Saturday, November 02, 2013

Stephen Harper's Monstrous Convention Speech

It was without a doubt one of the worst and most disgusting political speeches I have ever heard. One so foul it left me feeling sick to my stomach. And more fearful than ever about the future of our country.

A speech that could have been delivered at a teabagger convention in Alabama, or at the point when Stephen Harper attacked the courts, a beer garden in Nuremberg.

But was delivered to a wildly cheering mob, the pathetic descendants of the once proud Conservative Party, in a Cow Palace in Calgary. 

If I had the time and the energy to write it, and you had the patience to read it, I could dismantle every line. But why bother when there was nothing new in it?  We've heard it all before.

And it was a speech that at one low point I summed up like this:

A speech that Andrew Coyne described so well as a parody of a parody of an empty clich√©.

If you thought he was going to take the opportunity to level with Canadians about the Senate scandals — to explain what happened, to tell what he knew, to clear up the many contradictions and gaps in his story, even to acknowledge it’s an issue, beyond the sins of a few miscreant senators — you should have known better.

If you say you are sorry, you are not just conceding that you did something wrong. You are conceding the possibility of wrongness...If you never act as if you expect to be held to any standard, he calculates, you won’t be. If you never act as if you’re guilty, you aren’t.

A refusal to admit that he did anything wrong, on a day when the RCMP alleged this about Pamela Wallin.

Who he appointed to the Senate, and whose expenses he personally approved and found SATISFACTORY.

But which nevertheless did not restrain him from calling for the rule of law to be replaced by the rule of the mob, in the manner of a quasi-fascist demagogue...

In a massive room at the BMO Centre, Harper told the 2013 policy convention he is more determined than ever to punish those senators responsible for extravagant spending, dismissing concerns by some, including his own MPs, that due process against them must be followed.

Harper mocked his political opponents for demanding “every week” that he “immediately fire or expel people often on the flimsiest of allegations,” while now being squeamish in the face of “a case based on facts.”

“I couldn’t care less what they say, we will do the right thing,” said Harper, in his prepared remarks.

Or a raving maniac who would reduce us to a state of lawlessness, while simultaneously proclaiming himself a champion of law and order.

And whose foul trumpeting had me tweeting this eh?

But luckily, in that heap of stinky manure that Great Ugly Leader deposited at the Cow Palace today, are embedded the seeds of his own destruction.

The unmistakable evidence that he will NEVER change. So he will never be able to rebrand himself or reboot his tired, corrupt, Con regime.

And the fatal delusion that his hollow blathering about his mediocre economic record can make Canadians not care about the Senate scandal. When in fact they do care about it, and it's KILLING the Con brand.

Canadians may be judging Stephen Harper more on how he handled the Senate scandal than on how he's managed the economy, a new poll suggests.

Just over half — 51 per cent — of those surveyed said Harper's management of the Senate controversy was more important to judging his performance than his track record on job creation.

And my guess is that the reason so many Canadians put that sordid scandal even before the economy, is that so many now understand that it's really about HIM...

And so many now fear and hate Harper and his grotesque regime, they would use the scandal as a weapon to drive them from power. As they would use ANY issue as a weapon, so desperate are so many to see the Cons gone.

At least that's the message I took away from Great Ugly Leader's speech eh?

And summed up like this...

For surely now no Canadian can fail to recognize the danger we are in, or to what ghastly place that depraved demagogue might take us. Or the need to join forces to defeat him if our country and its democratic values are to survive.

And no fascist blathering, no Big Lies will save him from this truth:

He did do the crime.

He will be defeated.

And sooner or later he will do the time...

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the salamander said...

.. when we separate the very thin Harper Myth.. from reality
we find a pudgy pale disturbed little boy in diapers, in a sandbox in Toronto

yes.. Canada is the sandbox .. with make believe cowboys
Indians threatening the fort .. Chinese allies ..
his royal Harper Highness' final retreat is to the arctic.. and the inuit rally behind him .. ???

That's it ?? Mr Harper ?? Your sandbox short pants economics comic book ethics ?
You think the Inuit and First Nations will subscribe to (buy into & pay for /sellout to)
the racist, noxious crap you sucked up to from Tom Flanagan ?
Your rip n strip entitled little white boy corporatist supremacy ??

Serious ??

Man .. your reptile brain pattern is shallow ..
Your heart has never glowed.. n never will
but yes.. you do stand on guard for 'thee' .. but only Stevie thee
You have zero idea who we are..
You will never recognize us.. our country .. our flag
our dreams needs or wishes
or those who defended us.. or our values

Get back to your sandbox.. dismissed .. ! .. !
Did not meet simple basic Canadian standards ..

mizdarlin said...

Spealing of all the jobs he 'created,' where are they, please? Alberta?
Certainly haven't noticed any upswing here in BC, lots of promises though, if we are willing to destroy the environment for a few tempory jobs that would probably end up going to foreign workers anyway, once we sold our souls to Big Oil and Harpster...
He is foul and disgusting...just like the bitumen he flogs

Anonymous said...

As if all this is the only reason, we detest Harper? I can't believe how anyone with decency, honor, ethics and morals, could possibly support a monster such as Crime Minister Harper? They should be ashamed of themselves. They remind me of the fanatic Goebbels who supported, the evil dictator Hitler and all of his dastardly deeds.

