Monday, October 28, 2013

Mike Duffy and Stephen Harper's Day of Disaster

Well as you know I've long predicted that Mike Duffy would be Stephen Harper's nemesis.That he knew enough to expose the conniving thugs in the PMO and their shameless scams.

And today he appears to have done just that.

Disgraced Senator Mike Duffy says the infamous $90,000 cheque written by Nigel Wright, the Prime Minister’s former chief of staff to cover the living expenses he had claimed, was not the only money paid by the Conservatives to make the problems go away.

Mr. Duffy rose in the Senate on Monday to say the Conservative Party also wrote a cheque for $13,560 to cover his legal fees. That would never have happened, said Mr. Duffy, if there was a consensus at the Prime Minister’s Office that the expenses had been improperly claimed.

By claiming not only that there were TWO cheques not one, and that the Conservative Party paid for his legal fees.

And that he has the documents and the cheque to prove it.(PDF)

But also that the powerful PMO lawyer Arthur Hamilton was involved.

Mr. Duffy said he did not know where the money from Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton came from but said he suspected it came from donations from party members – the same “base” that he said Mr. Harper is trying to appease by cutting him loose. “It was always about about politics,” said Mr. Duffy, “which is why Arthur Hamilton was cutting cheques.”

Which would bring the number of people in the PMO alleged to have been in on the cash for silence deal to FIVE. Not FOUR as Harper now claims, or NONE as he maintained for months.

While also alleging that the whole cover-up was orchestrated by Con operatives.

"The [Prime Minister's Office] told me to say I took out a loan at the Royal Bank,” said Mr. Duffy. “That line was written by the PMO to deceive Canadians as to the real source of the $90,000.

And that he was paid to make the scandal go away.

Which if true, and Duffy says he has the documents to prove it is, can only destroy Stephen Harper's credibility further, and make his claims to want to clean-up this scandal absolutely outrageous.


And while we wait to see what Great Ugly Leader has to say, at least we know already that Arthur Hamilton isn't talking...

And if the Cons can't do better than that they are in REAL trouble.

Because all of this makes it even harder to believe, if that's possible, that Stephen Harper didn't know what was going on all around him.

Or that he can bury this affair before he has to deal with his Con base later this week at the Con convention.

Because they won't be happy to hear that THEIR money may have paid for Duffy's defence.

And they want BLOOD....

Because now he's not just running from Duffy he's running from them.

And as I mentioned in my last post, changing his story as he goes along.

Yup. As I've said all along eh? 

He's a compulsive liar, a scummy schemer, and a grotesque bully.

But his time is running out.

And he's going where he BELONGS...

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Steve said...

Con base loves to buy meals for the Duffster

Just Call Me Rick said...

I never thought I would say this: They should create a new top level for the order of Canada, and award it only once to Duffy, for inadvertently saving this Country.

e.a.f. said...

Have to agree with Just call me Rick. Duffy deserves an award of some sort if it is the end of harper. The Cons wanted this to go away. Now the cheque was either written to simply assist a con senator who was having legal problems or it was issued because a con senator had to have his legal bills paid before he blew a head gasket. I'd suggest it is the latter and the cons would prefer we believe the former.

When the problem didn't go away, harper and crew thought they could simply throw Duffy, et al under the bus. if it had just been Brazeau, it might have worked. harper and his cons forgot who they were dealing with, Duffy and Wallin. They both rose to the top of their profession, when it was difficult to do so. They know how to fight and they have nothing to loose. That makes them very dangerous.

Duffy and Wallin raised a shit load of money for the cons and this is their reward???? No they expect more. They expected this to all be swept under the carpet, if they infact did make less than honourable expense claims. They didn't think stevie woudl throw them under a bus, but hey, they are all expendable in stevie's world. Unfortunately, in Duffy and Wallin's world, you throw someone under a bus, you better make sure they don't get up, because if they do, you're dead. We may now all look forward to perhaps the end of the Cons. in two years.

I do not expect stevie slime will exit stage left. He will not go willingly. The cons maynot even be able to buy him off, so great is his ego. He may be forced out, by his own caucus because they can see the handwriting on the wall. The is also the small problem for him, of the old Progressive Conservatives, who just might want to get even with stevie.

This is as good as any t.v. show.

John B. said...

Of course now we have CPC spokesman Cory Hann offering that the party sometimes assists caucus members with legal expenses. And now I will guess that Arthur had left the room before anybody said anything about the $90,000, the account on which the cheque was written, the source of the funds to cover it, the plan to alter the audit report or the oath of silence that the cheque was buying.