Friday, February 05, 2016

Lisa Raitt and the Foul Legacy of Stephen Harper

You might think that Lisa Raitt would have learned her lesson, when she put out this big shiny poster about two months ago.

Only to have it greeted with jeers, howls of laughter, and calls that she be arrested for lying like a thief.

Or a Con artist.

But no, sadly it seems she didn't learn a thing. And she is shameless.

For there she was again yesterday peddling the same foul myth...

Claiming that the Liberals were lying when they claimed that the Cons had left them a multibillion dollar deficit instead of a tiny surplus. 

Last November, just over a month after taking office, the department of finance released their Economic and Fiscal Projections (EFP) and forecast a $3-billion deficit in 2015-16. But that number, Conservative Party finance critic Lisa Raitt claimed Thursday, was a fabrication. 

The one that really matters is the department of finance’s most recent fiscal monitor, which shows a $1.0 billion surplus for the April to November 2015 period.

When in fact the fiscal monitor is just a snapshot in time, and everybody knows that the Cons never had a real surplus.

Just the fraudulent one Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver cooked up...

For crass political purposes.

By preparing a budget based on oil at $56 a barrel, which now that it's hovering around the $30 mark, couldn't have produced anything but a deficit.

The deficit Harper and Oliver either didn't see coming, or tried to conceal, until after they were elected. Because they had no moral compass, they didn't know what they were doing.

And Stephen Harper was no Great Economist Leader...

Just a shabby Con artist whose oily obsession has led this country to the verge of financial disaster. 

And what I find absolutely outrageous is that Raitt admits her main reason for peddling that phoney surplus story is to preserve Harper's incompetent economic legacy.

As she prepared to move a motion in the House Thursday, however, calling for the recognition of the non-partisan evidence-based work done by finance officials and acknowledgement of the $1.0 billion April-November surplus, Raitt acknowledged it’s largely about legacy.

Which is the absolute limit.

And what makes it even worse is that like her depraved former leader she also seems to believe that we are fools.

And that the Cons can still brainwash us into believing anything...

By repeating the same Big Lie over and over again.

And using it to try to smear Justin Trudeau.

And all I can say is good luck with that one.

Raitt will not get away with it. The truth will not be twisted, or stolen, or muzzled again.

And the only legacy our would be Big Brother will get.

Is the everlasting contempt of most decent Canadians...

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  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Lisa and her partners in slime don't seem to get that the majority who voted them out are not falling for their deceptive antics. It may work for their cranially challenged base and their conservative hacks disguised as journalists but we know better. Harper and company were dismal failures at managing the economy. They sold our GM shares at a loss in a futile attempt to "balance" the books and they still couldn't do it so Lisa, take your smoke and mirrors and your snake oils and join the circus because the "Con Clown Gong Show" ended last October 19th.

    1. hi JD...yes it seems that the Cons will take us for fools, and still can't accept that they lost the last election. And if there was any justice the whole Harper gang would have been charged with fraud for cooking up that budget "surplus." But they are desperate and they are going nowhere...

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    She's probably counting in unpaid disability payments that take 800 days to process. Stuff like that. She was in charge of Canada Post. They have 22 vice-president including a vice-president of parcels (look it up)and the CEO gave himself a 30 per cent raise. It now costs 16 bucks to send a little bitty parcel to our grandchild., What does that do for small business' bottom line. And home delivery was cut off. All under her watch and no improvement at all. Complete failure.

    1. hi anon....I wouldn't be surprised, the whole thing was smoke and mirrors, They got their phoney surplus by cooking the books, for crass electoral purposes. And needless to say it didn't stand the test of time...

  3. I thought her name was Lisa Rat.

    All juvenile comments aside, she can scream all she wants about the deficit, but it's funny that when they were in power they didn't give a crap about deficits when trying to blow somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30-60 billion on a single sourced 5th generation stealth fighter bomber that can't fight or bomb so well.

    1. hi Dan...yes I forgot to mention that. They inherited a real surplus, and produced eight deficits in a row even though the economy was stronger than it is now. The ratty Cons and their foul slogan Hypocrisy 'R' Us....

  4. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Who believes any of the crap the Cons are spewing lately? Obviously, they are trying to hold onto to their precious base. This base is made up of +55s 55 white, prejudiced, wealthy, under-educated, Christians, snowbirds, who mostly live in Saskatchewan and Alberta, who are terminally cranky about one thing or the other.
    What the Cons don't know is that there is very little future in old people. By the time the next election rolls around many will have passed on (as in dead).

    The Libs know full well the future belongs to the younger generation, who thankfully are more socially minded and caring.

    the Cons continually come out with nonsense like this in order to stay relevant. They lost the election and they are cranky, just like their base.

    1. hi anon...I have to hope that most sane people in this country will find the Ambrose Show as ridiculous as I do. For it truly is pathetic. But you're right, it is probably a desperate attempt to hold on to their rabid base, who are so dumb and crazy they'll believe ANYTHING...

  5. The Harper government unilaterally changed federal civil service sick leave and added the estimated $900 million in savings to this year's budget savings. Trudeau has had to reverse that.

    Then there's also the transport aircraft that the RCAF has been waiting over 10 years for that should have been a simple purchase - more false savings by Harper & Team.

    1. hi UU4077...every time the Cons scream about a deficit they are only indicting themselves. For almost nobody will believe that the Trudeau government could turn a surplus into a deficit in just three months. And the state of the economy they left us speaks for itself...

  6. e.a.f.2:57 PM

    lets not forget Harper and team and their 'bombing' runs in the middle east. those bombs are approx. $90K a piece. Who knows, they could have worked off a deficit if they just hadn't bombed. Or the wouldn't have bombed if they hadn't bombed the middle east.

    Lisa Raitt is simply doing her job as she sees it.

    Ah, yes the Post Office. the funniest part was even when they planned to get rid of home delivery they were not planning to reduce the number of V-Ps. If the Post Office had been run like a business, it would have been able to continue with home delivery. However, I would suggest getting rid of home delivery was more about union busting and getting rid of living wage jobs. it certainly wasn't going to do much for the unemployment rate in Canada, loosing 9K jobs,

    1. hi e.a.f....yes, the last time I checked our military mission was climbing steadily towards the one billion dollar mark. And don't forget all those porky ads they ran in the lead-up to the election campaign. They are a bunch of Con artists and they deserve to be jailed...