Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rob Ford, the Mob, and the Harper Connection

Well I'm sorry to report that Rob Ford is still clinging to power, and that the big question seems to be will he go to rehab before he drops dead? 

Mayor Rob Ford appeared to brush aside his brother’s request to take a break from city hall duties Friday night, telling reporters: “I love my brother, dearly.” Hours earlier, the mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, who hadn’t spoken publicly in two days, urged the mayor seek “a little bit of counselling” and go away for a couple of weeks.

Instead of when will he resign before he kills Toronto?
Or who were those sinister characters with the suitcases full of money? 

The man who tried to broker the sale of the video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine has told CBC's the fifth estate he and others in the Dixon Road neighbourhood in northwest Toronto were approached by individuals who offered a "suitcase of money" for the video.

"They were some people in the neighbourhood, I would say people that are in organized crime … that drove in and showed people [a] suitcase of money and said, 'Hey, look, whoever has the video, put them in contact with us. This is their cash, their money...'"

Or why did so many of the criminals Ford liked to hang out with, and who knew about the video, get murdered, shot, beaten with lead pipes, and/or stabbed in prison?

Why was the mob trying to protect the Mayor of Toronto?

Because that's the REAL scandal.

And what role if any did Rob Ford's Con handlers play in this attempted cover-up?

Because as we know from Paul Wells' new book, Stephen Harper does have a record of trying to solve problems with money.

And as Chantale Hebert points out, Ford's problems have left him in a VERY embarrassing position.

The prime minister embraced the new mayor in a way that he has yet to embrace any past or present premier. More than just an inspiration for the federal Conservatives as they campaigned for re-election in 2011, Ford became a mascot.

Having been caught in the act of hugging a thug while posing as a champion of law and order.

There is a jarring disconnect between the Conservatives’ punitive judicial agenda, their much proclaimed law-and-order principles and their efforts to look away from the public transgressions of the man who runs Canada’s biggest city and the disruptions to Toronto’s municipal life that result from them.

Which can only make him look even shadier, or even more of a HYPOCRITE.

Harper has just moved heaven and earth to have his majority in the Senate remove three of his past appointees over a matter of expense accounts. For all their faults, senators Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin did not threaten the orderly governance of the country. The same cannot be said of Ford and Toronto.

And makes me want to run this video, courtesy of Warren Kinsella, over and over again...

Until even the morons from the Ford Nation can't separate one Con thug from another.

Because if they liked the mob movie The French Connection, they'll like the Harper Connection even better.

All of which makes me wonder how a progressive could ever feel sorry for Rob Ford.

Because I never could. Not that bully, not that crass bigot, not that rotten Mayor, not that friend of Cons and criminals.

And I don't really care whether they haul the Fordzilla out of City Hall in handcuffs, or wheel him out  on a stretcher. As long as he goes.

But I guess that's what makes me different eh?

I don't just want to defeat the Con Nation.

I want to see it DESTROYED...

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rumleyfips said...

I don't think little Steve will appoint Ford to the Senate. He wants him for a Quebec seat on the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Ford has so greatly damaged his "brand" that
even CFRB is running away from him.
He's now a lame-duck mayor and he'll just have
to soldier on through the next 11 1/2 months.
Surely, he won't run again; he's irreparably damaged goods.

Steve said...

Can you imagine if Justin Trudeau was a known crackhead, they would literally lynch him.

Steve said...

And why are the Liberals not doing a Harper, Duffy, Ford band of brothers AD.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Sandro Lisi in the background to the right of Harper?

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...well I don't know ,SOMEBODY has got to fill Duffy's big shoes or his big seat. But yes, after his last botched appointment to the Supreme Court anything is possible. And I have to say that watching Ford trying to read a legal brief, or speak French, would be worth the price of admission.... ;)

Simon said...

hi David...I see that the Ford brothers and CFRB are claiming that it was a mutual decision, but I think they were fired. And I have to believe you're right about Ford being damaged goods. I know the right-wingers are crowing that Ford's support went up, but I doubt that feeling will survive the passage of time, or another video. And what everybody is forgetting is that a lot of people who didn't bother to vote in the last election, will be turning out for this one. So if he does end up running he'll be crushed like a bug...

Simon said...

hi Steve...yes of course they would, for the hypocrisy of the Ford Nation and their Con friends knows no bounds. They are the biggest fans of law and order, except when it comes to their Robbie, who can act like a maniac and still get away with it. Except for their climate change denials, they've never looked crazier...

Simon said...

hi Steve... give the opposition time and hopefully Rob and Steve can be made to look like Romeo and Juliet or Mutt and Jeff. For at a time when Harper is up to his ears in scandal, it can only hurt him. I know the Liberals and the NDP want to hold their fire until we get closer to an election. But as far as I'm concerned the sooner the better...

Anonymous said...

Do you remember "Decievin Steven's" singing "I get high with a little help from my friends"?
Could he be referring to his buddy Rob"?
Trudeau certainly looks like an alter boy now!