Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Corruption of the Con Regime

It was a scene right out of the last days of the Weimar Republic. A Con regime exposed as rotten to the core.

Its leader proclaiming his innocence, and clinging to ignorance. 

“It is right in the documents about what Mr. Wright told the RCMP,” Mr. Harper reported for the House’s benefit. “He said he told me that Senator Duffy had agreed to repay the money. He told me that he did not inform me of his personal decision to pay that money himself. When I learned of that, I took the appropriate action.”

The Conservatives stood and cheered. Indeed, they gave their man an extended ovation for this. Huzzah for clarity. Huzzah for the RCMP. Huzzah for not knowing what one’s chief of staff did.

His fanatical followers baying like beasts.

Mr. Harper jabbed his finger and the Conservatives stood again and cheered. Gary Goodyear pointed at and heckled the NDP leader. Maxime Bernier motioned with his arms for Mr. Mulcair to keep coming. Whatever the unseemliness of this whole affair, there apparently remains some confidence on the government side that everything is going to be okay. Or that the basic facts still put the onus on someone other than their man. Or at least that ignorance is bliss.

Trying to snatch victory from the jaws of shame.

As if they had something to celebrate. 

To measure the magnitude of the hit inflicted on Stephen Harper’s political management by Wednesday’s RCMP allegations pertaining to the Senate spending scandal, consider that the only thing that would have made that damage worse would have been for the police to drag the prime minister himself into its net.

As if it was a good day for Canadian democracy.

To sum up: the RCMP alleges that people placed by Harper in the government’s and the Senate’s chain of command either broke the law or took part in a cover-up designed to make a scandal go away, but leaves the prime minister himself off the hook and this is what has now come to pass for a good day at the office for the Conservatives.

Instead of one of its darkest.

A day when a depraved bully leader would roll out a cyberbullying bill in an attempt to distract us from a sordid scandal...

Or conceal the bill's threat to civil liberties.

Bill C-13, the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act, announced by the federal government Wednesday, was supposed to to fight cyber-bullying. Instead, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are cravenly using high-profile teen suicides such as those of Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons to peddle an omnibus bill that could put Canadian civil liberties at risk.

For he would use even poor bullied children, the ones I've fought for so long, for his own foul purposes.

So grubby is his Con regime now rolling in its own corruption. So advanced its decadence. 


So shameless HIS followers.

My favourite email, trivial in content but redolent in tone, is from Marjory LeBreton to Nigel Wright in March. She offers a self-serving account of a chat she had with Duffy. “I said ‘Mike you have just got to trust us on this and please don’t [go] crashing around invoking Nigel’s name or that of the PMO’”, she writes. “Just so you know. Marjory.”

It’s perfectly lovely. The Government’s Senate leader writes to the PMO to tell the Chief of Staff that she has admonished the sinking Sen. Duffy not to “invoke” the Chief of Staff’s name, because of course nobody must think the PMO is involved, because of course the PMO is involved.

So hollow the story.

That contrast between Harper’s close eye on the matter before Wright pulled out his chequebook and his beatific innocence after is one of many things that will eventually be explained — whether the PM feels like explaining it today or not.

So dangerous the leader...

Mr. Justice John Gomery concluded that Jean Chrétien did not know what was going on during the sponsorship scandal. It did not stop the scandal from destroying the government of Chrétien’s successor. Will Wright/Duffy get into court before the date supposedly set by law for the next federal election, in October 2015? Probably. If the election date really is set.

For who knows what he might do now? Will he try to create some monstrous distraction, with some divisive issue that would pit Canadians against Canadians? Will it be the death penalty, or a war, or a referendum, or an early election?

For now he is so desperate he is capable of ANYTHING.

But nothing he does will save him from the decent people of this country. For he has exposed himself to them in all his filthy corruption, and they have had ENOUGH.

For the sake of our country, for the sake of our democracy, for the sake of human decency.

The Con regime will be defeated.

And The Great Corrupter is going down...

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