Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stephen Harper's Cons: Now They're Threatening Our Food !!!

They are threatening our democracy. Threatening the planet, threatening our lakes and rivers.

Now they stand accused of the ultimate crime: threatening our food supply. 

Canada’s food recall system has not been properly managed by the federal government and “significant improvements” are needed to keep consumers safe, says the federal auditor general. In his report released Tuesday, Michael Ferguson blasted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for shortcomings in its oversight of the food safety system.

Can you believe that? They're always talking about making our streets safer but they would poison us in our HOMES?

Even after the horrifying listeriosis outbreak of 2008 that killed 22 Canadians, and sickened dozens of others, they STILL haven't learned their lesson.

For instance, in the areas reviewed, auditors often did not find proof the CFIA fulfilled its responsibility to follow up with food manufacturers after a recall to ensure their product was either relabelled or destroyed.

“For most of the recalls we examined, the incomplete documentation prevented us from being able to verify that the CFIA had adequate assurance that foods posing serious safety risks to Canadians did not re-enter the marketplace,” revealed Ferguson.

So we can't be sure that we are not eating tainted food or feeding it to our children.

And it's not just food safety that is threatened so is rail safety.

The auditor general was also concerned with "significant weaknesses" found in Transport Canada's oversight of rail safety. Transport Canada completed only one in four of its planned audits of federal railways over a three-year period, due in part to a lack of inspectors, the audit report found.

There were issues of "trespassing, grade crossings, concerns about the environment, the collection of data on safety performance from federal railways, and the implementation and oversight of safety management systems," the report found.

Can you believe THAT ? What is Stephen Harper waiting for?

Another tragedy like this one?

How many more people must DIE before the Cons start acting like a government instead of a right-wing extremist CULT?

But then why are we surprised? When the Cons have always put the interests of big business before the interests of Canadians.

When de-regulation is the cult's mantra, and they have been killing THOUSANDS of government jobs.

And for what? When the deficit is clearly under control. So they can have a stash of cash to bribe some Canadians in the next election.

Oh boy. You know the main responsibility of a government should be to protect the safety and welfare of their people.

And even that the Cons have failed to do. For that ghastly, alien, thoroughly un-Canadian cult would put ideology before people. Always. Even if they poison us in the process.

At least that's what I'm telling my friends and neighbours

I feel that after eight brutish years of Stephen Harper, and at this dark time of the year, the best way to reach them is through their stomachs.

You don't like the ways the Cons are muzzling the truth? You don't like the way they bully people or lie all the time? You don't like what they're doing to the environment?
You don't like the stench of corruption? You don't like Stephen Harper, our would be Dictator? Or Mike Duffy.

Now think DIARRHEA. Or death on a plate.

Yup. I think that's a message even the morons of the Ford Nation can understand eh?

Let's recall those ghastly Cons, and deposit them in the garbage can toilet bowl of history.

Before they kill us ALL...

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1 comment:

e.a.f. said...

the cons don't care how many die of food poisoning. really it was only 22 and it was only 49 for the rail murder. its o.k. there are still enough taxpayers around to fund our corporate friends.

although the cons say the deficient is going down, do we really know if it is? The cons may simply doing what the b.c. lieberals are doing out here.

Many taxpayers/voters don't care until it hits their family or their friends. Until then, as long as they think they can save a nickel on taxes, they will continue to vote for the cons. People still drink and drive. they play the odds.