someone should convince Preston that there are several biblical passages that implores him to treat the earth with respect in honor of his Creator.Seems the Cons want it both ways,the comfort of an omnipotent protector but the freedom to justify doing what ever the hell you want in the interim.

    1. hi RT...yes, the level of denial and anger out there really is shocking. They simply can't seem to accept that they lost the election. And Preston Manning's national unity rant couldn't be more outrageous or more dangerous. But as I said in my post it's all a sign of desperation, and it will get them nowhere...

  8. e.a.f.12:58 AM

    didn't see Presto' attack on Trudeau, but did see his attack on Obama. It was totally delusional. Like it was hard to believe the words coming out of Pesto's mouth. he does look even stranger than he used to, pink shirt or no pink shirt.

    If anyone is wondering where the little shits in short pants landed, they were hired by the Premier of B.C., one Christy Clark, queen of the photo ops. Guess that's why we have all these new ads which look like old Con federal ads. she spent $500K on private jets. More than Redford ever did. So welcome to B.C. the new kingdom for the presto graduates and harper's old gang.

    1. hi e.a.f...I can understand how the parson must be feeling. He has invested millions trying to go for total Con domination, and now everything he has worked for is being destroyed. But that still doesn't give him the right to pit Albertans against the rest of the country. It's both irresponsible and dangerous....

    2. e.a.f.5:05 PM

      It doesn't help,. but it is doubtful the Albertans will buy into it. but Presto's legacy lives on in B.C. with the photo op queen and her cheery band of creeps.

  9. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Has anybody else noticed how much rona ambrose and caitlyn jenner look alike? Are they twins? There must be some genetic match there somewhere... they just look so darn much alike...
    clark is just another neo-nazi that was allowed to steal her "election". If the people get their asses kicked by her enough times, they'll get rid of her. Pain is the mother of invention....just ask heil harper and see how his grand plans for world domonation are working out....

    1. hi anon....I don't know who Rona Ambrose reminds me of, all I know is that she is spectacularly dumb, and a Con ideologue who repeats her talking points like a parrot or a robot. But remember she is just keeping the bench warm for somebody else. Under the existing Con rules she herself can't run for leader. Which is lucky for the Cons and too bad for us... ;)

  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Does anyone know what has happened to Progressive Bloggers and when it will be up? Panel discussion at the Manning Convention with Mercedes Stephenson, Paul Wells and Chantel Hebert. Covers most of the mainstream media doesn't it?

    1. hi anon....I just finished a post on the situation. Apparently it was hacked and the administrators have been forced to rebuild the server which is a long and arduous job.

  11. Tories blast Liberal budget for not having imaginary surplus