Monday, October 28, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Zombie Convention

Only his fluffers in the PMO know the Cowboy Emperor's state of mind tonight. Those who dare to approach him.

But he must be a scary sight. His elaborate plans to reboot his corrupt old government, and soften his image, are lying like the ruins of Rome... or Pompeii... around him.

The Con regime is in chaos, he's never looked more vindictive or more desperate, or just plain KRAZY.

And now his latest plan to make himself look good, by executing three Senators  without due process, and delivering their shrunken heads to the Con Convention, is being threatened by an outbreak of LENIENCY !!!!

The Senate may consider alternative punishments for three senators facing suspensions without pay over allegations they made inappropriate expense claims, the leader of the government in the upper chamber says.

By traitors in his own Con mob who are daring to defy his execution orders !!!!

The Prime Minister's Office has affirmed its support of a Senate motion that's seeking to suspend senators Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau without pay for allegedly claiming inappropriate expenses.

MacDonald said the PMO does not direct the activities of the Senate and cannot comment on any discussions senators may be having. However, he said the Prime Minister's stance on the issue remains the same. "We remain firm on this important point: Senators who have already been found to have claimed inappropriate expenses should not be collecting a public paycheque," he said in the statment.

And since he has to deliver those heads to his rabid base by Friday at the latest.

Because they REALLY want their pound ton of flesh...

He's running out of time.

Or just running around in circles...

But of course he can run, or dodge, or lie all he wants, or sacrifice other Cons to save himself. He may even be thinking that if he can execute the Senators he appointed, he can abolish the Senate he corrupted, and make himself look even BETTER !!!

Because by now he's so desperate he's capable of anything eh?

But he will not escape that sordid scandal. Not when so many Canadians don't believe a word he says. And not with his sordid record.

“In fact there is no agreement and he hasn’t been paid anything,” Stephen Harper said in 2006 when reporters on the campaign trail questioned him about remarks made by Alan Riddell who, asked why he’d withdrawn his candidacy from the riding of Ottawa South with just a few days left in the race, said the Conservative Party, fancying another candidate, had offered to pay his campaign expenses – about $50,000.

Because he has lied before.

“The party does not have an agreement to pay Mr. Riddell these expenses,” Mr. Harper said, although emails later proved otherwise to a judge’s satisfaction: Mr. Riddell sued for the money and won.

He clearly believes that money can make problems DISAPPEAR.

Paul Wells, who recounts this small but arguably emblematic episode in Harper history in his timely new book, The Longer I’m Prime Minister, writes that the evidence that emerged during the trial was unequivocal. “It was clear there was a ‘binding agreement.’ It was clear Harper was in the loop. And it was clear that, even after his party’s business became public, Harper preferred to claim there was no such business.

The story is worth repeating because it demonstrates two of Harper’s work habits: a preoccupation with confidentiality and a willingness to use money to make problems go away,” Mr. Wells writes...

And with a record like that one I'd hate to have to face a judge. Or be forced to testify under oath. Because who knows what might happen eh?

Or what might happen if he turns up at the Con convention without the skulls of the three Senators hanging from his belt.

Oh boy. Stay tuned. It's going to be an exciting week in Harperland.

If you love Senategate the X Rated Con movie.

You'll love this one even BETTER !!!

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Steve said...

Hey Simon your going to have to up your game, Patrick is cutting your grass.

Simon said...

hi Steve...thanks for that video. I immediately used it in my next post. !!! And the fact that it came from Brazeau of all people, makes it even more special. Hey, Duffy may have his e-mails and his cheques, but da Braz Man got da videos !!! Which makes me wonder will Pamela pull something out of her purse?
Because if she can I will personally recommend all three of them for the Order of Canada !!! ;)

e.a.f. said...

This base also loved Duffy and Wallin. It helped stevie raise a lot of money. Although stevie may think his "base" wants the heads of the 3 senators, they actually may not. It may come to whom they like better stevie or Wallin and Duffy.