Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Pierre Palooka and the Con Robocall Scandal

OMG. Somebody please throw in the towel. This fight has gotta end before I start feeling almost sorry for Pierre Poilievre.

Because the way that palooka and his foul Unfair Elections Act are getting pounded in the ring of public opinion is almost too brutal.

So many Chief Electoral Officers, law professors, election experts, and outraged Canadians want to take a shot at him and his bill, you gotta take a number eh? 

And today it was the Election Commissioner Yves Côté's turn to pound him some more. And make him look like a absolute idiot. 

“In placing the commissioner within the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Bill C-23 would bring under the same roof two functions that are normally, and for good reasons, kept separate,” Côté told the committee. 

“It also raises concerns with respect to at least the perceived independence of the commissioner from the government of the day.”

Or a dangerous totalitarian... 

And it must have REALLY hurt.

Côté’s testimony was a stinging rebuke to Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre, who has repeatedly said Bill C-23 would ensure that Côté’s office has “sharper teeth,” a “longer reach,” and a “freer hand” in his investigations.

In fact, Côté said that some investigations will simply “abort” if his office is not given the ability to compel testimony — a reported stumbling block in the ongoing investigation into the robocalls scandal.

Not just because it makes Poilievre look like a fool. Again. 


But also because it reminds people that the Unfair Elections Act is also about the robocall scandal.

An attempt by the Cons to cover their asses before the Michael Sona robocall trial returns to court in May...

That's also why they're rushing it through Parliament.

Before people start demanding that the Chief Electoral Officer be given the powers he requested, to compel witnesses and suspects to testify.

Because if that trial goes nowhere people WILL demand that.

And while Pierre Poilievre may be feeling the heat and talking about a possible compromise on the issue of vouching.

Conservative sources in the Senate tell the CBC's Hannah Thibedeau and Rosemary Barton that Pierre Poilievre, minister of state for democratic reform, is open to changing the section of Bill C-23 that would eliminate the practice of vouching at polling stations.

He'll NEVER give the Chief Electoral Officer the powers to track down the Con conspiracy that tried to steal the last election. 

And we'll be able to use that against them to devastating effect. By making them look even more sleazy and corrupt, or more like CRIMINALS.

And making Canadians wonder what the ringleader of the Con gang doesn't want us to know...

Or wonder what he's HIDING.

Because too many Canadians might shrug their shoulders at the idea of voter suppression. But they know Con artists when they see them.

Yup. I think it's safe to say that Stephen Harper and his ghastly regime will not escape their scandals.

Or hopefully the long arm of the law.

Canadians are revolting. And as I've said before.

Pierre Poilievre will not escape his monster...

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