Crime Minister Harper, is the new face of evil. Harper had even hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

Anonymous said...

I actually had to leave the room when he started talking about crime. This coming from someone born and raised and going to university in Alberta...

Tell me one other time in Canadian history that jail guards went on strike because they were fearing for their lives?

This government didn't have the forethought to make more prisons when they brought in their "Tough on Crime" legislation.

And now we have triple bunking in some situations, double bunking is the norm and we aren't doing anything to curb it. So now guards are being put into danger, people who got caught doing something that should really only be a fine are double bunked with sexual assault perpetrators...

Thanks Harper for looking out for us!

e.a.f. said...

regardless of what is happening right now, stevie slime still has some time to go before he has to call an election. As we know, a yr can be a very long time.

The speach is much as I thought it would be. He is all about the economy, as are the people who voted for him. They thought only he could "fix" the economy. It hasn't improved. The only reason Canada survived the bank collapses was the federal Liberals had brought in strong rules quite some time ago. Of course we do have the small matter of murder, money laundering in Mexico, for the Bank of Novia Scotia. There was a documentary on t.v. about that little matter last month.

The one entertaining part of stevie's speach was his referance to Trudeau, the younger. We can look forward to stevie and the cons running ads which will try to establish a link in people's minds about Trudeau, the young, m.j. and organized crime. They can never stoop too low in their quest to hang onto power.

Simon said...

hi salamander...Golly. I had no idea you felt so strongly about Great Ugly Leader. ;) And I'm proud to be on his Enemy List with you. Because after last night's performance any Canadian who isn't on it should be ashamed of themselves. Not only was the content of the speech so ugly and so fascist. The way he leered at the mob or mocked and smeared the opposition, or bragged about killing the national daycare program and the gun registry, was absolutely disgusting. I can't believe such a grubby little man is the Prime Minister of Canada, and I can't wait until he's gone...

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin...the invisible jobs are out there somewhere I'm sure, probably hiding with the invisible criminals. But the pathetically few real jobs are mostly in Alberta. While in BC, Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Quebec to a lesser extent, there are no good jobs to be seen, and foreign workers everywhere. The Cons cut taxes for their business friends claiming they'd create jobs, but they didn't. The suits just sat on the money. They should be ashamed of themselves, and the Cons should be FIRED...

Simon said...

hi there...please don't repeat the name of Wolfgang Droege again. I don't want anybody to remember even his name. And as I've said before, I know Harper is an evil thug, but all I care about now is defeating him in the next election. Any ideas in that regard are welcome...

Simon said...

Yes, the crime part which was the longest section of his speech was absolutely horrifying. And I wasn't kidding when I said it made me feel nauseous. For a Prime Minister of Canada to be appealing to the lower instincts of the rabble by making it sound like we're under assault by criminals and perverts for crass political reasons is simply beyond the pale. And I'm glad you mentioned the prison guards, because as you point out there lives are being endangered by his outdated policies. Because you know he's for law and order, but not the people who enforce it. Especially if they have a union. Because he'd like to bust them all and privatize the prisons, where the prisoners work in factories for a minimum wage, and so do the guards. When they're not getting stabbed. Because Harper only wants your vote, and the only person he cares about is HIMSELF...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....actually it's worse than that it's TWO year...October 19, 2015. I've got that date on the fridge, and I'm thinking of tattooing it on my wrist so I can check it often and be encouraged. ;)
Because let's face it two years can seem like an ETERNITY. However, if Harper's polls don't magically rise, a year from now he will have to decide whether to let somebody else try to save the party. And if he doesn't resign he could be pushed out. And if the police arrest him the nightmare could end even sooner, so I've gotta be honest, I'm feeling pretty good right now...

Anonymous said...

The "smartest man in the room" has little by little shown himself to be a fraud. He makes decisions based on ideology rather than rational thought. I remember another leader in history that showed a similar penchant for thinking he was smarter than everyone else. It didn't turn out well for the 6th Army at Stalingrad did it? I'm convinced that dear leader has surrounded himself with incompetent people so that he can shine brighter (at least in his own eyes and those of his cult followers. It is encouraging that some of the right wing media pundits are starting to criticize him......there was a similar phenomena in the USA during the latter part of G.W's second term. If the Bilderbergers start courting J. Trudeau we will know Harper is toast. :) I couldn't listen to the convention gag reflex was acting up! It all reminds me of a Billy Graham type event. The party faithful gazing into the sky Halloween night awaiting the arrival of the Great Bumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Always the delusional Simon. Heheh, good feeling,,,,,,,how little you know sucker.

Anonymous said...

The very sad thing about the "whole affair" is that there are some Canadians who are so brain-washed that they idolize this man! The group of Canadians sitting on the actual stage behind him smiling and waving their blue ?????? just made me think of two words.......bad props!

Very bad theatre with the audience having the "stage fright" !

Anonymous said...

Bilderbergers......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........would like to be a fly on the wall at their next meeting????

e.a.f. said...

In politics you just never know. It would be nice to see the back end of stevie slime, but you never can tell. stevie and his cons are about 10 yrs behind the republican teabaggers in terms of changing politics and how the game is played. When looking south of the border it is not encouraging. The RCMP report to the politicians and stevie annointed the current commisioner. If the cons change leaders, it will be a new ball game again. We have only to look at B.C. to see what a change in leader for a corrupt political party can do.