Friday, February 26, 2016

Cleopatra Ambrose's Week of Bitter Disappointment

As you may or may not know, Rona Ambrose is called Cleopatra by some of her friends and her enemies in Ottawa. 

And carries only two burning thoughts around in her head, for that's all she can memorize.

How to destroy Justin Trudeau, and how to wreck electoral reform by demanding a referendum.

So sadly for her this week had to be one of her worst since Mark Antony Stephen Harper left her.

For first it was revealed that despite her best efforts to bring down Trudeau by claiming that he is leading the country to economic disaster...

Trudeau is still incredibly popular.

As the economy becomes an even more important issue for Canadians, Justin Trudeau remains the federal leader voters trust most to deal with it — as well as the leader with the most glittering approval ratings, according to the latest polls.

And supported by Canadians from all parties.

Among New Democrats, both ARI and Forum found his approval rating to be between 69 and 70 per cent, with just 20 to 24 per cent of NDP voters disapproving of the Liberal leader. This is a new phenomenon that has taken hold since the election, as at the tail end of the campaign Trudeau's approval rating among NDP supporters was just 43 per cent. 

A majority of Green supporters also approved of Trudeau in both polls, while ARI found that even half of Bloc Québécois voters approved of the Canadian prime minister.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then there was the betrayal of Guy Giorno.

The Conservative Party's former national campaign director, Guy Giorno, is helping to spearhead a push to bring proportional representation to Canada — despite his own party's apparent aversion to changing the current electoral system.

The old Harper honcho, who is joining a group to push for proportional representation. And sounding decidedly unenthusiastic about the idea of a referendum.

Giorno said the alliance believes there must be "proper consultation" with Canadians but not such that it prevents reform in time for the next election in 2019. 

 "If the proposal for a referendum is designed to delay things beyond the next election, then that's not acceptable ... Is that the only way to consult? I don't think it is."

Now I don't know why Giorno is doing that, or joining this alliance. 

Maybe he wants to make sure that the Trudeau government doesn't introduce a preferential ballot system that most experts believe would heavily favour the Liberals.

Or maybe he believes that only proportional representation can bring the Cons back to the centre of the political system, and save it from the right-wing extremists who have driven it into the ground.

But for the first time in my life I have to applaud something Guy Giorno has done. 

Which isn't easy.

And I do know how Cleopatra Ambrose must be feeling...

The last Queen of the Cons.

On the losing side of history.

And leading the Harper Party to oblivion...


Anonymous said...

Roll her back up in that rug and toss it in the Ottawa River.

Steve said...

maybe Guy has had a come to Jesus moment. ashamed of his past.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to CleoRona to keep making an asp of herself.

Simon said...

hi about we just put her on a burrow backwards and send her back to Alberta?

Simon said...

hi Steve...Giorno is a bit of a religious fanatic, but unlike the others, and judging by the way he fought with Jenni Byrne during the last campaign, he does seem to have some morals...

Simon said...

hi JD...yes I must say she's doing a fine job for us if not the Cons...

e.a.f. said...

not nice but very funny.

David said...

Simon, I think you should diversify your posts a bit more and focus some on the other Con clowns, such as Michelle Remple:

23:37 mark

Note how Remple and Kwan avoid answering the question: Should refugees arriving in Canada be slowed or stopped temporarily? But Remple's remarks are particularly disgusting.

Isn't it better some refugees be living temporarily in a Canadian hotel, than have their lives at risk?

BTW, Syrian refugees to Canada have now passed the 25,000 mark:

Simon said...

hi David....Gawd. You are a ruthless taskmaster. I'm trying to use Progressive Blogger's downtime to give myself a bit of a holiday. And Rona is always an easy target. But I am keeping an eye of Rempel and it will be her turn again soon... ;)