Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stephen Harper's Not So Good Good Friday

Lordy. I see that Stephen Harper didn't have a very good Good Friday.

His Easter Message was no doubt well received by his dwindling flock, the 28% of Canadians who still support him.

Because they all agree that Jimbo Flaherty would want the Cons to keep his legacy alive.

Canada’s budget watchdog says the federal public service has already lost more jobs than expected and projects thousands more cuts.

By killing government in his memory.

And would want everybody to vote for Lord Harp because he was Jimbo's "special" friend.

Almost to the very end....

But after that it was all DOWNHILL.

First came the lightning bolt from heaven. Or the body blow from Obama. 

The Obama administration has once again punted the politically charged decision on the Keystone XL pipeline in a move that will likely delay a final ruling past November’s congressional elections.

Which although the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation proclaimed it a mere "disappointment."

You can be sure it put a BIG dent in Harper's Easter spirit...

Because if as Tom Flanagan says, even small things can make him fly off the handle:

“He can be suspicious, secretive, and vindictive, prone to sudden eruptions of white-hot rage over meaningless trivia..."

I  can only imagine how he reacted to THAT humiliating slap in the face. 

But if that wasn't bad enough, then came the FURRY FIASCO.

Starring his very own CAT WOMAN !!! 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife Laureen dismissed an activist’s concerns about missing and murdered aboriginal women, telling the student “that’s a great cause, perhaps another night.”

Which must have also been a devastating blow. Because the Con Death Machine had been counting heavily on Laureen to soften Great Leader's image, and make him look more HUMAN.

And so much for that eh?

“We’re raising money for animals tonight. If you’d like to donate to animals, we’d love to take your money,” she said to lots of clapping, before suggesting dealing with the issue a different night: “tonight we’re here for homeless cats.”

Which means that if he wants to put lipstick on his pig of a government he's going to have to do it HIMSELF....

And at this stage in his corrupt, tired, and totally insane reign of terror that probably won't work either.

But wait what's this? I see Lord Harp has another desperate plan to try to improve his ghastly image. By holding a big birthday party, three years before the actual anniversary, to celebrate some of the country's "historic milestones." 

And no doubt HIMSELF.

As Canada’s 150th birthday approaches, Canadians are invited to join Prime Minister Stephen Harper in celebrating one of the key historic milestones that has defined our country: the election of Stephen Harper’s government. 

Parliament Hill will serve as a gathering place for a month-long festival of fun and re-education as we turn back the clock to 2006—a dark and brutish time when Canadians possessed only a rudimentary knowledge of personal hygiene and communicated using a primitive system of grunts and clicks. From the mists of this primitive prehistory has emerged, under Stephen Harper’s leadership, a country capable of being considered for a seat on the UN Security Council—and finishing second to Portugal.

But sadly for him that probably won't work either. Not with his record. Not when the taxpayers are footing the bill for that Con propaganda show. 

Not when the Con regime will just have finished ramming their foul Unfair Elections Act through Parliament. 

And much of the country will be in a state of REVOLT...

Not when the robocall trial will have begun, and Canadians will be holding their breaths and wondering which Con suspect or member of the PMO will testify next.

And not if after trying to shake off the Senate scandal.

Scant years ago, the Senate was regarded as a bastion of patronage. Today, it is regarded as a bastion of patronage and scandal, which means the extent to which it is regarded as a bastion of patronage has declined by 50 per cent. “Mission accomplished,” the Prime Minister said.

Ol' Duff crashes the Big Party. 

The police investigation into suspended Senator Mike Duffy is complete and charges are likely to be laid very soon – possibly within a month, Global News has learned.

And demands to know what Harper has to say about that sordid scandal in his own office. In a courtroom and under OATH.

Or starts squealing singing belching about those those Duffy Dollars...

Golly. I can hardly wait for THAT show to begin.

I sure hope Lord Harper has a better Easter Sunday than he had a good Good Friday.

And that he spends it on his knees, begging for forgiveness, or praying for deliverance.

Because it's going to be a HELL of a summer...


