Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rob Ford and the Slow Death of the Con Nation

At last he stands revealed, the Bubbah Lord of the Ford Nation, in all his grubby glory.

The political thug, the violent rages, the dangerous drunk, the crude sexual remarks, the hookers, the racism. 

According to the police documents, Barnett and Provost told Ransom the mayor took a taxi to a bar and hurled racist epithets at the driver along the way, calling him a "Paki," mocking him with fake-language sounds and throwing business cards at him.

The brutish bully. 

Today’s much anticipated city council meeting started with allegations of bullying. City Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong accused the mayor of physically blocking him from speaking to the council chair and “ordering” him to sit down.

Who would try to intimidate a man half his size.

The grotesque right-wing buffoon who claims he's a "role model." The laughingstock of the world.

“I support the police more than anyone,” Ford told the City Council. “I’m a positive role model in kids that are down and out.” He’s such a great role model for kids that nervous organizers have begged him to stay on the sidelines of the city’s annual Santa Claus parade, according to the Toronto Star.

The man who talks and acts like a mobster.

Later, sounding more Mafia than mayor, Ford hinted darkly at exposure. “We all know stories about each other," he said. "I wasn't brought up that way. I’m not a rat.”

And of course the drug abuser, in total DENIAL.

You know about two weeks ago I tried to sum up how I felt about Rob Ford in this tweet.

And nothing I saw or read today has changed my mind. Rob Ford should not be fired because he has a drug problem.

He should be fired for his criminal connections, his brutish behaviour, his racism, his sexism, his homophobia, his reactionary policies, his crass incompetence. And for lying like a thief, and shaming us all in the eyes of the world.

Aided and abetted by his Con enablers, like his equally thuggish brother Doug ...

Who the latest documents have revealed once again to be the power behind the throne...or the toilet.

And of course Stephen Harper, who helped Doug create a powerful political organization.

Propped up the buffoon for his own sinister purposes...

Because they are just different versions of the same Con beast. Harper wants Toronto so bad he would do anything to try to conquer it.

And who will for his crimes against the decent people of that city, be forced to wear the Fordzilla all the way to the next election. Like a drowning man wears an anchor.

Which is why the best thing I heard today, apart from the wonderful sound of the Ford and Con Nations choking on the word HOOKER. And slowly dying in plain view.

Was this sound...

The sound of drums and the sound of angry citizens banging on the doors of City Hall and saying enough is ENOUGH...

For if they can rise up against Ford, we can rise up against Harper and his foul regime.

Yup. The grubby truth has been revealed. But I always knew this eh?

From the very day he came to power.

You can't trust a bully.

And you can't put lipstick on a Con hog...

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Anonymous said...

His fishing buddy Mr. Harper is ruling the class right now.

I thought they formed a political dynasty. First, it,s Mr. Ford is hand in hand with the Harper Government, creating a conservative dynasty defeating the left wing pinko,s.

Then the left wing media and socialists are hounding this great man of the people with unsubstantiated allegations. They should be ashamed.

Then it,s.... i really have nothing to say, it just seems so wrong. We feel for this poor man and his family.

What,s obvious and doesn,t go unnoticed is Mr. Harpers silence. Not a peep. To Harper it,s just another scandal to wait out, but eventually the public are going to connect the dots between Harper and Ford....."What Then??...... Will he throw him under the bus while he "cooks the deficit books" to make Jim look good and get re elected?

Maybe after this is all over the conservative dynasty can sell the rights for a movie. Beware of the old adage - "Figures never lie but Liars sure figure".

Anonymous said...

I,m posting this here to correct a post from e.a.f. about Timber West Forest Corp yesterday and our Liberal government here in B.C. (Stephen Harper, Rob Ford, and the Con Apocalypse). Not to start the pot boiling but to set the record straight.

Hello e.a.f.

You say :- Historically the christie clark and crew are affiliated with the federal Liberals, not the federal Conservatives. WRONG :- This is a totally false perception. It,s just the opposite actually. The Liberal name was stolen by our once Social Credit Government, which are as hard right wing as the Federal Conservatives. Gordon Campbell was our Liberal Premier and was Harpers Lackey. He left the party in disgrace and was immediately appointed by Harper as his stooge for selling out B.C. by appointing him as the Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. .

Just to set the record straight about TimberWest Forest Corp.and supplying some facts. I,m from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and these public timberlands were secretly stolen and sold to private interests by the B.C. Harpercon Government called the Liberals. The public always had full access to these public timberlands. One day i take a drive to do some trout fishing and the whole claim is gated with no access. “trespassers will be prosecuted” .

