Sunday, November 03, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Day of the Wingnuts

Uh oh. It looks like the Con convention has ended on a nightmare note for Stephen Harper.

I warned him not inflame his Con base, and above all not to WATER them

But he didn't listen. He whipped them into a foaming frenzy with his ghastly keynote speech.

And now the wingnuts are running WILD !!!! 

Canada's grassroots Conservatives have embraced a hard-core shift to the right - adopting new doctrines Saturday that attack unions and public service workers, condemn gender-selection abortions and euthanasia, and protect the rights of gun owners.

And running Harper.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not bound by the policies, but with his government lagging in the polls and facing a Senate expense scandal that continues to burn, he will come under pressure to adopt some of the contentious policies to satisfy his core base of supporters in the next election.

Because let's be clear eh? This isn't the Con Party of Canada any longer, it's a dangerous right-wing extremist group, or the Tea Party North.

Or a Zombie Apocalypse...

And while Great Ugly Leader may have thrown his rabid base enough bleeding chunks of red meat, women, children, LGBT people, and union members, to keep them happy for a while.

If the convention was to energize the soldiers Harper needs to carry the Conservative mantra to their wavering neighbours and work colleagues and to pound the pavement in campaign 2015, this weekend will be considered a qualified success.

But beyond the convention hall, Harper reinforced a perception that his toughest opponent should he run again in 2015 will not be Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair, but voter fatigue.

Most Canadian are STILL sick and tired of him and his corrupt Con regime. And when they take one look at all those weird and wacko policies.

Plans to defund the CBC, kill unions, allow Churches to discriminate openly against LGBT people, plans to exterminate reason in the name of dirty religion, and encourage gun worship until our streets are running with blood. The criminal actions of a syphilitic regime more cult than government. 

When they look at the rabid American-style teabagger zombies who are now running the Con Party.

And at the degenerate religious fanatic who is now the REAL leader...

They'll be running for the exits. Or running for their lives. Or fighting the Cons harder than ever.

And the BEST news?

The convention that was supposed to reboot the Harper government is ending not with a scream but a whimper.

So, for the record here’s what changed here this weekend. The prime minister, in an interview with Maclean’s Ken Whyte, believes there are too many head injuries in the NHL; Harper is pretty good with Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues; and a lovely late autumn turned to winter in Calgary while we all gathered for this convention.

Starting Monday, everything else everywhere else is as it was before anyone arrived here.

And the slow destruction of the Con regime will continue as scheduled.

Although I must add a note of warning eh?

Until the wingnuts, the zombies, and their depraved leader or leaders, are finally driven from power.

When approaching Harper's desperate and demoralized supporters.

Please exercise the usual extraordinary precautions...

Because they are still rabid, and they are still dangerous.

But know this eh?

The sun is coming up on their ghastly government.

We really do have them where we want them.

And sooner rather than later.

We really WILL destroy them...

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Anonymous said...

With all of these distractions were going on? Flaherty was busy with Harper's last Omnibull-S-Bill. As we all know? Harper is handing Canada to Communist China. Harper is planning China in a massive resource project in our High Arctic. China also wants the timber and the mines on, Vancouver Island. Harper's Omnibull-S-Bill gives Communist China permission to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block China's takeover of our country.

It is said, this Omnibull-S-Bill, has very little to do with the budget this time either. Flaherty could be setting up, more give-a-ways for Red China. Harper is permitting Communist China, to buy up our Canadian farmlands. Don't forget, Harper signed a deal with, the Red Chinese Communist Army.

Harper and Ford would make, excellent cellmates.

Rene said...

What's with all the cowboy hats in attendance? You would think it was some dude ranch get together or some Spaghetti Western film festival rather than a Conservative Party convention. And not so fearless leader provided not only the mind-numbing daily convention speeches but the evening entertainment as well, doubling as a fake western crooner in a fake western bar that didn't even require a chicken wire shield to protect him from the unappreciative patron. Music critics were undoubtedly screened at the door.

