Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Rob Ford and the Nightmare in Toronto

OMG. What a nightmare. Rob Ford is still the Mayor of Toronto, still clinging to power.

Nobody can get rid of him, he won't resign, he won't go to rehab.

And now the Fordzilla is out of CONTROL !!!!!. 

As Toronto city councillors pleaded for answers and his brother went on the attack, scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford struck a defiant tone Monday while continuing to dodge questions about his alleged secret exchanges with an accused drug dealer and about the video that appears to show him smoking crack cocaine.

He claims he's not a crack head who hangs out with dangerous criminals. And that he doesn't do drugs, just booze.

“I’m not a drug addict. I’m not an alcoholic,” he responded as Oakley tried in vain to stop him from evading. Ford said later: “I can assure you, Johnny, I do not use drugs. I drink.”

And his brother Doug, the real Mayor of Toronto, wants to know what's wrong with THAT ????

“I find it ironic, all these lily-white people out there, holier than thou, saying ‘Oh my god,’” Doug Ford said. “They’ve never had a drink, they’ve never been drunk before?”

And while the terrified councillors at City Hall decide whether to fight or flee, or declare a general evacuation order, some are trying to save Rob Ford from HIMSELF. 

If I didn’t have blogs and Twitter to mock Rob and Doug Ford, I’d probably lose my mind...But more than my own personal moral or political posturing, I simply don't want Rob Ford to die.

And from his brother...

I'd be willing to put money on Doug having forced his better-liked brother to stay in a position he neither understands or much enjoys so that he — Doug — can ride his populist coattails into provincial politics. I would also wager that the only reason Rob hasn't allowed himself to be talked into stepping down and going to rehab is that Doug still thinks this whole disaster can be turned around.

It can't. Rob will only get worse, and for one reason: He has never been held accountable for anything he's done.

While others like Rosie Di Manno want the police chief to lay charges.

An ordinary person might wonder whether there’s one law for small fry, the pathetic druggie riff-raff, and another for the mayor of Toronto, who has not been charged with anything and, unless police Chief Bill Blair is withholding, will not be charged with anything criminally.

And Ford to be hit with two barrels --- or two videos.

There are two videos, Blair revealed at his shocking press conference. What’s on the other one? Are we not to know? Because a few reporters have already been told by sources what its contents might be. If true, believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And I think she's right eh?

It's probably going to take a double blast of reality to bring the Fordzilla down....

But one thing is for sure. That scummy bigot is going down. And so is his good buddy Stephen Harper.

As I said last night, we can use the close ties between the two men to smear both of them, and degrade the Con brand further.

And with a little bit of luck, and a lot of screaming.


They'll both go down TOGETHER...

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bcwaterboy said...

The one true advantage to the progressive movement at the moment Simon is that the cons are on the path of self-destruction and will ultimately ensure their own demise. We still have that lingering problem with elections though with the 30 odd % of folks who fall for this stuff being able to win elections because of the group that stays on their couches on election night.

rumleyfips said...

When the video was for sale, I and so many others sent money. lThe funds were there but someone had put the frigheners on the boys. They knew who they were dealing with and that their lives were in danger.

Now Ford's " part time driver and security officer" has been charged with extortion related to aquiring the video.

The story reads like an account of the dealings of a violent drug cartel.