Locals were irate. The Liberal(con) government sold our public lands to the greedy corporations, the public outcry was. I thought there,d be a backlash from the NDP. They,d gain many political points with this underhanded Liberal scam. Never heard a peep from the NDP so i decided to investigate.

The Federal and Provincial Public Sector Pension plans bought Timber West. That,s right......the Feds(Harper) and the B.C. Government(Campbell) got together and cooked up this expropriation.

That explains why we never heard an outcry from the NDP because of their union affiliation. This is not unusual. Timberwest was an income trust. The NDP were complicit with Harper in the income trust fraud. The taxes that they claim income trusts didn,t pay were the 45% of trusts held in rrsp,s, which we all know are tax deferred. The NDP supported this fraud with 18 pages of redacted paper.

These Public Sector Unions are now able to purchase these same businesses like Timber West and pay no tax while ordinary citizens pay a 34% tax. There,s many deals like this between the wealthy unions and the wealthy corporate sector. So much for the majority which aren,t affiliated with either sector. The ordinary working stiff is getting shafted by the right and the left. It,s disgusting..

Anonymous said...

This was in another blog today regarding NDP and the media stonewalling them. Ever wonder why they don't get equal airtime? Read this. It explains quite a lot as to why they didn't get a majority in the 2011 election based on just pure numbers, Simon.
Also explains why buffoons like ford and harpie manage to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Denzil Minnan-Wong and a the Con council members helped create this monster. They had his back until last week. I hope the voters remember that and throw them all out.

bcwaterboy said...

Your tweet summed it up well Simon, although by now I'm thinking we should be moving past trying to help the addict and moving on to focusing on Ford entirely from the criminal activity lens. I've been wondering about the hue and cry regarding "tough on crime" and the con propensity for jailing drug abusers. Gee, didn't Ford himself call for the jailing of anyone using drugs not that long ago? Oddly, I think there's even much more to learn about this train wreck and the real test will be to see how he survives politically. Unfortunately, I think we've sunk so low on the right wing dream that we're stuck with both Ford and harper for at least another election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Can't wait to see your reaction after Harper mops the floor with shiny phony and angry franco, just like he did with the last crop and the ones before that.

Boy you "progressives" are just a pack of pathetic losers aren't you?

Anonymous said...

It is not that difficult to see, why Harper and Ford, are very good friends? Their personalities are very similar, refusing to resign knowing, they are both despised. Why doesn't Harper appoint Ford to his PMO?

The lying right wing, and the lies they tell
Nov 13/2013

BC Liberal Rich Coleman, giving our public assets to BC Liberal friends. Conoc Chinese government paid for, 800 hectares in Prince Rupert

Harper is also giving our Canadian farms to Red Chin as well
June 22/2013

With Harper's FIPA deal with Communist China, means we will have the Communist Chinese in our country, for a minimum of 31 years. China also wants the timber and mines on Vancouver Island. Keep an eye on Rich Coleman. He just took a huge tract of land on Vancouver Island, for a Real Estate deal. We must wait and see? If Communist China gets that timber from The BC Liberals? This is all about Harper's sellout of Canada to Communist China. Christy Clark doesn't govern BC, Harper does.

The BC Liberals work for Harper. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is Harper's favorite henchmen. Fadden of CSIS had warned of Communist China's huge inroads into our country. BC was specifically mentioned because, Gordon Campbell had already given much of BC to Communist China. Harper's sell-out of Canada to Red China, began way back in Campbell's reign of terror. Harper rewarded Campbell, the post of High Commissioner to the U.K. Campbell did a huge lot of dirty work for Harper.

Then there is this.

Harper signs a deal with, the Communist China Army
Aug 27/2013

Harper mulls massive Chinese resource project, in our High Arctic

Harper and Red China are going to force the Enbridge pipeline into BC. No wonder Harper, signed a deal with, the Chinese Communist Army

bcwaterboy said...

Unfortunately anon, harper only wipes the floor with those supporters who are no no longer useful to him.

John B. said...

This is an excellent analysis.

Harper has done a wonderful job in identifying and motivating potential supporters like you. If enough of you remain angry and take the time to vote, he may get another majority.

Blah - blah - blah.

Simon said...

hi anon... the PMO has issued specific intructions to Con MPs not to even MENTION the word Rob Ford. Which tells you how scared they are of the connection between Ford and Harper. But if the opposition is smart they should remind Canadians of those ties, because it can only tarnish Harpo and his scandal ridden government further. And if Harper tries to dump the Ford brothers like he's done to all his other friends, you can be sure he will hear from them...

