Saturday, October 26, 2013

Could Stephen Harper Really Escape the Senate Scandal?

Well he made it to the end of the week. On all fours. And at least we now know how he hopes to try escape the Senate scandal.

By portraying the three Con Senators he appointed as the real villains, and himself as the victim of their corruption, and the only man who can clean things up.

Gambling that reason can be replaced by the howl of the angry mob.

And already some in the MSM believe that might be enough to allow him to waltz away from the problem. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is betting that most Canadians don’t care who knew what when about the Senate spending scandal. He’s also betting that voters will be pleased to see three senators widely viewed as fat cats cast out in the cold. These are cynical calculations. They may also be correct.

If the fairness of financially penalizing Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau remains the dominant issue, then Harper is politically safe. There’s not much sympathy for this well-paid trio of senators out here where most of us live.

That most Canadians don't care about whether Harper is lying when he says he knew NOTHING about the hush money scheme that was being cooked up by a baker's dozen of Con operatives in his own office.

And that they would rather take their frustrations out on the three Senators and give Great Ugly Leader a pass, or a get-out-of-jail card.

But although I suppose anything is possible in Harperland eh? This poor violated country where so many have been broken, or muzzled, or have succumbed to despair. I think Walkom is dead WRONG.

Firstly. because as he himself points out, Harper may lie all the time but this one is a WHOPPER.

His insistence that he knew nothing about the complex web of arrangements surrounding his government’s attempts, first to first protect Mike Duffy from scrutiny and then to throw the embattled senator overboard, defy belief.

And at a time when the Con regime is distrusted by so many Canadians, and after so many Big Lies, that can only reinforce this wider question...

The one that when applied to questions about his plans to steal pensions, or cripple medicare, or a host of other things, can be absolutely DEVASTATING.

For you can't separate the Senate scandal from all the other foul actions of the Harperite cult. It can only damage an already tarnished brand further. And that damage is cumulative and is eating away at his government like acid on metal.

And secondly, nowhere is it written that Canadians can't take out their frustration on the Senators AND on Stephen Harper, and make them wish they could get rid of them ALL.

For you can summon up a howling mob like Great Ugly Leader likes to do, but who can control it ? And nobody should underestimate the visceral hatred so many Canadians have for his rotten Con regime.

For as Stephen Harper himself told Duffy, the perception of his base was more important than reality.

And since the perception of most Canadians is that his is a corrupt government, whose time is paast due, and all the lipstick in the world won't make him Mr Clean, he doesn't have a chance of escaping this Senate scandal.

The one that if he is ever required to testify under oath.

Could still still lead him to a very bad place...

Yup. Don't listen those who can't see the forest for the trees. Or those too weary to fight, or those too eager to surrender, or too happy to live on their knees.

Just fight him and his criminal rogue regime harder than ever, hold on to your hope and your righteous anger.

Let him hear the howl of an angry Canadian people. And sooner or later we WILL destroy him.

At least that what I have to believe eh?

For I said the other night, I will never surrender this country to him and his gang of thugs...

Or forgive them for what they have done to it.

Never stop demanding something cleaner, nobler, better.

And in the fall of 2013, all over my Canada.

I only hear the sounds of REBELLION...

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  1. e.a.f.3:25 AM

    Most people have seen the news with Mulcair questioning Harper. Those clips go a long way. People know what the Senators did is wrong. The people also want to know how much Harper knew. As long as Mulcair keeps at stevie in the House of Commons, this may not go away.

    Harper is desperate or he wouldn't have insisted the vote in the Senate be done by tuesday. He has a convention in Calgary the end of the week. He needs to go in looking like a winner. it would be nice if he didn't. A few protests outside the convention would be nice. Just a few placards asking what stevie knew and whe. Well we can still ask, for the time being.

