Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mike Duffy and Stephen Harper's Bully Regime

I've been fighting bullies since I was 12-years-old, so I know them when I see them. 

And I also know that when you confront them and fight back, they usually turn into cowards and cut and run. Like Stephen Harper did today in Question Period, when he refused to answer most of the questions about the Senate scandal.

So what Mike Duffy had to say today about Harper and his PMO thugs, has for me the ring of truth. 

Like you, I took a solemn oath to put the interests of Canadians ahead of all else. However the sad truth is, I allowed myself to be intimidated into doing what I knew in my heart was wrong, out of a fear of losing my job, and a misguided sense of loyalty.The PMO piled on the pressure.

Some honourable senators called me in P.E.I. One senator in particular left several particularly nasty and menacing messages: Do what the prime minister wants. Do it for the PM and for the good of the party. I continued to resist. Finally, the message from the PMO became: Do what we want or else.

Because Duffy may be an old windbag who sold his soul to the Devil. And there was enough hot air in that speech to lift the Senate off its moorings. But it's pretty clear from all we now know that this was a vast conspiracy, Stephen Harper must have known.

He is only scapegoating Duffy to cover-up his own crimes. And he IS the Devil, the most disgusting and dangerous political bully this country has ever seen. 

So I rejoice to see him roasting in the hell of his own invention.

Senator Mike Duffy finally had his say Tuesday, dropping a political bombshell before the entire Senate, by saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper told him to repay his inappropriately claimed expense money.

Before a stunned audience of senators and reporters in the Senate gallery, Duffy said Harper told him, in the presence of his then chief of staff Nigel Wright, it was the perception of the "base" that was important, not what Duffy said about his own innocence. After Duffy said he didn't have the money, he related, "Nigel Wright said, 'Don't worry, I'll write the cheque.'"

And to see his carefully constructed house of cards come crashing down.

So, that’s it then: The Senate expense scandal is now a mortal threat to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s career, and the future electoral prospects of his Conservative government.

Here’s where this leads: If Duffy’s story is true, and he can indeed prove it, then the entire senior Conservative power structure in Ottawa is on trial. And if, as Bayne has hinted, there’s evidence the prime minister knew of the Wright-Duffy deal before May 15 — when he has said repeatedly he did not know — then Harper himself will be irreparably damaged.

And after eight long years of fighting his bully regime, and of trying to defend the gentler, kinder, nobler values of the Canada I believe in.

After eight long years of watching Harper and his thugs make a mockery out of our democracy, hide or suppress the truth, lie all the time, muzzle good Canadians, and intimidate and smear their opponents.

After all those years of blogging, to try to cheer up other progressives, try to make them laugh in the darkness.

In my own fool way...

So as to encourage them never to give up, and to fight the Con bullies even harder.

After all those nightmare years, I've got to tell you something eh?

I'm feeling REALLY good tonight. Woohoo !!!!!!!!!!

Because I'm full of hope that this is finally the beginning of the end of Stephen Harper and his bestial Con regime.

And I can't think of a better way for them to go, than wallowing in their own filth, drowning in their lies. And running from the truth like cowards.

Yup. It's dark out there and getting darker, but better days are coming.

The monstrous Cons will be defeated.

And the bully will be BEATEN...

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  1. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Stephan Dion must be sleeping with a big smile on his face. Harper being done in by Duffy. What goes around comes around, eh?

    1. It sure does. It's almost like a passion play. Duffy sold his soul to the Devil by screwing Dion, only to have time run out on him and end up screwing them ALL...

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Harper should be impeached. He would demand that impeachment if any other party tried that kind of stuff. Impeach the bastard.

    1. Well if we could impeach him, you can be sure that I'd be standing outside Parliament with a sign calling for exactly that. And of course hoping I wouldn't be arrested because in Harperland you never know. But since we can't impeach him, we'll either have to defeat him, or hope that the police can arrest him first...