Given the policy proposals submitted by Reform's rabid base, I'm surprised there wasn't some proposal calling for mass deportations and a ban to all immigration. It's what his base clamours for in any online media discussion, but what they apparently lack the courage to argue openly for in any policy convention.

They display no more courage in their convictions than not so fearless leader.....

Anonymous said...

You sound more and more like a Nazi everyday. Do you have such low opinions of everyone who disagrees with you, bigot?

Seek help Simon, you have become a really rotten human being.

CanNurse said...

Hmmm. The transparent & courageous morally-upright Conservative "Anonymous", eh? And creative too... (Uses the "Nazi"- catchall. ) Bet he's a HarpCon lifeform.

Just Call Me Rick said...

Thanks for the laugh Simon ("Ask First"). Sad but so true. When Harper first won the majority I didn't sleep that night b/c I knew what was coming: a plutocratic, Orwellian, belligerent, militaristic, oil nation. But a friend said some comforting words the next day "Give them their majority, they'll be gone in 4 yrs". He was so right.

Simon said...

hi anon...yes it's true, while all these distractions are going on, his grim agenda keeps on rolling. For example I just read about how him and his gang have changed the E.I. rules to make it harder for the unemployed in Ontario to get any benefits, just like he has done in Atlantic Canada and other places.
It's disgraceful that a man who would pose as an outsider, is using the system to favour the rich and screw the poor. More than any other of his character flaws, his sheer cruelty offends me the most...

Simon said...

hi Rene...well I don't mind them wearing cowboy hats, I'm a bit of a cowboy myself, although I was ALWAYS an indian in the games I played as a boy. And it does remind people that the Cons are really the Alberta Party, and as Canadian as a three-dollar bill. As for their resolutions, I suppose they could have been worse judging by what they screech about in online forums. But then if you notice, some of the resolutions were heavily redacted by the PMO, so I wouldn't be surprised if they culled the ugliest ones. Although the ones they allowed through were ugly enough, and tell us all that we need to know about them. They really should hold their next hootenanny in Alabama rather than Alberta....

Simon said...

hi anonycon 3:46....don't be ridiculous. I sound like a Nazi for criticizing the Con base for their reactionary teabagger dribblings, their assault on women's rights, LGBT people, and unions? When I don't even call your ghastly leader a Nazi and rebuke those who do. I'm afraid you're the one who needs help to overcome your delusions, and come to terms with the sad truth more and more Canadians now understand: Your nasty little demagogue is a bully, a bigot, and a compulsive liar. And in the name of human decency it is our duty to defeat him. I do concede that after eight years of blogging I can sometimes be harsher in print than I should be, and am in my real life. So great is my frustration at seeing Harper and his minions trying to fool people, and getting away with it. But don't worry I will correct that problem as I go along, and I certainly don't need any lessons from you. ..

Simon said...

hi CanNurse...yes I'm afraid he is a HarpCon lifeform. I recognize his You should see the collection of bestial comments I don't publish, but keep in my files, to try to help the people of the future understand what kind of people we were up against, so they won't be so harsh on us for letting them and our country down so badly. And so they forgive us everything when we finally defeat the Cons. What a glorious day that will be...

e.a.f. said...

the "new" policies passed at the convention are part of stevie's long term plan to change the face of politics in Canada and turn the Conservative party more into a northern version of the Republicans. It is not a mistake or a problem for Harper that those policies are now on paper. They are part of his core belief--just look back at his time with that lovely think tank he headed.

If we look back at the Republican party and how it ws "taken over" by the teabaggers, this is right on target.

Some Canadian who voted Conservative in the past, are unhappy with the senate scandals, but if asked, how will you vote, they don't have an answer. They dislike both Trudeau and the NDP. They may just hold their noses or not vote. If they do not hang on to federal power look for them to make inroads in provincial politics.

Many of the conservatives have an agenda and as times get tougher many will not see what the cause is. In tough times you can get half the working class to kill the other half of the working class. The deterioration of the American political scene is coming to Canada. Multi national corporations have much to loose if harper and his cons are tossed out of office. With much advertising and manipulation of the message, they could be re-elected.