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks for clearing this up, because when it comes to the complexities of BC politics I know my limitations ;) I can still remember when on my first visit to that beautiful province somebody explained to me that the Liberals were really the Conservatives !!! I don't think I've ever recovered. But what a sad and depressing story. And you're right, working people in this country really are getting shafted...

Simon said...

hi anon...your link was broken but I imagine you're talking about this story:
And I can understand the NDP's frustration, just like I can understand the fascination so many have with Justin. But Mulcair has been doing a great job of grilling Harper on the Senate scandal, and I'm pretty sure the NDP's efforts have been noticed by Canadians. And in the end progressives will have to decide which leader has the better chance of defeating Harper. As for me I've been wandering around in the wilderness preaching the unification of the left for years. Nobody ever listens to me of course, but I still feel that over the long run that is the only way we can get rid of the Cons FOREVER...

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right, Minnan-Wong enabled Ford for years. That doesn't excuse the way the Fordzilla tried to bully him. But it does mean that no progressive should ever vote for him. My representative is Adam Vaughn so I'm sitting pretty.... :)

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy....You're absolutely right. I have great sympathy for those trapped by addiction, I work with them all the time. I have seen the horror up close, and as you know I have a special place in my heart for the people of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood in Vancouver. But Rob Ford has exhausted any sympathy I might have had for him, because he's a really nasty human being, and a hideous bully bigot. The good news is that I am not as pessimistic as you are about both Harper and Ford winning another election. I think they're both in a downward spiral. After eight years, or ten by the time of the next election, I think people will be so sick of Harper they'll vote for ANYONE but him. And since the Fordzilla has made his two years seem like TWENTY he'll be going too...

Simon said...

hi anon 12:18.... Goodness don't we sound bitter. Not that I blame you eh? It must be horrible being a Con these days. Having to watch both Harper and Ford hit by one scandal after the other. And of course it's only going to get worse when the charges start flying. But are you seriously suggesting that any progressive is as much as a loser as your man Robbie? shame on you, seek help immediately... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...yes it's true, Harper and Ford are very much alike despite the physical differences and Harper's slightly higher I.Q. They are both rabid right-wing ideologues who would cut government until we're living in some kind of jungle, and they're both in their own way the most ghastly kind of bullies. And the good news? As I said in this post they're both going down together....

e.a.f. said...

You might want to take note that Christie Clark's former husband and her brother are long time federal liberal operatives and were very much part of Martin's crew. Nothing has changed. Clark's former spousal unit and her brother still "assist" in her campaigns.

there has always been a provincial liberal party but was inactive for many years. The liberals and conservatives were with the Socreds. As time progressed and the Socreds started to fall apart, one Gordon Wilson, took up the provincial liberal banner and proceeded to get it going. One Gordon Campbell then challenged him for the leadership and won. There is a B.C. provincial Conservative PaRTY. They just haven't been that successful. Their brand of conservatism/teabagging hasn't gone over with the voters too well.

The federal Conservatives may have made certain actions by the provincial Liberals easier to accomplish, However, they are two different parties. I too am from the Comox Valley. Timber West made business decisions which at the time were in their best interests. The method they used wasn't created for them by the federal Conservatives. During the federal Conservatives tenure that have made available a method for large corporations to make even more money, at the expense of taxpayers. Many may be of the opinion the forests were "stolen" however, the government sold them, just like they sold B.C. Rail.

the people in the Comox Valley maybe unhappy because Timber West and other owners are starting to restrict access to land the public had access to in the past. Unfortunately the people of the Comox Valley aren't that unhappy because they have continued to vote Conservative federally and Liberal, provincially. Timber West will continue to sell their land to others, who in turn will restrict access even further. Some of these future owners will be coming from overseas. The reality of it is the Canadian public has never paid that much attention to how Crown land is handled. we thought we had so much of it. Some countries such as India do not permit non citizens to own land there. P.E.I. restricts the amount of land non residents of PEI may own.

Attempting to roll the NDP and Unions into this "conspiracy theory" is a bit much. Now lets all get back to discussing the article Simeon has written.

e.a.f. said...

hello A. 12:18 p.m.

mopping the floor,; that is what Harper does with people no longer of any use to him. The "progressives" are smart enough to stay out of reach. The non Cons may continue to not win elections but we can't really say harper and his cons won some of those elections honestly.

The Cons have been quick to take up with American style politics and thus enabled them to be more successful at the polls. The other parties haven't lowered themselves to the Con standard. For that they are to be commended. Your description of the two other national political party leaders isn't all that accurate when attributed to them. However, angry and phony are two terms which describe Harper very well indeed. .