  3. John B.2:23 AM

    Let’s accept that Harper ordered Duffy to repay the money at a meeting at which only Harper, Duffy and Nigel were present. Then, during the following week, in the course of a telephone conversation between himself and Duffy, Nigel offered to provide the money. Harper has claimed, and will no doubt continue to claim, that he was not aware of this “mechanism” until Nigel informed him on the day after Bob Fife reported it. By escaping from the accusation that he was aware of Nigel’s “gift” prior to that, he will claim exoneration in the whole affair. His defenders will continue to portray his involvement as a noble service to his duty as the guardian of public funds. Furthermore, Harper’s office is now claiming that, contrary to Duffy’s claim, no reference was made to a concern over perceptions within the Conservative base. By attempting to create doubt over the motive that Duffy has imputed to Harper, they hope to dismiss completely the perception of political exigency and thereby reinforce the notion that Harper’s actions were performed for the sake of the public good.

    The hope is that now the public will have no doubt that Harper initiated the sorry affair and throughout the course of it has been its principle author. Then we can begin to deal with the fine print of the CETA with public understanding that the context and timings of the tentative agreement he has reached with the EU may have been influenced by political necessity. With what little has been discussed we already understand, despite the cheerleading by Harper’s team and the press, that much of this deal should be reconsidered. In fact, once we are safely ridden of Harper and his entire succession list, there is much more in what he has rendered over the past several years that should be made subject to reconsideration.

    Revelations on the 2011 electoral fraud are yet to come. The Year of “I-told-you-so” is beginning; but it may take more than a year to run its course.

    1. hi John...Harper is already trying to portray himself as the guardian of public morality in this sordid affair, but I just don't think it's going to work. His currency is so debased, and he's lied so often, that even if he told the truth for once I don't think most Canadians would believe him. The stench will continue to hang over his government and I'm pretty sure it will eventually contribute mightily to his defeat or his resignation. As for CETA...it really is outrageous how Harper missed the first day of the new Parliament, by flying off off to sign a nothing document for a deal that hasn't been finalized. And that could be hideously flawed. Unfortunately many Candians don't understand what this deal could mean for Canada. And Harper was in such a rush to get it, I fear it could be hideously flawed. But like NAFTA we will learn the hard way, and all I can hope is that Harper will end up paying for it...

  4. It would indeed be a curious development if the Duffy scandal brings down the Harper government similar to the Nixon debacle, suffering political defeat not on the basis of a conscious rejection of their declared political programme by the electorate, but as a result of their misdeeds, crimes and attempted cover-ups...

    1. His Rene...it wouldn't only be curious, it would be only fitting. They have lied so often and so blatantly, they did it once too often and got caught. As Nixon himself reflected, it wasn't the crime that brought him down it was the cover-up. Harper as Tricky Dicky, it doesn't get better than that... ;)

  5. Duffy's speech was about keeping his job in the senate. He has only fired one shot from his semi-automatic loaded to the hilt with evidence of the questionable practices of herr harper.

    1. hi Ron...yes I'm hoping that there will be more revelations. I know Duffy is a font of sordid material, and I looked at his lawyer's binder the other day, the one from which he plucked a solitary e-mail, and it was HUGE. May all the dirt of this filthy regime be thrown back in their faces...

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Harper should have been forced to resign long ago. Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever. Harper and his so called Cons have been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics and cheating to win.

    Shame on all of these so called Conservatives, to support such a monster as Harper. All of them supported Harper's, more than shady dictatorship. We went to war so we wouldn't have, such as Harper running this country.

    Harper has done nothing other than, lie to, deceive and misled the Canadian people very, very badly.

    1. Harper should never have been allowed to win the last election. But unfortunately he was able to fool a lot of Canadians into thinking he was a moderate instead of a fanatic. But you know what they say. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I'm hoping a lot of Canadians have learned their lesson, and will teach Harper a ;lesson in the next election....