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    What this regime has done to the public service since they got their majority is beyond cruel, it's torturous. Kind of what you'd expect from a third world dictatorship. When past governments cut the public service it was done as humanely as possible and then it was over, but not with this bunch. We've had swords hanging over our heads since their majority and now 19000 jobs later they want to cut another 9000. Add to that their attack on our pensions, sick leave and other benefits, and now the four-eyed ahole Tony Clement wants to be able to fire more people. This ahole is really enjoying this.
    All of this is being done in the name of austerity, yet they have upwards of 200 million wasted on the sickeningly self-serving "Inaction Plan" ads, a bloated election 2015 HQ disguised as the PMO and their excessive pay and benefits go untouched. So what's next Tony? Are you going to dig up deceased PS workers and yank out their gold fillings??

    1. your words couldnt be truer. its ironic that they lay people off and then use the savings to pay for fake job action plan ads. And worse, they had jobs for folks but take them away. But below is a link as even more insulting is they fire/lay off people and then have the audacity to ask for volunteers to take up the jobs for free.

    2. hi anon...I couldn't agree with you more. The Harper regime's war on the public service is simply disgraceful. They have done all they can to kill jobs, steal pensions, and degrade the very idea of working for the government. The fact that Tony Clement is the designated executioner makes it even more obscene, because nobody has wasted government funds as much as he has with his vote-buying spree in Muskoka. And the worst thing is that they have managed to convince a lot of Canadians that government workers are some kind of privileged class, and recruited those morons in their never-ending race to the bottom. As a taxpayer and proud Canadian I want you and your colleagues to know that you have my complete support, and I appreciate what you do to make this country work. And what goes around comes around. The Cons want to destroy government and I want to destroy them. Until they are defeated and driven from power nobody is safe...

    3. hi deb...I agree with you, the hypocrisy of the Cons knows no bounds. The kill jobs claiming they need to save money, and then waste millions and millions of completely useless stuff like the never-ending attempts to brainwash us with OUR money. As for that link it simpler blew my mind. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't an April Fool's joke. It's unbelievable how they are using volunteers, interns, and foreign workers to weaken unions and drive down wages. I cannot wait for the day when they are unemployed...

    4. Anonymous2:37 AM

      We appreciate your support in these dire times. The morale in the PS has never been lower and the impact on families just trying to eke out a living never more desperate. The despicable way Clement has portrayed the PS as lazy, overpaid people with a "Cadillac Pension Plan"(Tony's would be the "Rolls Royce Pension Plan") and using erroneous data in our use of sick leave in an attempt to garner public favour is astounding. I, for one, have not used any sick leave in over 2 years and I work very hard at what I do. Fortunately for me, the public gets to see me doing my job and they get to enjoy the fruits of my labour and have commended me on many occasions for doing so, so sorry Tony, your propaganda isn't working in my corner of the world. My wish now is that people will see just how low these Harpercons will go to get votes, the lives destroyed, the reputations lost, when will it end and at what cost?

    5. yep, and when it was posted a year or so I go I remember being outraged, can you imagine the con regime they wish for, all our tax monies for their fave projects well services are all cut and public service is relegated to the retired....what next. no jails, as the criminals will work for free as the police:P the police will be laid off and can join the military I guess, and the rest of us, we cant farm as that will be outlawed and we cant beg. but hey surely there is retraining for us all as harper internet PR shills:P and he will have his army of brainwashed starved serfs....sounds like north korea:P

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    "The police investigation into suspended Senator Mike Duffy is complete and charges are likely to be laid very soon – possibly within a month, Global News has learned."
    Or, and far more likely as in the case of Wright, there will not be enough evidence to lay charges and so Duffy will
    also be exonerated of any/all wrongdoing as if by magic.
    And so goes the bloodless coup in Canada.
    We all need to start doing yoga so we are limber enough at the appropriate time to be able to put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye.

