Monday, November 18, 2013

Watch Rob Ford Go Wild at City Council !!!!

Well I told you it would be a fascist circus, and that's exactly what it turned out to be. With the bully mayor on a rampage.

Chaos broke out during an extraordinary city council debate on reducing embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to essentially a figurehead.At one point, the mayor bolted across the room and appeared to accidentally knock over Councillor Pam McConnell.

As you can see with your own eyes...

"The mayor ran through me," Ms. McConnell said as colleagues stood with her to calm her. She said other people caught her before her head hit the council floor hand railing.

And what made it even more disgusting was that the bloated misogynist didn't even bother to say sorry but instead headed back to his seat. Until he was finally forced to apologize.

Prompted by Councillor Paula Fletcher, who said Ms. McConnell suffered a swollen lip, Mr. Ford apologized, saying he broke out into a run “because I thought my brother was getting into an altercation.”

And this only minutes after this happened.

Earlier in the meeting, the mayor seemed to mock Councillor Paul Ainslie after he interrupted his brother, Councillor Doug Ford. "Paul," the mayor called before gesturing in a pantomime of drinking from a bottle while driving. "Behind the wheel," he said and turned back to his desk. Mr. Ainslie admitted earlier this year to losing his driver’s licence for three days after receiving a warning at a spot check.

From a mayor who has been on a drug fuelled binge for months, and has admitted to drinking and driving.

And  who is so out of it he would compare the council action to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

“This, folks, reminds me of when Saddam attacked Kuwait,” he said. “President Bush said ‘I warned you, I warned you, I warned you do not.’” “You guys have just attacked Kuwait.”

Oh boy. I'll have more to say about all this later, after the mayor is finally neutered. Along with my thoughts on where we go now.

But all I have to say right now is that it only reinforces my belief that Rob Ford has to go.

He is a toxic force who is poisoning our democracy just like his good friend Stephen Harper.

And of course, that just like Harper.

A bully is a bully. A thug is a thug.

And you can't put lipstick on a Con hog...

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  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    This just in.... Hudak will back Wynne to get rid of Ford

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that and it's very interesting. It could be that they figure the Ford Nation will stick with him whatever he does, and he needs to attract others into his tiny tent. Or he's done some polling and found out that the Ford Nation morons aren't as many as he thought there were. Either way it's good, because if Wynne needs to save us from the Fordzilla now she can get unanimous consent and just do it...

  2. .. Sideshow .. ludicrous civic silliness..
    in an TV Punch & Judge Judy environment
    perfectly tailored to Rob & Doug Ford

    Why was Rob Ford running ? To Where? Why? And how much do we care? To the washroom?
    An assault on a councilwoman, as some claim ? Let's get a collective grip here

    But while Ford commands the media stage..
    The Harper infestation thrives,
    hidden by the sensational and very stupid media stampede

    We have a dirty government in Ottawa.. and that's an understatement
    Let's pin the tail on these donkey's.. its not hard at all ..

    They're not brilliant, clever, honest, caring
    They're ready for the fall .. its take down time ..

    1. hi're right it was a ghastly show, but I think you underestimate the impact of the Ford scandal on the Harperites, as I will attempt to show in my next post. It's true that today the Fordzilla's exploits sucked the oxygen out of the Senate scandal. But it's not going anywhere, the damage is cumulative, and the more scandals the better...

  3. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Enough. Stop. Just stop.

    1. hi anon...I share that feeling. I can't even look at the ghastly Ford Show without wanting to throw a brick at the TV. And the best thing is it's not just you and I who share that sentiment, it's only about five million other people...

  4. Harper's dirty tactics, are much more damaging than Fords. Harper is speeding up, his give-a-way of Canada to Communist China. Harper's fungus is spreading all over Canada. Harper and his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have just given Red China more huge chunks, of BC to Communist China. Christy Clark works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Strangely Harper and Christy Clark, prorogued Parliament and the BC Legislature, at the same time. The timber and the mines on Vancouver Island, had to be readied to give to Red China. China paid for 800 hectares at Prince Rupert, this is so China can build their LNG plants. As far as Christy's 100,000 jobs for BC, hahahaha. The BC resources and resource jobs, are all for Communist China.

    Christy's bogus TV ads, are identical to Harper's. Their economic and job action plans are exactly the same, they don't have any.

    Uhoh. Harper just slammed Trudeau on the pot issue. Harper also cut his good friend Fords throat, as he did to his senate, to save his own miserable hide. MacKay disapproved of Trudeau and his pot. Yet, said nothing about Harper's good friend Fords alcoholism and his crack use.

    I do believe if, Ford was only smoking pot, he wouldn't be in the mess he is in.

    1. hi gingersnap...I completely agree with you, Harper is definitely dirtier and more dangerous than Ford. But as you'll see in my next post, I think I know a way we can use both of them to hurt each other...

  5. Anonymous7:33 PM

    This is beyond ridiculous. It,s criminal. This clown needs to be locked up.

    The police have a lot of explaining to do. Ford admits to various illegal drug offences, lying till the cows come home, associated with gang bangers, DWI, etc etc.

    This reflects on our justice system more then on a bonehead like Ford. The police hopefully are still into a continuing investigation into this garbage, and this gong show will look like kids stuff when the big story comes out. I can,t help thinking about the character with the video who got murdered. Fords drug dealing personal driver, his gang banger buddies, the video and the murder all fit together in my mind.

    According to the police If you robbed a bank and then were caught, all you,d have to do is pull a Rob Ford and you,re free of the short arm of the law.

    1. hi anon...I know how you feel. I would also like to see Ford jailed or caged. But as you point out, the police investigation is still ongoing, so we could still get our wish. And if he is merely sentenced by the voters to spend the rest of his life in his basement smoking crack and drinking heavily, I won't be too disappointed...

  6. e.a.f.8:25 PM

    6:22 p.m.: agreed, enough has been said about this. lets move the conversation on to something more important like fracking or the e.u. free trade agreement.

    1. hi e.a.f....Now that Ford has been neutered the scandal will no longer overshadow everything else. I think most people in this city, and all across the country have had more than enough of that freak show.
      So don't worry, by next week at the latest it will be back to business as usual...

    2. e.a.f.6:46 AM

      of course as we watched the Jon Stewart show tuesday night, it looks like its all still up and running. They won't be referring to Canada as nice and/or boring for years to come.

  7. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Weight Watchers! You need to commit suicide!

  8. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I never realized bullshit could run so fast.