Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Con Klown Show and Mr Dickhead's Big Moment

Golly. As I wait to watch Stephen Harper lead his almost new/nouveau cabinet into Parliament after a four month holiday, so they can start memorizing his Throne Speech, I can't help thinking of that old H.L. Mencken quote:

"Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage."

Because we may not have a functioning democracy in this country. But we got a circus, we got monkeys, we got Con klowns AND a Mr Dickhead... Pierre Poilievre !!!!

I mean consider the evidence eh? As you know, Stephen Harper is so desperate to reboot his corrupt government and try to make people forget the Senate scandal, that he is now preparing to pose as a Great Consumer Champion Leader.

With James "Big Boy" Moore as his designated salesman...

And Moore has been telling anyone who will listen that he is all in favour of an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights.

"I'm a free enterprise, free market guy. But, when airlines are selling 175 seats on a 165-seat plane and 10 people show up and they're turned away for a ticket that they paid for, for a seat that they paid for — they played by the rules and airlines just treat consumers that way. I think people get frustrated and they expect action, and we plan to act," he said.

Even though the idea was proposed by the NDP, the Cons shot it out of the sky.

And Pierre Poilievre made it abundantly clear at the time what he thought about the NDP proposal.

On this side of the House, we believe in maximum choice and competition. We believe in empowering customers. The NDP believes in empowering bureaucracy. We believe in allowing business to run business.

And why in his opinion, and despite what Big Boy Moore says now, airline passengers DON'T need a Bill of Rights:

I think we can all agree that we have a system that works.

Which I think WE can all agree, means that either Mr Dickhead doesn't know what he's talking about, or Moore doesn't. And the whole Con consumer scam is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Oh boy. I can't wait to hear Poilievre explain that one in Question Period eh? Over and over and over again. Because surely making James Moore sound like a communist will be his Big Moment !!!

And the best news?

Today's Throne Speech, and the unveiling of the almost new/nouveau cabinet, is a REALLY big deal for Stephen Harper. It's his last chance to try to rescue his sagging government before its flattened by scandal. And he's DESPERATE.

So the Cons are going allout to try to sell the Throne Speech, with new posters, pamphlets, a dedicated website, and even a shiny new video...

But when I see the way the Cons are trying to pump up that little balloon, and make it sound "bold and innovative."

I can't help but laugh eh? Or rub my hands together.

Because for some reason all I can think of is that other movie, about those other hapless stooges.

Trying to pump up this cake...

And I can't help feeling that Stephen Harper's rebooting exercise is probably going to end the same way eh?

Yup. The Cons are back. They can't hide any longer.

And their Final Show is about to begin...

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  1. Look at the fine print. My guess is the new consumer laws will make the consumer worse off. For sure the cable thing will give you less channels for more money.

    1. hi Steve...yes it's all window dressing. A desperate attempt to make themselves more popular. One that as you point out might actually make a bad situation worse, and is not enough to refurbish the governments lousy image, or win them back the votes they need...

  2. Did you notice at the 17 second point of the clip.. the female voice says 'our new blueprint for CHEATING prosperity and security' .. ?? One assumes they meant to say 'CREATING' or 'CARING' but just don't care what they say anymore.. Regardless, that's another piece of propaganda that should be played back in question period

    1. hi salamander...You've got a better ear than I have, and isn't that hilarious? But it doesn't surprise me. The whole thing looks like the hasty product of desperation. And yes, after four long months I'm really looking forward to Question Period... :)

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Simon: We have heard from some in the media (most recently Mark Kennedy) about how smart Dear Leader is. So maybe someone can explain this to me. Why would someone who seems so desperate to reinvent his government as the middle class' new champion schedule the Throne Speech for the day when the eyes of the world are focused on whether the U.S. will or will not meet the debt ceiling dateline?

    I would wager that the way things are going right now, the U.S. House will be debating the bill from the Senate at about the time the Throne Speech is being delivered. The eyes of the world, including most Canadians who care about these things, will likely be on CNN. And then tomorrow, when things have quietened a bit after the default has been averted, QP in our Parliament starts and we can expect both the NDP and Libs to be going after the Harper scandals. Dear Leader could not have scheduled it better for the opposition parties, ha ha.

    1. hi there...yes the timing really is great....or frightening. But how about this piece of timing? Stephen Harper will not be in Question Period the next day, because he has to run off to Belgium. Isn't that convenient eh? Oh well, he can run but he can't hide. Sooner or later he will face the music, and him and his corrupt regime will get what they deserve...

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Harper is the master of, dirty underhanded tactics. This is just what Harper is using right now. Harper is a traitor to Canada doing acts of treason by, selling Canada out to Communist China.

    I am not watching Harper's speech from the throne. Harper's speech of the economy and jobs is, very old and tired. Harper never keeps his promises. It is a total waste of time to listen to, the same old lies over and over and over.

    1. hi there...I won't be watching the whole speech either, for I am quite sure that it would either bore me to tears, or make me want to vomit. Like you I'm tired of his lies, I've heard it all before, and all I care about is driving him and this Cons from power as soon as is humanly possible...

  5. Seeing the Canadian flag crumpled in hues of Conservative blue is very disturbing. And what's with the media failing to pick up on the vague reference to selling public assets wherever deemed necessary to balance the budget? Have we become so inured to the cumulative damages done by the Harper Regime that selling off a National Gallery or the National Research Council or the CBC is no longer of concern?

    1. hi Beijing...yes the Harper cult will never give up trying to paint this country blue. And like you I also wonder why the MSM hasn't picked up on that threat to sell public assets, like the Cameron Cons are doing in Britain. Instead of going on and on about their plans to protect consumers, and giving the Cons all that free publicity for something they don't deserve and will probably never deliver. But as you know the one thing I have always held against the MSM in this country is their failure to see the big picture. Or call a spade a spade, or a monster a monster...

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