Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sheila Fraser and the Shameful Cowardice of the Cons

When Sheila Fraser was the Auditor General and exposed the Liberal sponsorship scandal, the Cons were only too happy to quote her every word.

They couldn't say enough good things about her.

But not today. Today they were running for cover.

Because today she was calling their so-called Fair Elections Act an attack on democracy. 

Sheila Fraser, the former auditor general who became a virtual folk hero for exposing the sponsorship scandal, is training her sights on what she sees as a new abuse by the federal government: its controversial overhaul of Canada's election laws.

"Elections are the base of our democracy and if we do not have truly a fair electoral process and one that can be managed well by a truly independent body, it really is an attack on our democracy and we should all be concerned about that," Fraser said in an interview.

And that apparently shook up the Cons so much, that in the House of Commons Pierre Poilievre didn't even dare mention her name.

But then why should we be surprised eh?

When Fraser is just the latest distinguished Canadian to attack that ghastly bill.

And Poilievre has made an absolute idiot out of himself by claiming he knows more than all the experts combined.

And he thinks the bill is TERRIFIC !!!!

Even though he's nothing but a dumb Con parrot.

Polly says the bill is TERRIFIC !#@!! Polly says the bill is TERRIFIC. !#@!! 


And Sheila Fraser is right. It is a foul assault on our democracy.

"When you look at the people who may not be able to vote, when you look at the limitations that are being put on the chief electoral officer, when you see the difficulties, just the operational difficulties that are going to be created in all this, I think it's going to be very difficult to have a fair, a truly fair, election."

But then don't expect Stephen Harper to criticize Fraser either. Because once upon a time he thought she was TERRIFIC.

"Her competence and her courage have shone a bright light on the mismanagement, incompetence and corruption that this Liberal government has been trying to hide for more than a decade," Harper said in a 2004 speech, referring to Fraser as "the mother of all accountants" and praising her for not pulling any punches. 

 "(She) did not say that she thought that something smelled fishy. She identified the fish."

And criticizing her now would only make him look like an IDIOT.

Or a foul smelling hypocrite whose corrupt government, like a fish, is rotting from the head down.

And besides he was too busy today running from Eve Adams.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he won't comment on whether Conservative MP Eve Adams broke party rules in a nomination battle for a newly formed riding.

Because she's not backing down.

Beleaguered Conservative MP Eve Adams is vowing to fight allegations of improper conduct and unfair advantage in a heated Toronto-area nomination contest that has rattled the upper echelons of the governing Tory party’s election machine, saying she has no intention of backing down in her quest for the prize.

And he doesn't want to offend his faithful Dimitri. 

He also wouldn't comment on the dismissal of Adams's fiancé, Dimitri Soudas, his former director of communications who most recently had been the Conservative Party's executive director.

Because after all those years of faithful service he probably knows enough to send Harper to the Big House...

And of course, because like the shabby stooge Poilievre, Harper is just another Con COWARD.

They like to bully others, but when others go after them they run like CHICKENS...

But of course it won't do the Cons any good. They can run, but they can't hide.

Their scandals will catch up with them. The foul Unfair Elections Act will help finish them off.

And judging by the way they just keeping running around like chickens without heads.

And the way they keep losing their feathers all over the place. 

And the desperate state of their leader.

Those Con chickens should soon be done...

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Anonymous said...

Pretty simple. The CON's are smarmy hyprocrites.

I see it, you see it, some of the sheeple are waking from their dream and are seeing it.

How does this translate into an election result?

Anonymous A

Anonymous said...

Thank you Montreal Simon!
You are one of the few who can make me laugh about this entire ordeal; you and Rick Mercer.
That image with PP and SH as chickens being chased by Sheila and Eve is the best!
Thanks for your strength and optimism; thanks god!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Simon! Every morning, I can't wait to read your posts. You keep me going in this dark phase our country is going through!

Simon said...

hi anon...Although it's not easy to be optimistic about the situation, if we look at the big picture the omens are favourable. The Cons have never been less popular, there are many scandals ahead that could cause the even more damage, and for many Canadians Harper has been around for too long. Will that translate into an election result? Only if we seize the moment, attack the Cons harder than ever, and above all move heaven and earth to get out the vote. Can we do that? Yes we can...

Simon said...

hi anon...well thank you. I realize that many good Canadians are very depressed by what has happened to our country. But I refuse to let the Cons get me down, or demoralize me. So I try to do the best to cheer up our side, while mocking those ghastly Harperites as often as I can. Of course it easy for me, I usually have a stupid grin on my face even in the worst of situations. Which used to get me into trouble all the time, especially in places like the Principal's office.... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...we thank you too. I don't know what I've done to earn such kind words from my readers. But since I can't imagine anything more rewarding than helping people through this dark time, I'll take them and run ... ;)