Friday, November 22, 2013

Stephen Harper and Rob Ford: The Love Story Continues

I told you it would be a hot love story, and you can't get any hotter than this eh?

Stephen Harper thinks Rob Ford has been a bad boy. And he may be rough trade.

But he still loves him. And he doesn't think he should resign. 

Prime Minister Harper waved his finger at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford but refused to call for his resignation as did a senior Conservative minister earlier this week. Ford’s political future after admitting to smoking crack cocaine and being targeted in a vast police investigation, “is for the city and the people of Toronto to decide,” Harper told reporters.

Because when it comes to his friend Robbie's wild record of drug abuse he can criticize him with gentle generalities.

“You know very well the position of our government toward drugs,” Harper said. “We have brought in tough laws and we never support the use or purchase of drugs by people in politics or in public positions.”

Or massage his fleshy buttocks.

Even as as he goes after Justin Trudeau with flyers like these in the riding of Brandon-Souris...

Or launches an all out ad campaign against him in different ethnic communities.

Like this one in Punjabi...

Which comes with this link.

And is, Paul Wells believes, part of the biggest campaign the Cons have ever launched against any political leader. 

I believe the Conservative campaign against Justin Trudeau on marijuana legalization is by far the most ambitious partisan exercise they have undertaken since their ad blitz against Michael Ignatieff in the first few months of 2011.

Because what's not too good when Robbie does it...awww shucks. Is terrible if Justin does.

The hypocrisy is nauseating, but Harper's continued support for Ford can be explained by polls like this one.

A new poll suggests that, despite Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s recent admissions of smoking crack cocaine and drinking to excess, his popularity has barely seen a dent – 42 per cent of Toronto residents said they approve of the job he’s doing, and 33 per cent still plan on voting for him.

A poll that suggests that while sixty per cent want Ford to resign support for his low tax message remains strong.

Rob Ford’s natural constituents are political adherents who devoutly believe in less government. Almost all taxes are bad. Ask how we should pay for billion-dollar transit costs, and they invariably fall back on the declaration that the province should use the money squandered on gas plant closures and eHealth and the like. It’s impossible to engage this subset in a reasonable discussion on government spending. For them, the “gravy train” rhetoric is motherhood.

Which is of course also Stephen Harper's message.

And the good news? Ford's support can be undercut by other right-wing candidates with a similar message. The core of the Ford Nation is smaller than most people imagine.

It remains rooted in Toronto's urban/suburban divide. And it doesn't break down easily along party lines.
In other words, Ford Nation goes far beyond the traditional bounds of Conservative, Liberal, NDP politics. It’s more than the left-right divide. It’s more sinister, more disruptive, more revolutionary, more a tilting against the windmills of society, more a desperate striking-out against our urban norms.

Strikingly, the emails one receives from this disaffected group of citizens are often vicious and vulgar, and when the authors run out of words, the signoff is spiced with personal invectives and salutations like “douchebag” and “scumbag.”

So it could easily turn on Stephen Harper who lacks Ford's populist appeal. Especially as Harper's own scandalous problems mount.

Harper's anti-marijuana message won't resonate with them. Not with their man Robbie being the city's best known drug abuser.

And most importantly, its beastly nature will only motivate the silent majority to turn out and vote in even greater numbers to defeat both men.

Which reminds me eh?

What is THIS beast doing in the Harper Christmas card? 

And since Charlie the chinchilla shares so many habits with Robbie.

They’re crepuscular, meaning they’re most active around dawn and dusk, and can be challenging pets. Capable of jumping 1.8 metres in a single leap, they also spray urine if on the defensive.

Like a propensity for night life, or urinating in public etc etc.

And Stephen Harper loves him so much.

Shouldn't he be on the card instead?

Yup. The amazing story of Rob and Steve.

They loved each other through thick and thin. Or scandal after scandal.

But they were Cons, their time ran out.

And they will go down TOGETHER...

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  1. e.a.f.12:11 AM

    when you have to run ads such as those, you really are desperate.

    Legal M.J. will certainly create jobs in B.C. A lot more than harper has created out here. It would make a lot of money for the government also. Colorado voters decided to place a 25% tax rate on legal m.j. Not bad.

  2. hi're right it is desperate and totally misleading. I mean what is that guy smoking marijuana or opium. And where was that shot in Canada or Bangladesh? My position is that if you can get through life without taking any drugs that's ideal. But if you are going to take them marijuana is just about the safest drug there is. And the sooner we can take its production out of the hands of organized crime the better...