    1. hi e.a.f...I hope people are watching the news and the clips Mulcair grilling Harper in the House of Commons. But to properly appreciate how devatating it has been they'd have to watch Question Period unfiltered, and most people don't. Still, as I keep repeating, at this stage in the game I don't think there is anything Harper can do to improve his image. And as I told John, if I'm wrong I'll have to conclude that you can fool enough people all the time, and fear for the future of this country...

  2. .. ah yes .. the disturbed mailroom gofer & graduate of the Fort Flanagan school for boyz - experimenting in nation dissolution and leading perhaps 3 to 5 thousand lame lickspittle dullhearts.. Count them up .. not those who voted the Conservative brand but those neverglows that pimp and prop up the Harper Brand.

    Its the bare naked truth.. a fact, in fact Mr Speaker.. that is very clear and simple.. Oh darn right !!
    Do bears shit in the woods? Stephen Harper does.. and every river, stream, lake, inlet, wetland, spring or well. Count his core enablers Novak & Arthur Hamilton, Flaherty & Oliver, Clement & Jenni Byrne, Baird & Kenney, Fantino & Moore.. and new cadre wonks n stooges Leitch & Polievre (now there's a match made in Alberttawa!)..

    And count the creeps of the PMO (that must add almost 1500 of the 3000 stooges) and the dwarts, trumpeters and court jesters, the media minders, datacranks, shredders and databankers, law firms, pollsters, useful pricks n aged princesses, live phone shouters n robofreeks .. and dregs of outsourced plumbers or offshore bankers.

    That's the Harper empire.. the Few, the Pompous, the Partisan puke 3000 .. political scumbag marines,
    nodding heads, on guard for China oil, clapping seals, electoral deviants, dogma queens, true energy sellouts
    Home and Native Land wreckers, glad to strip democracy & resources from sea to shining sea

    The Harper nightmare may be 5000, perhaps more, perhaps less.. but no mistake, they are a toxic minority
    claiming a bizarre royal high ground.. yet in reality are parasites clinging to a boat anchor being dragged across the bottom of a tar sands tailings pond

    Canadians are being treated like dim savages..(sound familiar ?) we are being kept uninformed & unrepresented by elected MP's with zero courage that instead squawk the Harper dogma & pablum talking points.. Its the colonial master, the slaves and servants & savages.. in Canada you say !! ??

    And by the way, Stevie/Ray.. and your ad agency.. please cease using that Oh Canada sampled music sting at the arse end of your endless expensive propaganda.. its makes my teeth grate hearing it so abused ..

    You obviously don't and won't recognize Canada..
    nor a single word.. or the meaning of our national anthem to Canadians.

    Keep on rebelling, Simon .. !!

    1. hi salamander...thank you for your comment, and don't worry I will keep rebelling. I don't think I really understood the slogan to resist is to exist, but now I do. I feel like I'm caught up in a neverending nightmare, and still I can't believe it happening here. What have we done to deserve this hideous gang of bullies and thugs? And what does it say about those in this country who can be swayed or manipulated so easily? Apart from the fact that if they lose any more IQ points we'll have to water them.
      Harper's big test is coming up, but Canadians will also have to demonstrate whether they can pass their test. Onward to VICTORY !!!!

  3. If only he had listened to Lou Reed as a kid, the world would have been so much better.

    1. hi Steve...nice post. I wrote a little tribute myself tonight. Lou was great, and Harper would never have listened to him. He was everything he hates, and he didn't deserve him...

  4. I am afraid the "you're DARN RIGHT I DID !!#%" from dear leader will stay stuck in the minds of voters, particularly Con ones, than any accusations from others and punches from Mulcair

    1. hi Oemissions...I'm hoping you're wrong, but there is no denying that the fool Duffy has handed his a great opening. Harper must have seen it like a gift from heaven. But as I said in my post I'm not sure Canadians will feel they have to choose between Harpo and Duffy. I think they'll be so disgusted they say a pox on both houses. So while it may help deflect Mulcair's questions for a few days, I doubt its effect will be longer than that. Still this is tormented country that has lost its moral compass, so I suppose anything is possible...