Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Stephen Harper, Rob Ford, and the Hoser Nation

It couldn't have been a more disgusting sight, or a more depressing day for Canadian democracy.

Three Canadian Senators sacrificed, along with due process, on the altar of political expediency.

The Senate flexed its muscle Tuesday and in an unprecedented move tossed three of its members — Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau — out of the chamber, cutting their salaries and use of office resources.

While the morally depraved leader who appointed them, and ordered their summary executions, denied that the RCMP was investigating his own office. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his office is not under investigation by the RCMP, a day after CBC News reported the Mounties are looking for a chain of emails and documents that support Mike Duffy's allegations the Senate expenses scandal reaches into the Prime Minister's Office.

Only to have his office later admit that they were.

After question period, CBC News contacted the Prime Minister's Office for further clarification on whether police have asked it for documents and whether the PMO provided them. In an email to CBC News, Jason MacDonald, the director of communications for Harper, said "Yes. We have actively assisted them."

While in Toronto another debauched Con who lies all the time, turned a teary confession into a Roman circus.

The curtain has drawn on a dramatic day at Toronto City Hall in which Mayor Rob Ford admitted that he had smoked crack cocaine, though the defiant chief magistrate is making no plans to step down from his job.

Snubbed democracy and decency. Demanded that the police chief step down instead of himself.

And the whole world laughed at our corruption.

Because that's what it is eh?

There is no other word to explain how low we have fallen.

And to try to understand how we got to this bad place, one could do worse than read John Doyle's column today, on the decline of the Hoser Nation.

Ford has all the traits of the original McKenzie brothers hoser – the boorish, beer-drinking guys whose most ardent intellectual engagement is in dreaming up schemes to scam the beer store into giving them free beer. But he’s a souped-up version. While Bob and Doug were lovable, the Ford incarnation is mean-spirited and angry.

It’s no coincidence that Don Cherry, king of the contemporary hosers, introduced and unveiled Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto. He even put the chain of office on Ford’s neck. Brother hosers. He used the occasion to ridicule the Toronto media and “left-wing pinkos.”

For where did people think a man who was blessed by a crass redneck like Don Cherry would take us?

Where did they think a vicious ideologue, who poses as a man of the people, by among other things writing books about hockey, would lead Canada if not into a nightmare?

And what did they think the cult of boorishness, taken to its ugly extreme, would make of this country?

Canada is a different place now. “Canadian liberal values” are dead. The suburban mentality/hoser type guides us and the new hoser type is who we admire and who leads us. The authenticity might be nominal, but it is accepted. It is Canadian-ness now.

But a place where fakers and demagogues hold court...

Who would appeal to the worst angels of our national character, and replace reason with the howl of the mob, to advance their right-wing agendas.

And who if they are not stopped will reduce our cities to jungles, and tear this country apart.

And the good news? They will be stopped. Stephen Harper will not escape the Senate scandal.

Harper may have shut down one avenue of trouble, but plenty more loom.Duffy, in particular, is expert in surreptitiously making documents available. He may not yet be done because after two weeks of successfully picking at Harper’s credibility he will likely look for a proper place and time for his next salvo

There are continuing RCMP investigations, a Senate audit, the potential for Wright to step forward to defend his reputation and holes in the story of a prime minister who maintains he was in the dark as a deal was cut to pay the disgraced senator’s expenses, a fake narrative was crafted and his legal fees were paid by the party. It’s going to take more than three Senate ejector seats to get past that.

And Rob Ford will not escape his demons...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Because we may not fully understand what is happening to this Hoser Nation, but we do know that if we have any self respect left, we cannot allow those grotesque Cons to debase us further.

We know that a fish rots from the head down.

We know the source of all political corruption.

We shall attack it harder than ever before.

And we shall remove it as soon as we can...

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  1. Surely none of us have forgotten those prophetic words of the Harpster: "No one will recognize Canada when i'm done..." Guess he was right about that...didn't lie or obfuscate about that...and we are all paying the price.

    1. hi know the situation is so bad I sometimes wonder whether Harper is the disease or just its most deadly symptom. Because there are so many right-wing assholes running loose it's a generalized problem. Cherry, Ford, O'Leary, the list goes on and on. But as I said in my post, if we're going to change this boorish mentality, we might as well start at the top...

  2. He used the occasion to ridicule the Toronto media and “left-wing pinkos""

    That's rich coming from a fat man wearing a pink coat putting a love charm around the red neck of another fat guy!

    1. hi kootcoot....I know it is rich eh? I will never forget watching video of that inauguration, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Or that anyone could be so crass as to invite Don Cherry to take such a role in their swearing in. I always thought Ford was a buffoon, but after that I knew that Toronto was in big trouble...

  3. Your going to like this

    1. hi Steve....Good one...although you know it isn't the crackhead in Ford that bothers me, it's his horrible bullying ways, and the way he lies about everything, and plays a champion of the ordinary guy, when he's really a spoiled millionaire's son. It's just unbelievable to hear some members of the Ford Nation still sticking by that thug. Oh well, the latest rumour in the city is that the second video is a sex tape. if it's true, maybe that will finally break the hold he has on them. I'll just close my eyes and hope it's over soon...