    1. hi anon...we will have to wait and see whether they actually do lay charges. I still believe they will, and that they are making plans for Nigel, but I admit that there is a shadow of doubt. I would hate to think that they are making a show of investigating those Cons, but have no intention of charging anyone. And all I can say if that is their intention they are making a huge mistake, because the Cons are discredited and if the police fail to do their duty they will also be discredited. And when the Cons are defeated, as they will be, a new government will be pressured by an angry public to either purge or disband the RCMP. This is the chance for decent people in that troubled organization to rescue its reputation, and failure is not an option....

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Simon, the link to recommend you at Progressive Bloggers is not working!

    1. hi anon...I'm sorry, I didn't realize that Progressive Bloggers was still down as it has been since about noon Friday. I should have removed the link. I apologize to all of you for the annoyance, but I thank you for trying.. You are the best readers anyone could have...

  4. One scribe reported that the woman asking about the missing women was 'escorted' out of the meeting by the Royal Conservative Mounted Police.

    1. hi Ron...I watched the video and I could see all kinds of heavies running towards the woman, as if she was branching a knife instead of just making a statement. All you have to do is see the kind of security that surrounds Harper, and how mean and aggressive they look, even when compared to the U.S. secret service, and you know what kind of country we're living. I remember seeing Pierre Trudeau walking up the steep hill to his home without a single bodyguard. But then he makes Harpo look like a mouse, and those were the days when Canada was Canada...

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I guess I don't have your faith Simon. Rumor has it, the RCMP work for the PMO. What Wright did was wrong and now, every Politician will now feel entitled to do the same. Rumor also has it, the RCMP were just given a raise. Don't count on the Police, BC people went through this many times with the RCMP. They didn't want the RCMP to have their contract renewed. They didn't even want the RCMP as icons for Canada anymore. They commit worse crimes, than the people they arrest.

    Besides which, Canada is no longer a democracy. Canada is also, Herr Harper's RCMP Police State. Poilievre and his so called *Fair* Election Plan is a good indicator of, just the depth of corruption there is, in the *Harper* government.

    Harper's characteristics reminds me of, the dictators of the 30's and 40's. They were all paranoid, control freak dictators too. They too only cared about themselves and that is all Harper cares about, is Harper.

    Nor, could I access the PB site to recommend you either.

    1. hi I said above my faith in the RCMP does admit the shadow of doubt. The truth is the upper echelons of the force has shown some alarming signs of politicization. The faith I have rests on decent investigators doing their best to serve the truth and their country. But whether they can prevail over their superiors remains to be seen. And as I said above, they need to heed that warning, for the credibility of the force is in the balance. As for PB, as I also said above, I'm sorry for including the link without checking to see if the aggregator was still down. I apologize for the inconvenience but thanks for trying... :)

  6. All I can say regarding Harper is, what goes around comes around, sooner than he thinks

  7. e.a.f.7:30 PM

    loved the first picture!

    Now as to Ms. Harper, she was at a cat function, she wasn't doing anything particularly political, so they ought to have left her alone on this one. Had she been "politicking" she's a free for all, go for it. She hasn't been particularly "political" so from my perspective leave her along.

    Harper made a big mistake when he went to New York, paid for a large room, with out tax dollars, and then said he/Canada would not take no for an answer on the Keystone. Very, very bad move. He seems to forget the Americans like to think of themselves as the 'big dog" and Canada as the "little dog". You don't go into their country and make that sort of a comment. (o.k. Castro liked to poke the eye of the Americans with his speeches at the U.N. and so did the former pres. of Iran, but really the Americans expect more from Canada's P.M.s)

    Even if Obama had been "tempted' to give the Keystone the go ahead, Harper's comments may have just been enough to make him think, let the bastard wait. We aren't taking orders from him.

    It is rather bizzare that the Cons want to spend all this money on a non event, when they are trying to pay down all this debt they keep screaming about.

    Oh, well with any luck Harper will be gone soon enough. If enough of his "followers" loose their constituency nominations, he may be gone before we/he knows it.
    Hey cats need help also.

  8. I agree , cats need love too:)
    perhaps Laureen Harper is a tommy douglas and the govt fat cats.