Friday, November 01, 2013

Stephen Harper's Horrible Halloween Nightmare

OMG. When I saw those Con zombies going past my place last night, for a moment I thought they were after me eh? 

But it turned out it was only the Ford Nation on their way to the Con convention, and they were after Steve.

But he wasn't too happy to see them eh?

Because now he has to meet his slobbering base in Calgary with TWO big monkeys on his back: Mike Duffy AND Rob Ford. 

And since he had a big photo-op with Robby just a few weeks ago, where the two rubbed bellies, and acted like long lost lovers, now he's REALLY sorry.

With the news Thursday that police have the infamous video that appears to show Ford smoking crack cocaine, it is fair to question Harper’s judgment in so eagerly courting his fishing and barbecue buddy, the man who gave the prime minister the big bear hug and thumb’s up on the eve of the 2011 federal election.

Harper and his office made the bet in September that cozying up to Ford again was okay because they had clearly determined there were no more nuclear missteps looming for a mayor whose support they wanted again in 2015. They lost that bet.

Because now the zombies in his rabid base, who wanted Duffy's head on a platter, are questioning his judgement. Again.

And to make matters even more dangerous, so is Jason Kenney...

Harper’s judgment was also not so subtly questioned by his senior Alberta minister Jason Kenney, who was paying tribute to Wright, at the same time Harper was shredding the man’s reputation in the House of Commons.

Because as I told you last night, Jasonella is now in a REAL hurry to be the next Con leader. Before the sun goes down comes up on the Zombie Party.

And according to news reports his coded message to the base is the main topic of conversation at the convention.

Where so many are so unhappy with Great Scandal Leader.

“A couple of weeks ago, I would have told you that Harper was good for another 15 years, but now, not so much,’’ said Hamilton-area delegate John Mykytyshyn. “Maybe he takes a walk in the sand six months from now. Things are heading in the wrong direction for us.’’

So many are so paranoid...

So many don't know WHO to trust.

In an online survey of 1,280 Canadians taken after Duffy's first bombshell speech in the Senate but before he disclosed existence of a second cheque in another Senate speech earlier this week, Abacus found that 45% of those who voted Conservative in 2011 are not sure whether to believe Duffy or the prime minister.

And even some of the Con cheerleaders at the Sun are calling for him to be dismissed.

Unless it is OK for the prime minister to lie repeatedly and openly on an important matter, Stephen Harper must resign or be dismissed.

As Tories gather in Calgary they should ask themselves, if they are to not become the problem they set out to solve, how they would feel if this web of deceit were spun by a Prime Minister Chretien or Mulcair or Trudeau Jr. And why, if they do not dismiss their chief, Canadians should not dismiss them.

Yup, we couldn't really ask for a better start to the Con Convention eh? The one that was supposed to reboot the decaying Con regime.

The Ford Nation is reaching out from the Fordzilla's grave. Duffy is still with them. The base is restless, Jason Kenney's on the move.

It's a horror show if ever there was one.

And Stephen Harper's horrible Halloween nightmare.

Hey, Stay tuned for Great Ugly Leader's speech later today.

It should be really EXCITING.....

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bcwaterboy said...

If nothing else Simon, it will be sweet justice watching this bunch self-destruct. I look so forward to Steve's Gordon Campbell moment when he hits the airwaves and tries a bribe only to resign a week later. Can't wait. We could only hope that the power hungry Jason Kenney is the next Prime Minister. Even the fence sitters (I think) would not fall for such a narrow minded hypocrite, but then again if someone like Rob Ford can be elected Mayor of the biggest city in Canada, all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

A late breaking news bulletin just in from Calgary....

Anonymous said...

It must be really bad when even Robson at Sun Media is calling for PM Scandals Harper to resign, eh?

And to confirm that it is really bad, they are even preventing their cheerleader and Senator wannabe, Ivison, from mingling with the crowd.

If Kenney doesn't watch his back, he will be under that bus too. If it happened to Wright, it can happen to anyone in his own Party.

The rats, the rats .... there will be more of them in the water soon.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is nothing the BC citizens would like anything better than to, grab Gordon Campbell by the scruff of his neck, and try him for his theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections, just as his good buddy Harper did. Harper rewarded Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to the U.K. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper. Christy Clark also works for Harper. Rumor has it she too, is under fire for election fraud.

We still don't know? How much of Canada, Harper gave to Communist China? During this distraction, Flaherty was very busy with, Harper's last Omnibull-S-Bill. We know Harper is mulling China for a, massive resource project in our High Arctic. Perhaps Flaherty was working on that. Harper's last Omnibull-S-Bill, had very little to do with the budget either.

Flaherty is busy with, Harper's last Omnibus Bill.
Oct 26/2013

Anonymous said...

And that old conservative apologist Ivison has been thrown out? Ooooeee!

e.a.f. said...

Many of the cons at convention will look past the scandals. They only care about "the economy". In other words they only care that their and their corporations' taxes stay low and they continue to make money and they can import foreign workers whenever they want.

Jason, made his move to soon. It was clear, to me, by defending Wright at this time, he is throwing down the gauntlet to Harper. Expect him to disappear somewhere. Stevie isn't going to have any of that. Rob Ford and Harper, the bloggers make the connection but the MSM not so much. There isn't much out in B.C. about any of that, beyond the scandal aspects.

My money says, Harper isn't going to leave willingly. The base won't revolt. Ford will go to rehab. Life will continue.