Sunday, October 06, 2013

Why Tom Steyer Has Stephen Harper Running Scared

Well I see that Stephen Harper hasn't dared reply to Tom Steyer's letter demanding to know whether he has been working with the Tea Party extremists to blackmail the U.S. government. 

We have a saying in the United States that I believe may also resonate in Canada: When you go to bed at night with no snow on the ground, and you wake up in the morning to find snow, you can safely conclude it snowed.

And I must say I'm not surprised eh? Not just because he'd rather not admit that his Harperite oil pimps HAVE been lobbying the Tea Party extremists like a gang of Nigerian spammers.

But also because him and his Con gang are teabaggers themselves. Their stealthy ideological twins. 

The connection between the Tea Party ideologues and the Harper government is their stealth agenda to starve governments of tax monies to spend on social programs and downsize to a minimal state the very organizations they were elected to lead.

And Harper would rather Canadians thought of him as a "real economist" instead of a sinister night watchman.

The night watchman promotes a minimal role for the state in a free society, which is protecting the liberty of citizens. This would include being seen to rigorously protect citizens from crime (even if the crime rate is falling -- in order to keep voters fearful of crime), and being seen to protect the citizens from foreign aggression (even if there are no real discernable threats).

In this fashion, Harper's "tough on crime" legislation with its focus on mandatory minimum sentences may seem irrational in light of the falling crime rate and warehouse prisons may seem to hold the potential to become massive schools for crime, but the legislation is very rational in the context of creating the minimal state.

So the last thing he needs is to have Steyer go after one conspiracy, and end up exposing an even larger one...

And the stealthy monster who would kill our country while we sleep.

But there is also another reason Steyer has Harper caught in his own web, or bent over a barrel. Or just running scared.

And that's because not only is he making a strong a strong environmental case for killing the Keystone pipeline, as I wrote about last night.

He's also, along with some other big money pals like Henry Paulson and Michael Bloomberg, making the capitalist case for fighting climate change.

The three men agreed to join forces to persuade investors, policy makers and the public that the consequences of unchecked carbon emissions would eventually blow away whatever short-term costs are involved in curbing the pollution. They’re funding and co-chairing a study to calculate just how much economic risk American industries and communities face as a warming atmosphere generates more storms, droughts, floods and extreme heat.

“The big boys made this about jobs versus the environment, and the environment loses that argument every time,” Steyer says. “We need to get rid of this idea that going the way we are, with the status quo, is a smart economic thing to do.”

And if that economic risk can be quantified, and the need to go green even more evident, it could change EVERYTHING.

Along with Steyer and Bloomberg, Paulson is betting that as climate change, once a distant possibility, becomes altogether real, our economic self-interest will be the thing that finally provokes a popular call for action. That will almost certainly have to be making carbon dioxide emissions expensive by either taxing or regulating the gas on a global basis, Steyer says.

But you know what the Harperite cult of climate change deniers and night watchmen thinks about taxing or regulating carbon dioxide.

Or the NDP's non existent "$20 billion job killing carbon tax....

So you can imagine how a lot of dumb Canadians are going to feel when they finally realize that those Con klowns aren't leading them to prosperity.

They're leading them to total economic DISASTER.

Oh boy, won't that be fun eh?

Hey Maxie, cauliflower ears, put another ten bucks AND my $20 watch, on Tom Steyer.

It will be a brutal bout eh?

If Stephen Harper doesn't cut and run.

But it will have a happy ending...

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Steve said...

The Republicans are running the elections if not the government.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are toast....just like our dear crime minister....Justin and Hillary will fix those bastards!!!!!

Love you blog and hope you keep up your cunninlinguist-ick skills...Cheers ,my friend