Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Day Darth Harper Went After Mike Duffy

Well after refusing to answer questions about the Senate scandal yesterday, Stephen Harper strapped on his Darth Vader helmet today, and went after his Death Star Mike Duffy.

Stephen Harper went on the offensive in the Senate expense claims scandal Wednesday, trying to diminish the impact of Mike Duffy’s allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office threatened him with expulsion from the Red Chamber if he didn’t repay huge expense claims.

Trying to make it sound like it was all about the expenses Duffy racked up while working at his two jobs: Canadian Senator and Con bagman. And how Duffy wasn't the real victim, HE was.

“Mr. Duffy now says he is a victim because I told him he should repay his expenses,” Mr. Harper told the Commons in response to a barrage of questions on Mr. Duffy. “You’re darn right I told him he should repay them,” he said.

Because for his scandal  ridden government integrity is JOB ONE !!! And he was outraged eh?

“What I said to our caucus is that you cannot claim an expense you did not incur. That is not right, that is not proper and that will not be tolerated.”

While failing to explain why if he was so outraged did he not inquire what was happening with the Duffy file, or know NOTHING about what was being done to fix  the problem? As he claims. 

Until he read it in the media THREE months later.

Or had no knowledge that Ol' Nige, his Chief of Staff and bosom fanatic, was planning to cut Ol' Duff a cheque for $90,000. On condition that he keep his big mouth shut...

He also took pains to repeat his insistence that he was not among those in the Prime Minister’s Office privy to the decision by former chief aide Nigel Wright to personally repay Mr. Duffy’s $90,000 expense claim. “One of those people was not me because I would obviously not approve such a scheme,” Mr. Harper said.

Even though CTV is reporting at least THIRTEEN PMO rats, or Conservative insiders, DID know. A baker's dozen as Tom Mulcair called them today. And the Con High Command was in a state of panicked FRENZY.

And then of course, there's the question of what if anything did Ray Novak, Harper's faithful gopher, know? The one, who along with Ol' Marj, gave Duffy the boot. 

In May, Mr. Duffy said he was called at his residence in PEI by Senator Marjory LeBreton, then the government leader in the Senate, and Ray Novak, who took over as chief-of-staff after Mr. Wright’s resignation. Mr. Duffy said Ms. LeBreton told him if he didn’t resign from the Conservative caucus in the next 90 minutes he would be kicked out and could be booted from the Senate.

Because if Harper's Wonder Boy, the one who once slept in his garage, knew ANYTHING, you can be sure that Harper did too...

It's that kind of relationship eh?

Which leaves Canadians wondering who to believe. The old scoundrel Mike Duffy or the compulsive liar Stephen Harper?

Leaves Great Ugly Leader balancing on a knife's edge, or a high wall. For all it would take is ONE person testifying under oath that Harper DID know, and he'll be heading out the door.

Or heading for the floor...

And leaves me wondering if Harper thinks he can escape the Senate scandal so easily.

Does he really believe that strongly in the almighty power of the Big Lie?

Does he have any idea how many Canadians don't believe a word he says?

Or has he lost his marbles as well as his morals?

And is now totally DELUSIONAL...

Because if he is, here's a reality check.

This sordid scandal isn't going anywhere. It can only get WORSE.

Or better eh?

It's damaging the Con brand like the iceberg damaged the Titanic.

And in the end it will SINK him...

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    When right-wing apologists like Coyne and Ivision are starting to question the tactics of the dynamic duo, the dynamic duo must realize that they are in trouble. Stayed tuned for the next episode on the same same bat channel at the same bat time.

    1. Yes it is particularly satisfying to see people like Ivison and Coyne turning, if only temporarily, on the Great Leader whose faithflul fluffers they have been. And yes, I'm tuned to the Bat Channel all the time, Harper is the Joker, and I'm enjoying the show inmensely...

  2. e.a.f.10:10 PM

    Many of Harper's base will not believe any of it. Harper is telling the truth, or the Liberals were just as bad or worse. However it was oh so interesting to see Norman Spector being interviewed on CBC about it all. He made some very interesting points. Personally, I like to watch Jim Flaherty. when he is looking straight ahead, when Harper speaks, its like he isn't buying into it. He is distancing himself from it all.

    then today, Pamela Wallin's speech. So lovely. She would appear to have had a similar experience with phone calls from other conservatives and simple conversations.

    When Harper was answering questions in the house today, it just didn't ring true. He was giving half answers, even while Mulcair was doing the prosecutor routine. Stevie is slippery, but Duffy and Wallin, have more experience and most likely more paper work.

    The Liberal amendment to the motion and Hugh Segal's support of it is a good start. If this ammendment passes, Harper is finished. It will depend upon how many old Progessive Conservative senators sit on one side as opposed to simply Reform/Conservatives. A vote by old Progressive Conservatives to accept the amendment may be a way for the Progressives to strike back at the man who took over their party. This is going to be interesting and entertaining. Beats the hell out of regular t.v.

    1. hi e.a.f....Yes you're right, some in the Con base will not be moved. Their level of mental development being too low and their fanaticism too great. But the scandal, and his handling of it, is causing a big split in the ranks, and if we're lucky could divide them again into their component parts, or fatally weaken them. And you're right again, it sure beats the hell out of regular TV... ;)

  3. Wallin can always flee to Brazil or some such country currently in diplomatic conflict with Canada and claim refugee status as a persecuted party, fleeing the tyranny of government ( Harper) and the tyranny of the mob (the Canadian electorate). I believe the Brazilian government would welcome the gesture...

    1. hi Rene...I don't know. My father worked in Brazil for two years, I know the country quite well, and while I once bumped into Robert De Niro on the beach at Ipanema, bumping into Wallin would ruin even Rio. ;)
      But you're right, isn't it good to know we can all apply for asylum in Brazil, should the situation deteriorate, and be accepted without hesitation...

  4. .. good grief .. we're in the cartoon era of Stevie/Ray & Jenni Byrne ..

    1. hi salamander...yes, and I must say to my great joy, they make a really awful couple, and they're doing a really lousy job. Just as I hoped and expected. By the time that gang is finished with the PMO there won't be much left...

  5. “One of those people was not me because I would obviously not approve such a scheme,” Mr. Harper said.

    Isn't this an odd way of phrasing that he had no knowledge of what was being done by his staff? Who exactly are "those people"? And didn't he categorically state back in May that it was all just Wright's doing?

    1. hi Beijing...yes his story is starting to fall apart, and the reports that a baker's dozen knew what was going on in his office, makes his story even more implausible. They may have destroyed the paper trail, dusted off the fingerprints, and buried the bodies. But the stench is overwhelming and the truth will emerge....

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