Monday, April 07, 2014

The Ghastly Cons and the Climate Change Monster

I went down to my favourite beach today to celebrate the Rites of Spring, only to find the last remnants of the Winter from Hell still clinging to the pier.

And for some reason the sight of that ghastly chunk of ice reminded me of the monster in the movie The Blob.

And of the climate change monster that is threatening our world. 

If hell on Earth doesn’t actually exist, the essential message from this week’s dramatic United Nations climate change report is that it one day might. 

For our children and grandchildren, if not for ourselves, it is clearly time — finally — for all of us to wake up.

And then of course I couldn't help thinking of the monster Stephen Harper and his shameless stooge Leona Aglukkaq.

Who is always claiming that when it comes to fighting climate change the Cons are an example for the whole WORLD !!!! 

When sadly the truth is quite different:

Whereas Canadians as a people consistently indicate they see protection of the environment as a core national value, their Conservative federal government is regarded globally as leading a country that is one of the world’s worst polluters per capita. 

Compared to 27 other countries. Canada has fallen to last in terms of its efforts to deal with climate change.

And last week when confronted by the opposition with that scary U.N. report, Aglukkaq did not only spew forth this stream of misleading gibberish...

But once again had her outrageous claim that the Cons are doing a super job of cutting greenhouse gas emissions proven totally FRAUDULENT. 

“Thanks to our actions,” she said in the House of Commons, “carbon emissions will go down by close to 130 megatonnes, compared to what they would have been under the Liberals.”

Not only did Aglukkaq look optimistically ahead by asserting that emissions “will go down” thanks to the actions of Stephen Harper’s government, she also alluded proudly to progress supposedly already accomplished, as in “we have seen significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”

Or clubbed like a seal by reality.

In case you’re thinking that, no matter who gets the bragging rights, a 130-megatonne cut in Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions sounds pretty good, don’t kid yourself. 

Remember, that’s just the reduction from the fictional stuck-in-2005 scenario. In the real world, Canada’s Emissions Trends projects a measly three-megatonne trim, from 737 megatonnes in 2005 to 734 megatonnes in 2020.

Great eh? And she's from the Arctic so you'd think she should know better. 

But then of course she brings to her job as Environment Minister, the same air of caring and convincing competence that she brought to her job as Health Minister...

She is, as I've pointed out many times before, an idiot climate change denier...

And she does work for Stephen Harper, the oil pimp and shameless planet burner. 

The Con who killed Kyoto, hung it proudly from his belt like a shrunken head.

And probably still enjoys reliving that special moment...

Because when it comes to climate change, or small matters like democracy, he is crazy, and he is DANGEROUS.

And the bottom line is that as long as him and his evil Con regime are in power, the battle against climate change will go absolutely NOWHERE.

When the Harper government signed the so-called Copenhagen Accord in late 2009, it pledged to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions to 607 megatonnes in 2020, or 17 per cent below 2005 levels. As of this week, with Aglukkaq sounding so determined to claim credit where it is hardly due, that target has never seemed further out of reach.

Which would be unbelievably depressing, if it wasn't also such a great opportunity. 

Because they say to fight climate change you have to think globally and act locally eh?

And this our chance to act:

Canada is scheduled to go the polls next year, shortly before this meeting is held. Isn’t this a great opportunity for Canadians as a people to reclaim our commitment to an environmental policy that truly serves our future generations?

Our chance to damage the Cons further, and help drive them from office, by making climate change a huge issue in the next election.

Because with Mother Nature providing us with more and more warnings of the cataclysm to come, we couldn't have a more powerful message for Canadians.

If you want to save Canada AND the planet. If you really want to save your children.

You must damn the deniers.

And defeat this evil monster...

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David said...

We need more MPs like Elizabeth May, who at present is a voice of reason and wisdom in the Parliamentary wilderness:

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Elizabeth May: Leader of the Green Party
Green Party leader Elizabeth May sits down with Peter Mansbridge to talk
about the politics of climate change.


Elizabeth May: Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23)

Published on Feb 12, 2014