Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Con Senator and the Brad Butt Challenge

Golly. I must admit I didn't think ANYBODY could beat out Brad Butt for the title of Con Klown of the Year.

Because when he told the Commons he had "personally witnessed" massive voter fraud. Only to admit he hadn't. He'd only heard about it. Years ago.

I didn't think it was possible to top that whopper eh?

But I was wrong.

It turns out we have another challenger !!!!! 

A Conservative senator is pulling back after he seemed to suggest he knew of thousands and thousands of cases of voter fraud in Halifax and Dartmouth, N.S.

Senator Tommy McInnis !!!!  Who after claiming, like Brad Butt, to have PERSONALLY witnessed massive voter fraud: 

"I can tell you that vouching is a problem, but it's not just vouching. And I've witnessed it, personally on the streets of Halifax, and Dartmouth. And it is a problem.

I've seen them, actually, people take them right in and almost mark their ballot. That's how serious this is and it's thousands and thousands."

And making it sound like Nova Scotia has a REALLY scary voting problem...

Has also changed his story. In a hurry:

A day after making voter fraud allegation, McInnis's office released a statement saying that he didn't claim to have seen any evidence of voter fraud, and that he had calculated an estimate based on numbers provided by Elections Canada.

So now I can't decide which Con clown told the biggest whopper, or has the most active imagination.

Tommy or Brad...

But I do know that having both of them on committees studying the bill, makes the whole process a FARCE.

And I do know who is the biggest LOSER. And that's Pierre Poilievre.

Because he's clearly trying to get his fellow Cons to come up with anecdotal evidence of voter fraud, to try to counter the testimony of all those experts telling him there isn't any.

Marc Mayrand, the chief electoral officer of Canada, and Harry Neufeld, a consultant who studied problems in the 2011 federal election, both say there are administrative errors associated with vouching but no evidence of voter fraud.

And he must be DESPERATE...

Because not only can't he find ONE expert to support his foul Unfair Elections Act, he had to listen to another expert today criticize his bill AND his cowardly attacks on election officials. 

The Conservative government’s bitter tone in debate over its Fair Elections Act has caught attention overseas – as a U.K. elections expert urged Canadian parliamentarians to stick to facts, avoid “groundless” personal attacks and consider revisions to the bill.

Just a day after the old Con strategist Jeff Norquay admitted that the reason the Cons are going after Marc Mayrand is because he busted them in the so-called In and out Scandal.

When according to Norquay, he should have busted ALL the parties...

So it is all about REVENGE.

And of course we know where that madness comes from, and what we must do to defend our democracy.

Kill the bill. 

Fire Pierre Poilievre

And defeat this dangerous maniac ...

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  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I'm not sure which looks better on Deceivin' Stephen, the straightjacket or prison stripes. Either way he'll have lots of friends to keep him company. As for Peeair Poilievre, which hole did this creature crawl out of? He is so repugnant that I imagine his life began as a polyp on Harper's colon. Once removed, he was placed in a petri dish and fed a steady diet of Stephen's waste until one day chants of "it's alive, it's alive" rang out from the lab. As old Marj Lebreton once said, "it was an experiment gone horribly wrong".

    1. ...I wonder about the voter-mentality that puts them there. Along with the cheating, some are voting for them...

    2. hi anon...well Pee Wee was definitely hatched in a Republican incubator, for when you read what they are doing in places like North Carolina and Texas, it's clear this is straight out of the RepubliCon playbook. But it did backfire on them during the last Presidential election, and the same thing can happen here...

    3. hi liberalandlovingit...I don't know what to say about the mentality of some of our people these days. I blaming it on ignorance, the horrible winter, and cool spring. I'm giving them until the end of May to get their asses in gear, or I will have to start telling them EXACTLY how I feel about their complacency. And that might be ugly... ;)

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Paul Wells who has studied harper and all the elections he has been involved in says that what he always wants is a stacked deck. Someone else should look into Harpers past history and start telling the public the things he has said about everything.

    1. hi anon...there is a section in Wells' last book that I have linked to before, where he talks about how harper lied about paying of a disgruntled Con candidate. And how Harper and the Cons tried to fool the judge but he didn't believe them. But progressives have never been able to frame the Cons like they have framed our leaders. We do need to start doing that because it's how elections are won these days...

  3. the michael sona trial cant come fast enough. Its a shame politicians dont actually go to jail for their crimes, but they always sneak past, I guess they have the money, connections and lawyers and no one is willing to prosecute. Notice how even when the RCMP do get an investigation going, its always the low level henchmen the get thrown under the bus. Never the big fish. I mean the Ford issue is just one small example, Ford has been breaking the law for years, but its Lissi that will go to jail.

    1. hi Deb...I'm also looking forward to the beginning of the trial because it could shine a light on the PMO and who knows what might crawl out of there. And even if the Cons have passed their bill, there could be a big price to pay, if the protests continue as the trial goes on. As for Rob Ford I can't even bear to think about him, but I am making a short video about him that starts with him grunting and ends with the sound of pigs and the question "THAT is a MAYOR? ;)

  4. e.a.f.12:46 AM

    If any of the Conservative M.P.s actually witnessed what they claim to have, they failed to report a crime. For that they ought to resign from office immediately. They didn't report any crime at the time, so it is not unreasonable to conclude both of the M.P.s are BEING LESS THAN TRUTHFUL, or the L. word.

    Moral and ethical people report crimes when they see them occurring, some even try to stop them. Neither of these Cons did anything. Time to resign boys or tell the truth.

    1. hi e.a.f...I'm afraid we can't count on any of the Cons to be ethical on this occasion either. Wednesdays are caucus meeting days, I am sure many of them had a liquid lunch, so they probably can't remember what happened. And of course when you work for the Harper gang telling the truth is NOT a virtue...