Monday, October 07, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Sexual Orientation Deniers

It's a deeply disturbing story. A Toronto Star reporter goes undercover in a Toronto church and discovers a weird group of religious fanatics trying to "heal" gay people.

Telling them there is no such thing as a gay person. God didn't make any.Telling them it's their fault or their parent's fault. Encouraging this kind of nonsense.

During a lesson titled “The Father Wound,” a participant said his father was absent when his mother was pregnant. After considering the teachings, he realized his dad’s absence may be the root of his gay desires — he longed for male affection even inside the womb. Our leaders encouraged this as truth and thanked God for giving him this insight.

Taking those poor pathetic victims of societal homophobia, those tortured souls, and torturing some of them further. 

“I was told there was no such thing as a healthy happy homosexual. They do not exist,” he said...“No one walks out of there and says, ‘It just doesn’t work for me.’ We walk out of there broken. People go in there unhealthy and come out unhealthier.”

While collecting $550 from each of them, and being blessed by Revenue Canada.

As a government-registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency, Living Waters collects the bulk of its revenue in tax-receipted donations. In the last three years, these donations have accounted for 62 per cent of the charity’s total revenue.

As are other groups like this one.....similarly blessed. 

And despite the evidence that so-called reparative therapy can cause serious psychological damage, and despite protests and petitions, the Con regime still refuses to revoke the charitable status of those Christianist quacks.

And why? Because Stephen Harper needs his rabid religious base more than ever, so he will do ANYTHING to pleasure them.

And because he too believes that gays can be "cured."

For think about it. What is he saying? When any sane person knows that a behaviour can be changed, but an orientation cannot. Which makes him either a religious fanatic, or a maniac, or both.

Not just a climate change denier, but a sexual orientation denier as well.

But despite that, or the fact that he has voted against every bill designed to protect the rights and the safety of LGBT people in this country, the MSM have given him a pass on this issue, as if it wasn't important.

While failing to recognize, or warn us, that a man who believes gays can be "cured" or would put his foul ideology before the needs of sick people, or women in developing countries who need safe abortions, is capable of ANYTHING.

It's what makes him a monster, and unfit to be a Prime Minister of a country like Canada. How hard is it to understand that? How low are the moral standards of those who still don't get it?

Oh well, nobody can accuse me of not trying to warn people eh?

When four years ago when he was starting to rave about how he needed a majority. His glorious majority, his unholy grail, his precioussssssss.

I made this humble little video...

So now at least I can say to some of the morons who voted for him, how do you like your Great Majority Leader now? And how do you like the CRAZY?

Oh boy. Great Polar Bear God of the The Great White North, if you refuse to heal the gays. Because they're too happy eh?

Will you please heal this unhappy country.

Drive the Cons back to the hell they came from. Or rural Alberta.

And deliver us from this monstrous BIGOT...

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