Friday, October 25, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Latest Porky Senate Scandal

Well he wasn't in Question Period today, to answer questions about the porky Senate scandal.

Or tell us why he now admits that a "few" people knew about the Duffy Deal. Or who they are. Or why he claimed for so long that only Nigel Wright knew.

He won't hold a news conference to take questions from reporters.

But he will go on Tory radio to defend his decision to suspend three Senators without due process. 

Stephen Harper is taking to the airwaves to defend his government’s campaign to suspend three ex-Conservative senators over their controversial expense claims.

Mr. Harper said criticism that he’s abusing due process is not deterring the push to suspend Mr. Duffy, Ms. Wallin and Mr. Brazeau without pay. “I think Canadians are actually very clear on this. I know the majority of Canadians senators are. The vast majority of our caucus and Canadians as well.”

Because that's how he'd like to reframe the scandal eh? With the three Con Senators  as the villains, Nigel Wright as the official Good Samaritan/scapegoat, and himself as Mr Clean.

“What I think most Canadians would say is if you did that in your work, your boss wouldn’t wait for you to be convicted of a crime. Your boss would say that and that alone requires there’s some action be taken in terms of your job.”

While deliberately ignoring his central role in the scandal.

Or failing to explain why as Dean Del Mastro's boss, he hasn't moved to suspend HIM from the Commons.

You know the Deaner, Mr Ethics, Mr Clean's former Parliamentary Secretary.

Or while we're at it, failing to explain why he appointed this Con klown to replace him?

Or tell us what he thinks about his newly appointed Con leader in the Senate offering Patrick Brazeau, a backroom deal.

Sen. Patrick Brazeau says Conservative Senate Leader Claude Carignan offered him a “backroom” deal to show leniency, should he apologize and take responsibility for alleged spending infractions.

“I was essentially offered a backroom deal, and the backroom deal was if I stood in this chamber, apologize to Canadians and took responsibility for my actions, that my punishment would be lesser than what is proposed in the leader of the government in the Senate’s motion.”

Or what all of the above says about the appalling judgement of the man who appointed them ALL.

And then there's the burning or honking question. If Mr Clean feels so strongly about this:

“That’s what Canadians expect … when people abuse a position of trust at this level and over this time period – and this clearly – that there will be appropriate action taken that frankly removes from them from the public payroll.”

Why hasn't he taken his own advice and removed himself from power, for abusing the public trust, and the power of his office, for more than EIGHT years. In the most disgusting ways this country has ever seen. 

For does he seriously believe he can fool Canadians into thinking that Duffy, Wallin, and Brazeau are a greater threat to this country, its democracy, and its values than he is?

When he would violate due process to deflect the scandal onto the backs of others, to try to save HIMSELF from the wrath of his rabid base at the upcoming Con convention.

Gawd. What a nasty little man. What a miserable coward. How many Cons IS he prepared to throw under his ghastly bus? 

The prime minister’s loyalists struggled to throw three of the living dead into the path of the moving wheels this week — senators Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin. Political homicide was the only strategy left to the Harper team, after the trio of skilled Senate spenders refused to commit assisted suicide.

How many will be left when it's all over?

Today, it’s getting so crowded under the Harper bus that the old Conservative death machine can barely move. And if Harper’s personal popularity suffers any more in the polls, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for the prime minister to recruit loyal acolytes skilled in the self-destructive art of political hari-kari.

Heck, if he doesn’t take care, Harper won’t even have anyone left around to drive the bus over the bones of the dead.

Lordy. Is this still a government or a cannibal cult?

And the good news? The cannibal bully-in-chief is getting battered by his own party, and cooked by Tom Mulcair.

In different circumstances one might have felt sorry for the prime minister who had to submit to Mulcair’s relentless inquisition over the past week. But as prime minister, Harper has added chapter and verse to the take-no-prisoner handbook. He mercilessly crushed Mulcair’s opposition predecessors into oblivion and routinely resorts to similarly hardline tactics to browbeat his Conservative colleagues into submission.

His iron grip on his Con flock is threatened.

Anyone who remembers his or her school days knows that few events do more to undermine the authority of a bully than a successful challenge to the notion that he has the complete run of the schoolyard.

And if Stephen Harper thinks he can change the channel on the Senate scandal, by casting himself as Mr Clean, he's even more desperate or deluded than even I thought he was.

For no decent Canadian with an IQ higher than a plant could believe that BIg Lie. I mean he lies all the time but that one would be OUTRAGEOUS.

The Senate scandal will dog the Cons all the way to the next election. It will taint everything he does.

We'll make sure of that eh?

And if Mr Clean isn't arrested first, he WILL be defeated.

And hopefully end up where he BELONGS...

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Priscilla Judd said...

"there's a crook where I look" Protest Song It's all in fun so I hope you enjoy it. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I pay homage to my departed friend, Harry, a good bully, who protected me from the bad. . Thanks Harry, for your protection.. I will always be grateful.

John B. said...

