Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Revolt of the Con Sheeple

OMG. I can hardly believe my furry ears. But a strange sound is coming from the Con Castle.

And no, it's not the sound of Great Scandalous Leader standing in front of a mirror, and screaming "I know NOTHING !@#!!!" Over and over again. To see which one looks more credible.

No, it seems that one of his faithful traitorous followers, Michael Chong, is planning a revolt of the Con sheeple !!!!! 


A Conservative MP is set to introduce a bill that would give party caucuses significant powers — including the ability to vote out their leader.

One measure would entrench in the Parliament of Canada Act that the different Commons caucuses — also referred to as parliamentary parties — have the power to trigger a leadership review vote, as long as 15 per cent of the caucus applies in writing for one. After that, a simple majority of MPs, 50 per cent plus one, could vote to turf the leader and have a leadership race.

Andrew Coyne is calling it a REVOLUTION.

Should it pass, Parliament would never be the same again. The bill would fundamentally recast the relationship between party leaders and caucuses, and with it the whole structure of our politics. The balance of power would shift, irrevocably, in favour of MPs and their riding associations, and away from the leaders and their apparatchiks. In sum, this is a vastly consequential bill, and fully deserving of the historical echoes in its short title: The Reform Act, 2013.

And although the bill wouldn't come into effect until after the next election.

And I'm a bit worried about what might happen to Michael Chong...

Or any Con who dares to vote for it.

One way or the other it could be BIG trouble for Stephen Harper.

Because if he does put down the revolt.

By stripping off his sheep's clothing, and revealing his inner wolf...

He'll look like a power hungry control freak. 

Just at the time when he's trying to convince Canadians he's such a hands-off guy he didn't even know what was going on in his own office. 

His restless backbenchers would become even more unhappy, and his party even MORE divided.

And if he does agree to a free vote, to buy some peace, and the bill passes. And those backbenchers know they don't need his approval to run again.

It would remove the current provision in the Elections Act requiring any candidate for election to have his nomination papers signed by the party leader. Instead, the required endorsement would come from a “nomination officer,” elected by the members of the riding association. In other words, the riding association, and not the leader, would decide who its nominee was. There would be no leader’s veto.

They wouldn't be afraid to speak out. Party discipline would break down.The religious fanatics would come out of the woodwork. And make the Cons look like the Reform Party again, in the lead-up to the next election.

Which needless to say would be very, VERY good for us....

Yup. One way or the other it's bad news for Great Sheeple Leader.

He's not the man he used to be eh?

He will not escape those Senate questions. He will not escape his caucus.

The revolt is just beginning.

And his time is running out...

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gingersnap said...

As we know? Harper is handing Canada over to Communist China. He is mulling China for a massive resource project, in our High Arctic. Another chunk of BC was also just handed to Red China. Harper will force the Enbridge pipeline through.

Harper signs a deal with, the Communist China Army.
Aug 27/2013

Hasn't anyone noticed? Harper is gutting our military, that he has no intention of fighter jets, ships or, even new army boots for our soldiers? Harper won't need our military, now would he? He has China's military. Harper has given Canada's resources to China, including resource jobs. Harper is loathed, Enbridge is loathed and Communist China is loathed, especially in BC. China has paid for 800 hectares in Prince Rupert BC. China now owns BC's NG. China is building their NG plants at Prince Rupert. China also wants, the timber and our mines on, Vancouver Island. BC citizens have been warning Canadians? Harper is a snake in the grass. However no-one would listen to BC. Now that evil monster of a Harper, has destroyed Canada. If Harper is resisted, I don't doubt for one minute, Harper will bring in his, Red China Army.

Anonymous said...

So who is Michael Chong?
Well he was elected and as a rookie ended up in cabinet cause of his "ethnicity" and hockey connections.
Then he quit/ got fired from cabinet cause he objected to the Quebec Nation controversy...which wasn't a controversy cause EVERYONE bought the Quebec Nation theme. OOOPs wrong side on that.
Then he got on the reform question period bandwagon...and the wheels fell off that cause he really didn't understand the essence of the issue. OOOPs
Now he's on his reform pony again but he really doesn't understand where all his reform suggestions will lead. Sound familiar? OOOOOPs
Nice guy...constituents love him cause of his personal demeanor and the" love the maverick" from the local (and now national media).
Support his latest idea? Get ready for another OOOOOOOOps

e.a.f. said...

Not so fast for the oops this time. this time other M.P.s maybe very interested in having this act brought forward. He might have one or two others in his own party join in. A variation of the suggested system has worked in England. Our current system was working, more or less, but then it never was created because no one saw Stevie Harpon coming down the track. Even if it does turn out to be an ooops, the M.P. is ensured he will hang on to his seat even if the rest of the cons went down in flames.