Monday, November 04, 2013

The Horrifying Oneness of Stephen Harper and Rob Ford

They may appear like an odd couple. The monstrous Machiavellian and the monstrous buffoon. But they both spent the weekend doing the same thing.

Stephen Harper trying to reframe the Senate scandal by blaming it on the Senators he appointed and the Senate he corrupted.

Rob Ford trying to refocus the crack video scandal on his battle with the bottle. 

“I’m not a crack addict. I’m not an addict of any type of drug, even alcohol,” he said. “I’m not an alcoholic. But do I like to have a couple drinks? Absolutely, I do.”

Because that could happen to anyone eh?

And both men clearly thinking they can fool Canadians into believing ANYTHING.

But then why should anyone be surprised? When as Haroon Siddiqui points out they have so much in common.

Both are Conservative rightwing populists – mocking the media and the “liberal elite;” living in a fantasy world free of reality (Harper claiming to be a custodian of the economy even as it remains anemic, Ford boasting to be “running a great government” even while keeping City Hall in constant chaos); catering to, and successfully maintaining, their respective constituencies (“the Ford nation” and “the Conservative base”).

Both are compulsive liars, hypocrites, and bullies.

Both treat their adversaries as enemies. Both follow a “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy (Ford berating a dozing civil servant while keeping his own light workload secret, Harper cutting government expenditures while increasing his own office’s, demanding transparency but maintaining obsessive secrecy.)

Both seem to think they can do anything and get away with it.

Both operate as though traditional political rules do not apply to them – in Ford’s case, seemingly not even the law.

And most importantly, both are hardline Cons who are dedicated to killing government no matter what it costs, no matter who they hurt.

So they can turn our country into a JUNGLE.

Where the poor wither and die in the shadow of the rich...

As I see every day in my own neighbourhood.

And the good news? Neither Harper or Ford will get away with it this time.

Because the reason the Senate scandal and the crack video scandal are so devastating is that they sum up in a nutshell, or a police report, what's wrong with both men.

Expose them for what they are:

It may be too early to write the political obituaries of Harper and Ford. But they can no longer bully and bluster their way without making Canadians cringe.

And more and more Canadians are tired of their grubby act, and just want them GONE...

Yup. They were born for each other.

They deserve each other.

And if we're really lucky eh?

They'll both go down TOGETHER...

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e.a.f. said...

they haven't gone yet. never under estimnate the lack of intelligence of the voters and never under estitmate the value of good spin doctors and lots of money for advertising. These two aren't gone. They re-elected the lieberals in B.C. and Christie Clark, enough said.

Anonymous said...

I see more and more that Harper has been in bed with Ford

Shawn Cullen