  4. What a day it was. First you've got the imbecilic mayor of Canada's largest city, as if he's not already a proven class A dunce already, publicly declare that yes, he smoked crack thereby admitting he's a habitual liar as well, but to go easy on him, because its not really his fault, because he was FUCKEN HAMMERED at the time. I mean, wow. Just….wow. And he’s only gets fucken hammered if he first took acid too, I suppose. What a fucken clown.

    Meanwhile, his BBQ circuit best buddy Steve, the anti-drug crusading piece of hypocritical shit that he is, officially declared his Canadian dictatorship by directing his trained senate seals to play along in his cover up scheme of PMO complicity, to shine the light on the three senators (that Steve in his wisom appointed personally in an obviously pathetic and shameful attempt to not only personal dictate over the rule of law and due process, but to hide and deflect from the little fact that Wright, with PMO consent, if not Harper’s, tried to buy Duffy's silence by covering his fraudulent expenses, which the RCMP says is a crime. (bribing a senator); and throw leaves over a probable criminal trail that leads right to the fucking PMO. The strategy seems right out of Goebbel's handbook; shine the light elsewhere..slander the opposition this case for 'defending the senators!.' Which is ridiculous of course, because nobody is doing that.

    Everyone knows Harper personally chose those three for one reason only - to be cash registers on the BBQ election circuit to fill the Con war chest. And so long as they racked up illegal expenses and ripped off taxpayers in order to fill CPC coffers, Steve didn't bat an eye or give a flying fuck at the moon at all. In fact he was defending Wallin and Duffy, calling Wright an honourable person while bullshitting to Canadians that personally reviewed Wallin’s ridiculous expense account and telling us they were just fine. So, what is Harper? A con artist? Or a liar? Or just a fake economist who can't even fucken add?

    But then the scam really got out, and the real cover up began. Buses appeared from nowhere, either to throw people under or drive them out of the PMO into the shadows in other departments. So, somewhere in all of this the fact that a crime had been committed by the PMO, which Harper RUNS, seems to have been lost, forgotten or ignored by the Cons, as part of their strategy to push this 'don't look at me' load of shit to their mud dumb stupid base. And who, unbelieving as it is, actually believe that crap.

    1. hi wazz...very well said. It really was a day to remember. Or forget. I might be able to forgive the Cons a couple of things, because we're all human eh? But the way they're making us look like backward rednecks in the eyes of the world is simply unforgivable. So many great Canadians worked so hard for so long to earn us a decent reputation, and they've blown it in a matter of a few years. If there are any decent Cons still left out there now is the time to come to the aid of their party. Because it's going down the toilet...

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper has no decency, honor, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. Harper is a Dictator from his Alliance. Harper is also no Conservative. Everything Harper touches, he fouls. Hitler was the old face of evil. Harper is the new face of evil.

    1. hi anon...I like to sum it up this way: Harper is too small and too ugly to be the Prime Minister of this very big and beautiful country...

  6. "Hoser nation" is an apt description of this sorry collection of the dregs of humanity, this segment of the electorate and the population bereft of decency and basic human values who seek to elevate ignorance, bigotry, greed and selfishness to the level of "culture". So how might we characterize such social behavior which seeks to elevate ignorance, boorishness, vulgarity, bigotry, and criminality to the level of "culture", which sneers at public libraries and museums, published authors, public works, public broadcasting, intellectual or artistic aspirations divorced from monetary considerations, higher education, an appreciation of diversity and foreign cultures, and so forth as "cultural elitism", the culture of elites or even "cultural marxism" . If traditional liberal culture has been reduced to and derided as "cultural marxism' by the rabid Reform base, the hoser nation, we may properly characterize their own cultural aspirations and expression as "cultural fascism'.

    The term "lumpenbourgeoisie" which Marxist historian Andre Gunder Frank attributed to neo-colonial elites and rulers in his 1970 writings to characterize the appetites of said elites for political subservience, criminality and corruption may aptly describe both the class nature and cultural aspirations and expression of the Ford clique, the Harper clique, their deranged admirers and political groupies. Stumbling down the street in a drunken stupor, urinating in public, groping and assaulting women, bellowing at "maggots" and other adversaries, hanging out in service station washrooms, etc. is certainly enough "lumpen" behavior, even if one's economic status is that of a bourgeois upstart, and certainly not behavior one would seek to emulate, propagate or raise to the level of cultural expression.

    1. hi Rene...I have to admit I enjoyed the MacKenzie brother a lot, becuae they poked gentle fun at ourselves, and took the mickey out of the pretentious. I found it quite similar to some of the old pre-Quiet Revolution Quebecois comedy, where the little guy took the mickey out of the English bosses. But this new Hoser Nation is far more threatening because it makes boorishness a virtue, and replaces reason with mob rule. So we end up with a situation where people hate Omar Khadr because they hate his family. Or the length of a sentence depends on how much you hate the criminal. It's ugly, its dangerous,
      it can be used to pit Canadians against Canadians, and as I said in my post, if it is not brought under control it could one day tear this country apart...