Wednesday, April 09, 2014

BREAKING: Con Minister Accused of Threatening an NDP MP

If you want to know what Stephen Harper and his ghastly Cons have done to our Parliament all you had to do is watch Question Period today.

For I've rarely seen a more rowdy session. The Cons were howling like jackals, or drunks.

So I'm not surprised that a Con Minister has been accused of threatening an NDP MP. 

With just days to go before Parliament is scheduled to shut down for a two-week constituency break, tempers flared after the New Democrats accused a Conservative cabinet minister of making 'an inappropriate gesture' at NDP member Niki Ashton. 

Rising on a point of order after a particularly rancorous question period, New Democrat MP Dan Harris claimed that International Trade Minister Ed Fast had directed what he described as "an inappropriate gesture, a gun, while saying 'Boom'," in Ashton's direction.

Fast is denying the allegation:

"It's completely false. I made no such gesture, I said no such words. I'm surrounded by my colleagues here, and none of them saw me make that gesture or make that kind of comment," he averred, demanding that Harris himself apologize "for misleading the House."

But you know it has happened before....

When those Reform cowboys get riled up they're capable of ANYTHING.

And how can the Harper gang explain the outrageous behaviour of another Con MP, Ron Cannan, who entered the NDP section from behind the curtains and apparently tried to challenge Harris to a fight?

"He was coming down the row, yelling at me and he had to be physically restrained from coming at me…. He was challenging me to come outside. That kind of behaviour has no place in Parliament."

I mean is that a loose Cannan or what?

And what none of them can deny is that the Cons were acting like ANIMALS because I saw it with my own eyes. 

And no doubt what had them riled up was the way the opposition denounced the way Pierre Poilievre had attacked the Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair say a government attack yesterday on the head of Elections Canada was unprovoked and partisan.

"For a minister of the Crown to engage in such blindly partisan attacks is weakening the fabric of our democracy and is absolutely unacceptable," Trudeau said.

And the way Tom Mulcair caught Harper in a contradiction and put Pierre Poilievre in his place...

Which left Poilievre looking like an idiot.

And no doubt wondering who hit him this time?

Because there have been so many, and he still can't find ONE expert to support his bill.

And all I can say is what this circus shows is that the Cons are getting DESPERATE.

They can't defend their foul Unfair Elections Act. Their polls are tanking. They're fighting themselves. They're threatening others. They're turning our Parliament into a redneck rodeo.

And of course, their Great Leader is slowing losing his marbles.

In short: the universe is unfolding just like I hoped it would.

We have them where we want them. And if they don't self destruct, or the police don't get them.

We WILL destroy them...

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  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    What do you call a train load of cons plunging over a 1,000 metre cliff?

    Wait for it . . . .

    A GOOD START!!! ;-)

    1. Anonymous12:01 AM

      I think that's supposed to be Right off a cliff

  2. hi can't have that. I want them all intact for their trials. I'm thinking of studying law so I can be the judge. I mean if Vic Toews can be a judge so can I eh? I suggest we defeat them soundly, stuff them into chuck wagons drawn by Mexican burros or foreign workers, and send them all back to rural Alberta...

  3. Early in the 20th century, a rowdy group of white workers under the whimsical title of "Knights of Labour" rioted in Chinatown in Vancouver, pretty much burning it to the ground..their rationale? Those dirty foreign workers were stealing all the jobs and undercutting wages...
    Yes, it does sound familiar, and yes, the fact that the Cons are supporting this medieval form of anti-union/wage control sucks, but please oh please don't get caught up in the victim blaming or make jokes about foreign workers, who through no fault of their own, are being exploited by the wealthy...
    To build our city extension of the Sky Train through Vancouver, the contractors hired lots of foreign workers who worked for slave wages and no benefits..our union movement had the decency to demand decent wages and benefits for them..issues that are still in court, years later..
    Better to support all workers with a level playing field than vilify them for their poverty, that just puts us on the same level as the creeps who are using this sort of bullshit to distract us from defending our jobs and way of life being eroded by the Cons...

    1. hi mizdarlin...I realize it's Wednesday and we've got a long way to before the weekend, but please nobody is vilifying foreign workers. As I made it abundantly clear in my post the other day I don't blame them for the problem, and I believe that they are also being exploited. What I am trying to do is satirize or ridicule the Cons. Why else would I have them in a chuck wagon being pulled by MEXICAN burros? Instead of a paddy wagon. The next thing you'll be telling me is that I'm vilifying Mexico... ;)

  4. e.a.f.10:11 PM

    If any of the Con. M.P.s want a fist fight, bring it on. I am sure Mr. Trudeau will be more than able to defend his M.P.s Just ask that Cons senator who got in the ring with him. If none of the N.D.P. or Green M.P.s feel up to a fist fight with a Con senator, I'm certain they could prevail upon "the kid" to go a few round again. I for one would certainly do put up the change for a pay for view. O>K. fighting is not appropriate for any adult. Will some one send those Con. M.P.s to their rooms for a "time out"

    1. hi e.a.f....the Cons don't fight like that. They prefer to act in the shadows and stab people in the back. But that's OK we don't have to beat them up. All we have to do is crush them at the polls, and then hopefully jail them...

  5. The Con play book says never defend, always attack.
    Perhaps we ought to send them some pink t-shirts.

    1. hi Elliott...good point, I really should have mentioned that yesterday was Pink Shirt Day a wonderful Canadian invention aimed at fighting bullying. And on that day the Cons would act like animals. But forget the pink t-shirts, they're too good for them. Let's just give them the bum's rush and dress as many as we can in prison garb... ;)

  6. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I watched the replay of Ed Fast's hand gesture, twice, by CBC. It certainly looked to me that he was guilty (although it was not clear if he had said "Boom", as alleged, as the clip did not include sound or was too far away or too noisy to conclude anything).

    Gosh, I hope the cutbacks that CBC is supposed to announce today will result in their cutting their awful panels. Start with the one last night: Powers, Capstick and that other guy whose name I cannot recall but I think he used to be a Liberal mouth or something). Powers was suggesting that the NDP MP who had complained was a moron (he would be singing a very different tune, I suspect, if Justin Trudeau had made the sign) and Capstick tut-tutting and saying that it was all so silly (same comment here if Trudeau had made it).

    I certainly did not think it was appropriate for a Minister of the Crown to be making that gesture at another MP who happened to be making comments he obviously did not like, regardless of the political stripes of the parties involved. Again, this episode showed how useless the Con Speaker, Scheer, is for not calling this out and investigating (he could have asked for the CBC video clip or others that might be available).

    1. hi anon...I don't know whether Fast Eddy did what he's accused of doing, it sure looks like he was saying gotcha by cocking his fingers. But the point is the Cons have turned Parliament into a zoo, they were whooping and howling, Cannan acted like an animal, they sounded drunk to me, so they're capable of anything. ..

  7. Note to Cons...when in a hole, stop digging.

    1. hi Way Way Up...I'm afraid they just can't help it. Harper has turned them all into giant groundhogs and they're burrowing they way half way to China. I think what we're seeing is a tired government being jerked around by a bunch of young fanatics in the PMO. Which means it will probably get worse before it gets better...