Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jason Kenney and the Issue That Could Kill the Harper Cons

Oh boy. Try as I might I can't escape the feeling that things are out of control in Harperland.

If it isn't the snow in Saskatchewan, it's the runaway blimp in New Brunswick. 

And of course floating gently over us all in his runaway hot air balloon balloons is Jason Kenney...

Puffed up with false pride, sweating profusely, and under heavy opposition fire.

The employment minister was on the defensive Monday in the House of Commons, but he’s also under attack from business groups, labour unions and — perhaps most troubling for Kenney with a federal election looming — everyday Canadians who believe the Conservatives have made it easier for foreigners to swipe their jobs.

Trying to blame others for the problem he created. Calling on employers to hike wages when his program was designed to suppress them.

Claiming he's the man to fix the problem.

“If and when there are abuses, we act clearly and quickly,” he said, referring to the temporary ban he placed on restaurants last week preventing them from accessing the temporary foreign worker program.

When he doesn't even know where to start, because the Con balloon is flying blind. 

Dominique Gross of Simon Fraser University was commissioned by the C.D. Howe Institute to take an in-depth look at the troubled program. What she found essentially is that the federal government is flying blind.

It does not know enough about Canada’s labour market to judge whether skill shortages are real; it doesn’t know which occupations are experiencing shortages; and it does not know enough about the availability of domestic workers to judge whether employers need to recruit abroad.

Great eh? That's what happens when you live in Harperland where ignorance is STRENGTH.

And incompetence RULES...

And the good news? 

Judging by the angry reaction this is the kind of emotional issue that can KILL the Harper Cons.

Canadians may be indifferent about the sad state of our democracy. 

But they will NEVER forgive those who made it easy for their corporate buddies to steal their jobs.

We'll never have a cause more visceral, or slogans more powerful than this one...

From groups like this one. That are forming all over the country.

Kenney will never be able to please all those angry Canadians AND our greedy, grasping business class.

And since Harper and his sellout gang are flying blind, and the problem is out of control, they will wear it all the way to the next election.

We'll make sure of that eh?

We finally have an issue that challenges both their competency and their patriotism. 

If we fan the flames, it will help bring down the Con balloon...

And if Jason Kenney has any sense of decency left.

He knows what he must do...

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  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    "And if Jason Kenney has any sense of decency left."
    If any of the christofascist cons had any sense of decency, THEY COULDN'T WORK FOR HARPER!!! he wouldn't hire them!!! They'd also be on his blacklist of political enemies!!! Verstehst du? he thinks it's just like his hero Dubbya said: "yer either for us, or agin' us!"
    Buy you books, send you to school, try to teach you but you never learn . . .Sigh!

  2. John B.10:13 AM

    If there ever was a political situation in Canada in which the only honourable outcome must involve the resignation of a minister of government, this is it. I believe that Jason knows this.

    1. Where your statement falls flat is the fact that no ministers, all the way up to the Prime Miinister, have any honour and even less use for it. If something goes wrong, or even criminal, it is up to a subordinate to dutifully jump under the bus!

  3. hi anon 6:10... I knew somebody would say that even as I typed it . Let's just call it a rhetorical flourish. Do you really think that I believe that Jason Kenney has any sense of decency left? But it does sound nice before calling for his resignation.... ;)

  4. hi John...yes he should resign. He helped create a monster program for all the wrong reasons, and now after getting our greedy business class addicted to cheap labour he's making noises about fixing that problem, and throwing businesses into chaos. Sound like an open and shut case to me. But of course he won't resign so he will have to wear this debacle all the way to the next election...

  5. hi kootcoot....I explained why I used that line above, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Some people think because I like making crude caricatures that I'm a naive idealist, but actually I'm a brutal realist to totally dedicated to helping destroy the Con regime....

  6. Noah Patterson1:25 PM

    Kenney must be feeling extra heat as for a brief, I'm sure glorious time, he was the much-talked-about preference to take over from Harper should Schemin' Steven step down.

    And of course the Cons are flying blind here, quite on purpose, as they scrapped the census so they don't have that information available, nor do they care. I am getting a small sense of schadenfreude from this, but I suspect Harper expects Canadians to have forgotten all about this unpleasantness by election time. He'll throw Kenney under the bus and say "look, I fixed the problem, I'm a hero!" and smile.

    1. hi Noah...from what I hear Jason Kenney is practically desperate, not because of what we think of him, but because of the effect all of this is having on the Con base. As I said in my post, that's what makes this issue so potentially dangerous for the Harper regime. It's visceral, it's easy to understand, and since they're caught between their base and their business supporters it's not one they can really win. If we play our cards right, this is the issue that could finally break their backs. And of course if Kenney ends up under the bus, that can only be a bonus... ;)

  7. e.a.f.10:49 PM

    Once upon a time there were FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORKERS who actually reviewed applications to ensure the employers had made every effort to find a Canadian worker. Harper fired all those workers. Who was to know if there was a Canadian worker or not.

    What the TFW program did was subsiidize employers by allowing them to bring in foreign workers while Canadian workers couldn't get jobs and had to rely on E.I. and/or welfare and food banks. So while employers got richer, the rest of us got poorer and the TFWs got screwed.