Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rob Ford Shocks America on Saturday Night Live

OK here's the bad news. Rob Ford made the opening of Saturday Night Live.

And the good news?

He's actually worse than that.

The Americans only used "aboot" once eh?

Ford is NOT invited to today's Santa Claus parade. So the kiddies are safe.

And sooner rather than later, like his good friend Steve Harper, he'll be out on his ass.

Social stigma hasn’t undone Ford. What will is his fraud politics. He is a pretend populist, like Stephen Harper, though the prime minister is squeaky clean personally and has as deep an understanding of public policy as Ford’s is shallow. Both play the outsider. Harper of Etobicoke, pretending to be a Calgarian, says he “didn’t go to Ottawa to join private clubs or become part of some elite.” He’s there only to take on the civil servants, “the courts,” the “union bosses,” the media, etc.

They stoke the twin myths that government is broken and they, the tribune of the people, are giving voice to the voiceless. But these puppets of the people are, in fact, the puppet masters. And the ostensibly voiceless are not any less powerful than any other citizens.The Ford Nation can turn against him as easily as others. It is already doing so.

And even Sun News which just gave him a new show now seems to be having second thoughts.

Who killed Rob Ford? That’s easy. Rob Ford killed Rob Ford. Killed him in the sense that politically, he’s now a dead man walking.

How aboot that?

What more can we ask for?

And the sooner the better...

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the SPCA doesn't want the clown either.

Anonymous said...

I believe? Harper and Ford would make, very good cellmates. Their personalities are very similar. Ford also reminds me of, Harper's favorite henchman Gordon Campbell. All of them are, low life scum. They have no decency, honor, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. Not any of them, have one saving grace.

Anonymous said...

Harper or ford a self inflicted wound on Canada .

e.a.f. said...

Anonymour 10:43 p.m. how very very true.

We voted for them, now we can live with them. Ford isn't going anywhere. His brother most likely won't let him. He has business to finish. Whatever Blair has been up to must be interesting also. Letting some drink and drive.

Harper's "friendship" with Ford is just another e.g. of Harper's poor judgement.

Simon said...

Hi Way Way Up....Your phrase the other night about how we seem to have entered a creepy dimension seems almost prophetic. It really is a ghastly thing, and I honestly can't wait until its over..

Simon said...

hi anon...well they would make quite a pair of jail birds. Especially if Ford got hold of some jailhouse hootch and Harper had nowhere to run... ;)

Simon said...

hi're right. Both men were elected on a platform of simplistic promises, and low taxation. And neither of them would have been elected if the opposition hadn't been divided. When will we ever learn?