Notice how they’re framing it. It’s all about the Senate now. Most Canadians weren’t paying attention to anything that Harper and his gang were doing until this week. Now the PM has taken on the tough talk in regard to these three deluded and pathetic figures and the press has taken on the task of discussing whether he is enjoying success in the deployment of his latest strategy. Moreover, as the level of his bullying of these weaklings reaches intolerable levels by standards of civil society, he has calculated that any reaction of disgust by the opposition will give him leave to proclaim to his idiot followers that the Liberals or NDP are standing against his efforts and on the side of the crooked and entitled Senators.

TV news broadcasts are pockmarked with appearances by senior statesmen of the party and the regular government relations guys paying lip service to the story but mainly talking about what else – whether the strategy will be successful. And the man-in-the-street is just as fed up with the Senate as is his dear leader. All over the country citizens are waking up and what they now understand is that the Harper gang may have some bums in its midst but Harper is correcting that. Anyway, the other parties are just like them. Politicians are all the same, you know. You see – we thought Harper was better than that. So we’ve got to try as hard as we can to find out how and why these three miscreants could have betrayed his trust and disappointed him so carelessly.

Now suppose you had absolute disinterest in anything political until now. That’s not a problem. John Tory can help you out. You can tune in to his show on the way home and listen to Harper “try and get his message out unfiltered”. Broadcast standards don’t stipulate equal time for the truth. Who will be donating free advertising time to the cause tomorrow?

Meanwhile the CETA deal is the good news story. But the PM has been unable to give this important file its due because the Duffy-Wallin-Brazeau problem has distracted him. The Liberals in the Senate continue to delay a resolution and are thereby preventing him from focussing the full measure of his talents on the recovering but still fragile economy. There’s no right and wrong and little concern about the lies and evasions. If you just tuned in you wouldn’t even know what is being evaded.

This isn’t the “Senate Scandal”. This has never been about the Senate. It’s about “expanded roles in the party” and how the party contrived to pay for them. Every time the Senate gets mentioned without any of the names Wright, Perrin, Tkachuk, Stewart Olsen, Woodcock, van Hemmen, Gerstein, LeBreton or a reference to the other unknown dirty half-dozen attached to the comment, Harper comes a step closer to getting away with it.

wazz said...

Wallin, Duffy, and Brazeau are entitled to due process, and the presumption of innocence until such time they are charged and convicted of an offense. The rule of law and all constitutional guarantees apply equally to them as it does to all Canadian citizens. Harper has appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner in the matter in a pathetic attempt to deflect attention away from his involvement in the whole sordid affair. It is apparent to all the most naive of souls that Mr. Harper is flailing away hoping this issue goes away. This is a "scandal" of all Harper's own making. To claim he is protecting taxpayers and standing on principle is disingenuous at best and a flat out lie at worst. Harper will be the "author of his own misfortune" it's only a matter of time.

e.a.f. said...

It is interesting an "offer" was made to Brazeau. Either he has more stuff on the scandal or stevie slime doesn't want to appear to be going after a First Nations person. At least Brazeau recognized the three all hang together or they all hang individually. Although everyone is familiar with Wallin and Duffy and may view them as 'fact cats', perhaps Brazeau not so much. it does make one wonder why a deal was offered to Brazeau at the last minute. Perhaps they thought he might take it, apologize and make Duffy and Wallin look worse.

Simon said...

hi Priscilla...thanks a lot. It's a great song. I love the lyrics and you have a beautiful voice. I'm definitely booking you for our Great Victory Party !!!

P.S. Be prepared, it'll probably last for at least three days... ;)

Simon said...

Is there such a thing as a good bully? I'd be surprised. But then when you fight bullies you have to be careful that you don't become like them. I learned that lesson once. And if Harry protected you, good for him...

Simon said...

hi John...Yup. You summed it up brilliantly. That's exactly what he's trying to do, reframe the scandal and give himself a whole new role. The idiot Duffy gave him an opening with his bleating indignation, and Harper has seized on it like a drowning man clutches on to anything that floats by. And I suppose it might help deflect the scandal off him for a few days. Or satiate his rabid base. But I have to believe that the damage is so great, Harper's reputation too ugly, for him to be able to successfully change the channel. But then my hopeless idealism has led me astray before, and this is Harperland where the truth goes to die. And all I can say if Canadians are fooled this time, shame on them, and they don't deserve a better country...

Simon said...

hi wazz...exactly, I have no sympathy for any of those Con Senators, but abusing the process to punish them only makes things more appalling. And when it's done for crass political reasons, to cover up one's own misdeeds, it's absolutely disgusting. Who does he think he is? But yeah, he is the author of his own misfortune, and it's only a matter of time...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f.....I have no idea why they offered Brazeau a deal, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't because they are concerned about his welfare. It's probably as you say so they could divide and conquer, and make him look slightly better to make the others look worse. Because that's how they think eh? As hideous as they come, and as low as you can go...

Unknown said...

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